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  1. Drontal

    I had the same reasons. The Interceptor and Snetinel was just an overkill every month. Definitely not worth taking anti fleas and heartworm for winter in Melbourne. Yes, so for that low season I give Drontal. Just break up the Drontal pill to suit your dog's weight. The spare I just put in the fridge till next time.
  2. Blackhawk, Artemis Or Holistic Select

    My lab did well when she was on Artemis. Coat looks shiny. She looks more mediocre when she was on BlackHawk. Would continue on with Artemis but the price is just too high! Continue on mostly with Canidae.
  3. Some Help With Cruciate Options Please

    Gee, reading this topic makes me realise I was ignorant. I was simply told my Lab's rear ACL needs reconstruction. No technical discussions on the types of operations. It was done on a 9 year old (then) and she weights about 45 KG. The operation went well in theory and she was jumping after a few days! We actually went to another vet to confirm if the operation was actually made and was proven not a con job! For the short few weeks right after the operation, the vet gave pain killers pills and cartrophen injections. But we did not go for the subsequent optional injections...that was supposed to last her life time. Too cheapskate to spend that money. In fact, for about close to 2 years we never gave her any injections nor supplement of any kind. Occasionally she has a bit of limping after some aggresive walks and runs in an off leash park. Vet says it's arthritis on the operated leg. We never did anything for close to 2 years. It was only recently we gave her Rose Hip Vital as a supplement to ease the pain. It seems to work.
  4. Crutiate Ligament Tear In 11 Year Border Collie

    Actually, I may have exaggerated. Actually my lab is an outdoor dog, life is not too bad. However, we told not to get her to climb up the steps (in the backyard) and also not to get her running when we enter the backyard. So I was forced to barricade the backyard into a much smaller compound. Not being a handyman makes things worst. I was also told to get her to the beach to do some swimming. I remember I had to stand in Vic winter days in the water while she swim. No off leash for weeks. Probably the only lab in the park and beach on leash. Quite a pain. If you did manage to discount the operation, well, it can be a good thing. I do sugest though instead of relying on Cartrophen injection or any form of pre-scribed anti-inflamatory substance, try the Rose Hip for Canine. It's discussed much here on this forum.
  5. Crutiate Ligament Tear In 11 Year Border Collie

    My Labrador was 9 years old when she has her done in one rear leg. No real problems after the surgery. In fact, she was jumping a couple of days after the surgery!! It has been more than 3 years now. Only occasionally shows some limping after runs and walks in the park. I was recommended to use Rose Hip Vital for Canine. Seems to lessen her limping.
  6. Didn't happen here. It is the same old same old. Maybe there's a side effect. Pls try giving again and observe. It would be worthy to escalate this if it's simulate-able.
  7. I have to look up on NSAID. So, I pressume Rose Hip is not under NSAID category? Yes, I do recognise and acknowledge the fat plays a key role in this. But, c'mon it's easier for greyhounds than fat labs.
  8. Well said. The Rose Hip is definitely pioneered in humans first. I'm not sure they are obligated to do thorough research for canine. I'm sure human research is more regulatory than dogs. *sigh* always have this fear of harming my dog in the long run.
  9. Dental Sticks For Teeth

    In theory my Labrador eats anything and everything. But for some reasons the NylaBone only got her to munch a few times. She gave up quickily as if it's not food and treated it as a toy-only. It's a chicken flavoured, though. So, just be wary your dog may not dive into it.
  10. Dental Sticks For Teeth

    Having a bit of sale here on Greenies http://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/GREENIES-TREAT-PAK-25%25-BONUS-BOX-LARGE-p-14571 But to be candid, this product seems exaggerated. The raw bones are a better deal and seems like the natural way of cleaning their teeth. I had been providing raw bones on a daily basis for years and then I decided to go cheapskate and stop. For about a year she didn't had one and low and behold she's got tooth decay (and infected gums) now.
  11. Chipped Or Broken Tooth

    Mine had a fractured too and there was a mild infection. It's a little lumpy and red relative to the other side. Both vets have reckon to do an operation to pull it out so the dog will not suffer pain or reach its next level of infection. Well, I wated for several months and the infection hasn't gone to the next stage. Actually now it's like half a year now! I guess what I'm trying to say is they can wait and potentially self healed. The pain that she suffers (if any) is not affecting her personality, anyway.
  12. Help To Settle Dog's Stomach

    My Lab often eats grass. She does that even more often when we are out at the park. Not sure why she does that. No diarrhoea was produced just lotsa cow behaviour. Not sure what the vet could or would do in situation like this. If both dogs east the same thing and only 1 has trouble, then your food is all well. Perhaps you should discount the rice on the affected dog as rice could be too hard to digest for a weak stomach. Avoid any other food especially dairy and fibre.
  13. Wow, that's a lot of anti-inflammatory substance. Not sure what your exact conditions are, but it will be worthwhile to see if you can discount Joint Guard & Fish Oil and observe if things are still improving with Rose Hip alone. If it's, you can propose to your vet to discount the former.
  14. It's the same here for my 10.5 years old Lab. I was told 3 years ago (when she had the cruciate reconstruction) by my vet to get and plan for the routine cartrophen injections post her surgery. Man, it cost so much in the long run. So I never listened and she hasn't had any for years. Throughout that time she occasionally has limps after some runs in the park. But she recovered quickily in a day or 2. I didn't give her any supplements or what so ever and she sleeps outside in Mel cold! So, I was slacking off in taking care of her. Recently however, I have decided to try Rose Hip and that seems to make the limping go away (not seen it despite having those runs). But, I must say Rose Hip is not cheap either in the long run as she consumes a lot due to her fatness! So I'm always interested to seek details in the terms of long term cost between Rose Hip vs cartrophen.
  15. Mine is a pig too (aka Labrador). Have tempted her to eat a rock thrown in to her food bowl...and it works. So, eating Rose Hip is like breathing air for her. My vet has many times told me to plan for this routine cartophen injections. It was expensive after sumnming up the visits that I've to make and to get the nurse to administer. So far, her legs are improving. Her signs of occasional limping are like no more. So, I think I can discount this cartophen.