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  1. yes.....I would be running a mile from this arrangement. Is this an ANKC registered breeder?
  2. I just paid about $1200 for my 12 year old lab to have a lower canine removed
  3. Bow Wow Meow. I insured a new adult dog with them and the day after taking out the policy she jumped through a window and needed sedation and stitches. They paid the claim in about 2 days. When I returned the dog to her breeder, they refunded my premium and cancelled the policy. I found the customer service amazing! I will be insuring my new puppy with them. I had my lab with Petplan but cancelled the policy when they more than doubled their premiums. After paying for 3 big surgeries in the last 18 months I kind of regret cancelling!
  4. I was with PetPlan but then they went and doubled their premiums which made me kind or nervous about ever getting pet insurance again. But in the last 12 months after paying ???? (Stopped counting at around $12000) for cancer surgeries I decided to get insurance on my new dog. After lots of research I decided on BowWowMeow and have found them amazing to deal with. They paid out 1 claim, all submitted via the vets, with in 3 days no questions asked. This was for a cut paw accident only days after taking out the cover. My new dog (2.5 year old) was returned to her breeder, 21 days after taking out the cover and they happily cancelled the policy and will refund the premium already paid. I will refund the money they paid for my claim. They were amazing to deal with and I will definitely be using them in the future.
  5. I hardly ever post but just wanted to say that I love your posts and photos. Your passion and love for these dogs is evident in every photo/post and what you do for them is amazing
  6. Assuming the CT would be done at a specialist clinic, what about doing the scan and then if the specialist is still unsure they can go ahead and do the biopsy if needed. That way there is only the one anesthetic. When my Lab, had a rib chondrosarcoma last year, she had xrays and biopsy at the same time at my local vet. Then once the results were in she had a CT scan and then the tumour and 4 ribs removed by a specialist.
  7. My 10 year old Labrador had.her right hock fused when she was about 9 months old. She had OCD and it was the best way to give her a pain free life. I think she had 8 weeks in a cast after the surgery but the recovery was pretty good. Having her hock fused gave her an excellent quality of life and she has been able to run, jump, play, swim and retrieve like any other dog.
  8. Hi Bushriver I am a lifetime Labrador owner but my parents have a Cavalier. She is a great little dog who is happy to retrieve with my Lab, is fantastic with people especially kids, she is very active and loves going for a walk and going to the dog park but is happy to sit on mums lap for hours. While I only have eyes for Labradors I think Cavaliers are a fantastic breed and Labs and Cavs are a great combination. I can't post a photo but check out my Insta @kirstenennis to see a few pics of the Lab and Cav duo.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Chondrosarcoma of the ribs?
  10. Just a few reeds in the dam at the moment!!
  11. I always enjoy looking at your photos, the love you have for your dogs shines through in every photo :)
  12. They play like this for ages....
  13. My Lab, Henrietta, and my parents Cavalier puppy..........
  14. If anyone likes cute cushion covers there there are lots of different breeds and designs on ozsale.com.au at the moment. Look for cushion cover bonanza! I could not resist the Labrador ones and the ones with the dogs in the cars :)
  15. Update....... I have been taking my Lab to the pond/off lead area, in Vic park, for about 2 months now, and I have to say it is fantastic!! I have been there at all hours of the day and have never had(or seen)any problems. My main concern, when moving to Ballarat, was how my Lab would cope without lots of space to run and somewhere to swim but thanks to this park area everything is fine :)
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