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  1. From what I can see, he is trying to ask you carry on with the walk. He is trying to see if he can lead you into what he wants. NEVER... let him do that. Be firm, get him to sit... If he do tries to pull of, give him a tug and reinforce the sit. Until he remain still. Don't really need to praise him for everything right he has done. Dogs will know if they have done right by sensing you.
  2. When Can I Start Walkies?

    I walk mine like when he was 3months old. In a quiet park down my block. As long as they had 2 vaccine done, I think it's pretty ok to bring them out for walks. Well, you dont want to overwhelm on their first walk, bring them to less crowded area and see how your puppy react. Slowly get to a more busier place to get them use to being around with lots of ppl.
  3. Hi all, i got a link which is against barf by a canine nutritionist. He stated his findings of the negative effects and some history. I cant remember wat else he said but its worth a look. http://home.att.net/~wdcusick/raw.html This is the mainpage http://home.att.net/~wdcusick/ He has other findings, facts on his website as well, all of which are related to canine nutrition and how the correct diet can do so much good to your dog. Dont get me wrong im not against barf. Its just that i find it worth a look.
  4. I think is ether 8 and 4 oclock postion pushing it up and pull out or 10 and 2 oclock position pushing is down and pull out. right? My sheltie ever had bacterial infection from his anus to the hindquater to the under belly to the chest and the ears. The vet says its because of the anal glane that causes the infection and when the vet clears his anal glance, wooh, the smell and the load of the dirty and stinky stuff. My lesson learn, always clear their glance every bathing session.