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  1. Thanks all for your replies. Having phoned up to get him booked in for an xray today, typically this morning he seemed a lot better.. so we've left it for now. Much less limping - he is just licking at it a lot. I wondered if he caught the toenail perhaps. We'll see how he goes over the weekend and if still limping/worse again by Monday we will go for an xray. He is a big pansy and had an xray once before, so I reckon he will probably need a full GA- we are over in the UK at the moment and as yet to 'test' the insurance company.. however were quoted the equiv of about $1000 which seemed a lot
  2. Hi there, My 3yr old lab has been limping since Sunday. We think he has caught his foot on some wire/metal stairs at a friend's house as he was most reluctant to walk down the stairs the following morning and was limping. No one saw what happened. He seemed ok on Monday to the point I took him for his usual walk/run... but ever since he is limping again. He clearly has pain in his 2nd most outer toe on his front foot. Very tender and now a bit swollen. I took him to the vet on tues who gave him some anti-inflams and said we could xray if no better in case he has a foreign body in there or if
  3. Thanks Wayrod! So can they get out of the crates in Dubai? Is that what the transit permit is for? Chocolover-we may find that exchange rate being so rubbish at the mo will work in our favour for the way back!!
  4. Thanks everyone for your input for this. Ball park cost= I have had quotes of between $3700-4000 for one way from Melb to Lond. I doubt I've ever paid that much for myself to fly- gives an indication of how spoilt Cook is!! Loraine- I too haven't heard that they can get out of their crates?- every company I've spoken to says they are not allowed out at all in transit becasue of quarentine. I'd love to know if this has changed for Dubai? However jetpets told me they are now only using the qantas flight through Dubai to get to London (as Qantas has now joined up with Emirates, so the previous S
  5. Hi there, I am new to the forum but am after any advice on transporting my 2 year labrador from Melbourne (or Sydney) to London. I've been asking for quotes from the various companies, but wondered if anyone had any recommendations of who to go with/avoid/etc and any tips on how to get him there safely. I've got quotes from Jetpets/Pet Express (petex)/pet carriers international/skypets. Still waiting to hear from Dogtainers. The quotes are all roughly the same cost (a lot!!) so I guess I'd like to go with whoever looks after the dogs the best. I called up Qantas freight to see about organisi
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