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  1. These are lovely stories. Both Ernie and Tess came from bad homes and I think they are as close to me as I am to them. When I got Tess everything about her told me to leave, but I couldn't. I had to get her out of the awful place and thought I would rehome home her. By the next day I knew she wouldn't be going anywhere else. At first she was terrified of women, and would only go to men. I am not sure when it happened, but for some time now she is attached to me and no longer pulls me down the road to see men.
  2. I give mine Synoflex. My vet told me he was part of the study with the vet teaching hospital with that and Rimadyl. They do a plate test, which shows which leg isn't putting full weight down. To their surprise the Synofled came out best. It is natural and doesn't have the side effects NSAIDs do. I was never sure how good the quality of the Glucosamine was. Over the years I have tried many things to help Ernies joints, Some things work for some dog and not for others. I didn't have much luck with the green lip mussel. I have heard the more expensive the better and I am a bit of a cheap skate sometimes so it may not have been good enough.
  3. My Lab Tessa ruptured her about 7 months ago while at the beach. She kept her leg up so took her immediately to the vets who said rest over the weekend and come back Monday. I knew it wasn't right so Monday they took and xray and Wednesday they did a TTO. It all happened so quickly I trusted the vet and did as she suggested. When they told me there is a chance the other leg can go I said with her other vet bills there is no way I could afford another one. She told me they usually prefer to do a TTO, but obviously some people can not afford it so the other one is fine. Tess is a very bouncy dog so think this was the best option for us. Unfortunately she has a pivot shift which they thought would come right, but hasn't. I don't regret it, but think if I had to do it again I might read up more and get others opinions as you have done. My surgeon said they will get arthritis so Tess has been on Pentosan and supplements to try and lessen the degree of arthritis. Good thoughts for your dog.
  4. Eleven years ago I never thought I would own a dog and family wanted a Lab. I didn't want a big dog, but went to look. Kass was amazing and had 2 more since. For me Labs have my heart. My brother has had Dalmations for about 19 years and loves them. They are wonderful dogs. I had a Border Collie for 2 years while her owner was away. Oh my goodness the energy level Gemma had exhausted me.I soon learned I was wrong thinking she would rest after 2 hours playing ball. An hour after being home she would want to go again. My son and his partner have Lhasas and they are cute.
  5. I love to do crafts and it was wonderful reading these. Thank you.
  6. When I rescued Tess her claws were curled over. She doesn't like them done, but will let us. Ernies previous family sat on him to cut his and as soon as you touch his paws he goes into a panic. Walking him on concrete seems to keep them short and I cut the dew claws when he is asleep. I sneak up and quickly get one before he reacts, and do the other a few nights later.
  7. I rescued a Lab from a bad home and she has had yeast allergies we haven't been able to control. I sent a saliva sample to Nutriscan in the USA thinking it would give me answers. It really surprised me when it came back negative. I was told they have to eat the food at least for 4 months, then told they didn't have to eat it so confused and decided it was a waste of $170.00. I have started an elimination diet and gone from bathing her 3 times a week, 2 Prednisone a day and various other meds to bathing her once in 2 months and 1/2 Pred every other day with no other meds. I started with fish and added things from there. All the things that came back negative on the Nutriscan test set her itching off and I have to increase the Pred until she settles again. Recently we tried the Royal Canine chicken feather food and within a week she was itching so back to fish and increased Prednisone until she settled again.
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