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  1. What Dog Book Are You Reading?

    Hi does anyone have any suggestions for British Bulldog books i should get to prepare me for getting a Bulldog and to see if it the right breed for me in my circumstances and also just puppy, dog books on training and whatnot that you read or reccommend highly I'm awaiting "Bulldogs For Dummies" as i've have experience with the "for dummies" series and find them great but as they're all different some may not be as good on the topic as others are on theirs so im also looking to get these titles My link i only seem to see great reviews of this book
  2. British Bulldog

    Hi, new to the site me and my dad are thinking of getting a Bulldog i'd really like to get a dog and my dad has always wanted a Bulldog, hes more of a cat person however my Grandma (his mum) was never without a dog and I grew up with all different breeds mainly Staffys Rotties and German Shepards my Grandma taught me lots about dogs and loved to read so she was well clued up in training and breeds and such she told me many things but obviously being told something is much different that experiencing it however i was a child so have never had MY own dog I've owned animals but never a dog of my own I have looked after my sisters dog after she had to rehome him for a few month and got on well he was a Rescue Shelter Staffy about 7 so i've had a very very small amount of hands on experiance Firstly I'm wondering about prices I've been looking at places like Gumtree (not to actually buy one just price ranging) and there are very few adds (that seem legitemate or are actually crossed with at least two other breeds of dogs or so they'd like you to believe) I've read this forum and am aware that pricing has been covered very breifly but that was a couple of years ago lol so if anyone could tell me what the prices are these days if they've changed at all I mainly come across prices around 3,500 at least with the odd 2,000 I've also been looking for breeders with availble puppies i know now really isnt the best time for puppies to be availble or on sale but usually they dont include their prices in the information given and dont really want to bug them when I have no desire to purchase one of their puppies Secondly is the health issues people have mentioned it here and someone said they'd never had any problems with their dogs however others had but no ones really settled the matter on the whole concept of "Bulldogs have very high vet bills" is it something that if you get a Bulldog its 80 chance you will be getting a lot of vet bills or is it just misconception also age people who i know are dog lovers and are clued up have always told me they live to 6-7 wheras others that i cant really credit them have told me they can live from 6-10+ as theres been the first post saying its 10+ but then the Finnland study saying 5 years Also this will be essentially my first dog I do have some anxiety issues that im very aware of and dont think it would be very much different if i got a Bulldog or a different breed but i wouldnt ever get a small dog that yaps i see far too many of them here in australia which doesnt bother me at all its just not really a dog I would get infact the only dogs that ive ever been scared of or actually attacked by were little dogs lol I read about joining Bulldog Clubs and going to (Ive totally forgotten the correct thing to write but it was either shows or something) anyway I'll be looking up Bulldog Clubs next thing to do to establish were and who my choices of breeders are etc I've also been looking at other dog forums and have joined so will be enquiring there But I have to get ready to run some errands so any reply at all would be lovely Thank you if you have read all that or if you're just reading this, just maybe not as big of a thank you :p