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  1. i've never bought from a breeder before but i would never buy a pup that was selected for me, seems arrogant not to take my preferences into consideration, i would want to see what puppies there were and witch ones interact well with me as well as exhibiting the behaviours i want. a breeder can identify traits and characteristics in a pup but i'm of the belief that you need to have that special spark to really cement the choice and you can only get that face to face. A breeder who will simply choose one for me is either treating the puppy or my self with disrespect and wouldn't be getting my custom.
  2. Dobermans can be quite good from what i've heard.
  3. Should be ok, might be just a bit constipated however. My house mates dog a few years back ate some similar stuff and he was fine, although he was quite a bit bigger.
  4. Every day as we live in a really quite place, only put him on it if there are other dogs or people around or if we are headed somewhere new.
  5. He's doing a lot better thanks, The sweet potato diet did wonders for him and firmed things right up, bright orange as you would expect. The vet agreed the problem is most likely a combination of the KIbble, raw meat and liver treats , although a small infection is possible. We were given some probiotics to help him out and a few recommendations for kibble change. He's a hell of a lot happier and the garden smells a lot sweeter witch is a god send. He's on pedigree puppy for now as we already had the bag and the vet seemed happy with the choice. I guess Its just about finding a diet that works for him and gives him what he needs. Thanks from all of us for the help and advice.
  6. i dont think they are support to either but he found a way up onto the side were we keep it, hes been at it once before but thats all i think and it doesn't seem to have had any adverse effects, she only has small amounts as shes very little right now.
  7. its on the way out now but we'll need to phase the new stuff in over a the next week or so. hopefully it should cheer his tummy up a bit. just about to give him a sweet potato and see if that helps. the good news is he has started eating again, the bad new is he will only eat the kittens food.
  8. Ive managed to get him an appointment first thing in the morning, he's looking a bit better now but he's really not himself and the poor bugger wont eat a thing .
  9. well it looks like raw might be out. i tried him with a few bits of turkey last night with his kibble, he's had a pretty bad night of it the poor thing . He doesn't seem to want to eat rice this morning so i'll go and get some pumpkin/sweet potato and see if that does the job.
  10. Sounds like a good plan, let him reset and go from there.
  11. HI, I was Just wondering were your dog or dogs sleep. We had a fair few problems with our pup until we moved him into his crate in our bedroom, ever since then he sleeps perfectly and to be honest i'm not sure i could nod off anymore without the snuffling coming from the corner. Where do your furry friends lay their heads?
  12. They look pretty awesome but a bet they can be quite a handful. Really big muscly dog bred for hunting large game, will need a very firm and balanced hand i'm guessing. Do american have any band breeds or does it just differ from town to town?
  13. Ive just checked the bag and its stating 29% protein 13% fat. Cereals and Real meat from various sources, egg... Im not sure about the various sources for meat now that i look at it.
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