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  1. Hi All, can you please give me some suggestions if you know any dog groomers around South East Melbourne which specialise or know how to groom double coat breeds? or anyone you knew you had used previously? I only need brush, wash and blow dry. No need for clipping whatsoever. Preferably around Mount Waverley area. However, will travel if the groomer is good. It's not really for me, but a whole heaps of us with double coat breeds owners :) TIA :) :)
  2. Hi All, hope I can pick up some of your knowledge. this is rather different question as per normal I guess. However, if you can give me suggestion...much appreciated. Bought new house recently and will be ripping up the carpet before we move in. If the timber underneath the whole house is good, then we will just polish it. If not, maybe carpet again. I prefer to have timber floor than carpet, as easier to clean the fur..though it means I have to clean it more regularly than carpet :laugh: So if the timber is good..is there some special coating base that I need to avoid to use? so the floor not too slippery for my dog? water based? solvent based? oil based? which one? I know I can ask the tradie that will do the polish...however, if you had done your floor and can give suggestion much appreciated. I found floating floorboard at my in law's place is not good, as my dog slips so many times there (while running accidently).so I will not use any floating floorboard if possible, if the timber underneath is no good. she had been to few houses with solid polished timber floors, and hardly slip. Though the house owners not sure what coating had been used, as they purchased the house already with that polished floor. thanks!
  3. OMG...this is the same dilemma I have! very now and then she will stop and sit down. no bad experiences around the walk area, no health issue. Walk all the way on pavement. Exactly as giraffez's...she would be wagging with happiness when I mention going for walk...then walk nicely. half way or 1/4 way...she will just stop and sit. Using treat to entice her to walk is hit and miss...sometimes she will follow..sometimes not. as soon as we turn to our house's street corner..she will walk nicely again. and yes, she is in obedient school every sunday...now how to heel etc. I am so puzzled with new attitude. she will sit down and then looking left-right...just like us human checking on our surrounding casually. eg just looking at the cars that pass by or people pass by on the opposite street or even next to us.then after she decides enough looking...then she will gladly continue her walk again. so strange! sorry giraffze, don't want to hijack your thread..
  4. I am with Petplan since the seconds my puppy left her breeder (the 6 weeks free insurance :) ) and she is now 2yars and 2months. I opted the highest cover, I think they called it Ultimate level, with $150 excess fee. since after the 6 weeks free insurance finish, I have been paying the same amount every month $63ish up until now. The next year cover for mine will start from this April. So I wonder if they will increase my premium or not, as the past 2 years not. in these 2 years, I had claimed twice. Both that I had to rush my puppy to the Emergency vet hospital. One for being vomiting & lethargic at 3am...vet ruled it out as gastro..from the water she drank at the puppy meet up we went that afternoon. the other claims just recently, as suspecting rat bait consumption. lucky she didn't eat any! but still made my wallet empty. :laugh: both claims had been processed relatively quick. the 2nd one within one week. as with you Camo, fortunately I can access the funds if needed, so thinking to drop the insurance sometimes sooner. However, I still not gamble enough just in case...thinking of paying thousands of dollar in one hit does not favour my OH
  5. congrats with your puppy. if my memory serve me right, I think you had just asked opinions about Pomeranian and chi puppies just last week? that's so lucky for you to get a puppy in a very short time. Hope you enjoy the puppyhood :D has your puppy finished all her vaccines? If not, then I won't be bringing her for a walk yet. unless you carry her around. and introduce her slowly to other dogs.
  6. please get 2 or 3 opinions from different vets. I had sought 4 different vets and all telling me different grade of luxating patella on mine. I even took mine to the pretty well known specialist. at the end I decided not to do surgery for now, as my dog hasn't shown any limping or discomfort etc. you probably had read my story earlier last year when I seek opinions here in the forum :) if Fizz really diagnosed with grade 4, then surgery is a must. any luxating patella either grade 3 and 4 need surgery as soon as possible. all the very best...hope Fizz is better soon. oh yes, 6 weeks in crate after surgery and always on leash going to toilet etc.
  7. Hi jamesm, as with others suggested...Aki most likely came from BYB or pet shop. I own Js as well myself and knew few Victorian breeders. And they microchipped their puppies before leaving their homes. however, if you haven't joined the Japanese Spitz in Australia facebook group, you can join and share the dates, who knows others have puppies from this litter born January last year. and most of the Js breeders are on the group too, so they can check for you. :)
  8. thanks everyone. I will take photo and report this to the council next time I see these offenders. but I hope not seeing them again! I was about to cross the street as I saw this pug x rushing at us, but then I saw a car approaching...yes I still could manage to cross the street and safe, but maybe not that dog. so split second thought...I decided not to see dead dog in front of me. instead my dog got the growls and snapped at. sometimes i wish the owner got hit by the car! not the dog.
  9. thanks everyone for the input. few months ago, this kind of small terrier cross was wondering around in one of neighbour's front yard. We were in opposite road, busy afternoon road. I spotted the dog, and no one else around the dog. and split second this dog saw us too and to my shock horror he run cross the street rushing to my dog. he gave a few growls at my dog then run. I stomped my foot on the floor and screamed at this dog to stop. so he moved but then as no one around us, I thought he probably a loose dog. I walked for 5 steps and turned around and I saw this dog run crossing the road again! OMFG...my heart stopped for 2secs! I frantically screamed to the approaching cars to stop. Lucky there was this guy in his bicycle stopped and cornered this dog to the opposite road. He thought it was my dog that loose. So I approached him and said not my dog. And as we were talking...a lady came out from her house and casually called the dog..it was HER dog apparently. And what did we get?? NOTHING! no sorry...no thanks...just saying "stupid dog" took the dog and slammed her door shut. she lives 10 houses down from me. I always have my phone with me, I was tempting to take a photo of those people and their dogs and report to council. However, I am just afraid of they might get back at me eg kidnap my dog when I am not home etc. one of the offender is living 3 doors from us. Every time we pass the house, the dog (king Charles cross pug I think) barked furiously from the window. And 2 nights ago, he charged at my dog not far from her house. The lady was o her phone...and just calmly called her dog and pretending we were not exist! probably I live in the wrong suburb!
  10. I thought walking with my dog will be a nice bonding time, but it turns to nightmare sometimes. I try to walk my dog early in the morning 5.45am and walk different routes and try to not walk the route I frequently saw this woman with her 2 labs, one on leash one is off leash. 2 weeks ago the black one rushing to my dog...and yupe it was right in the corner of the street. If I have a heart problem, then I probably have had hearth attack at that time, it was so quick charging at us. I was screaming furiously...and no apology from the woman either...just keep walking and called her dog once. sometimes I wonder where on this planet I can walk my dog safely...bring her to dog park/ dog beach...similar issue..big dogs rushing at her. is it just because my dog white and fluffy? and no...she hardly bark or does anything silly in public. just mind her own business which is most of the time just sniffing on grass/ trees.
  11. Hi All, sorry if this has been discussed before. I just couldn't find it. just wondering, are dogs are allowed legally to be walked off leash on streets around your house/neighbourhood? as far as I knew, dog should be on leash ALL the time unless in designated dog off leash park? I encounter so many people around my neighbourhood walking their dogs without leash, the leash is hanging as decoration on their neck! and most of the time 8/10 these dogs charge up to my white fluffy dog! that being said I tried so hard to react quickly, either turning the other way as soon as I spot these idiots or cross the street (where possible). however, there are times that I just couldn't escape eg as we just turn the corner or those idiots just turn the corner and we are like 5 meters different. And what to do if the dog approach us (my dog) and start growling or even once before try to bite my dog I was yelling at the owner to get their dogs, but 5/10 they pretend not hearing me or even abused me back?? Shall I kick those dogs? or shall I bring a stick and beat those dogs with the stick? I am nearly at my wits end now.
  12. thank you...will do the test by the look of it. I just feel bad on my dog like having her to go through pain for vomiting...then soon blood test. She will hate me for sure. Last night OH felt sorry for her, so let her slept with us. Mid night she moved into our pillows in between us. Bum to my face! and later during early morning I got few kicks from her back paws as she stretched while sleeping :D
  13. Hi All, Just needing your thoughts if I can... thank you in advance. went to aunt house yesterday afternoon, took my dog there and let her off lead. I was busy looking the newly renovated house and my dog was busy sniffing every single rooms and furniture. I kept calling her when she was out of my sights, which she came and then off she went around. then later, aunt realised she had put rat baits all around her house. she quickly removed it. she put it inside her coffee cup. I was in shocked. checked my girl, she just happy as always. I kind of forced her to drink water as I was panicking. my gut feeling said she had not ingested or even found the rat bait. But of course I didn't see her when she sneaked into the room 100%. so I had to rushed her to the Emergency vet, why this always happens on public holidays?, vet gave her injection to induced vomiting. I was not allowed to see it. So just waited outside. later the vet came out, to tell nothing found in her vomits. apart from white stuff...so I insisted to check her vomits..vet brought to me and I checked, all there were chicken giblets she had in the morning..then white stuff was her egg shells I fed her in the morning in her breakfast :D apparently she vomited 4x, none in any of those had any blue/green baits. so I felt relieved. Vet suggested for blood test in 72hours...which occurs new years eve. She rang me 20mins after I left the clinic, to tell me, she had checked the rat bait brand I told her (The Big Cheese)and told me this one is not that potent/lethal to harm dogs, and needed large amount to be lethal. Difenacoum is the main ingredient. Vet also administered charcoal to my dog as well yesterday. and now her white coat turned grey around her chin and neck.. :laugh: Anyway, shall I still bring her to do the blood test? looking at her vomits I am 80% confident she has not ingested any of the poison..but then I am still in limbo if in case..
  14. Tell you what, if you want a toy that lasts for eternity have a look here. http://www.pets1.com...plush-dog-toys/ We got the goons an Octopus last year, it's been the fav all year and its suffered the elements, the dogs playing tug and Rosie determined to shred it and it doesn't have a single pulled thread. Bloody amazing! They're getting another one this year. I wish I had $80 to spend on a giant dragon dog toy lol don't worry Lisa...it's out of stock in the website...I can just admire it hahaha. I want that dragon toy too!
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