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  1. My new 8 week old little guy has had a looser still since eating with me (had him a couple of days) and I'm assuming it's because a) I can't be sure of what he ate before he came to me, so he has had a diet change, and b) he had a big life change this week. He isn't a fan of the kibble my vet gave me a sample of, unless I add in little bites of boiled chicken and sweet potato. Vet said that should be fine. Will he's system get used to the food he has now over time? Note: he doesn't have diarrhoea, just not as firm as they were.
  2. Just wondering if anyone uses Cellfood (the original intended-for-humans formula)? If so, where do you buy it from and how do you dose? Ta in advance :)
  3. A friend needs a puppy (cavalier - 8 weeks) brought up from Sydney to Albury either tomorrow or the next day by road. Urgently - big mess around by transport company and the poor little guy is stuck!
  4. Thanks so much :) I won't feel completely settled until he is here but knowing other pups do it all the time and he'll be travelling on a nice cool day (no rain predicted either) calms my worrisome mind a little!
  5. First post, long time lurker :) So, I have a Cavalier - 8 week old pup - flying from Melb to Syd this week via AAE/Qantas and I'm just getting so nervous. It's been booked for weeks but just hitting me now. Do pups usually do okay on flights? Believe me, I've trawled the web and every forum for experiences and most are good, but still..
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