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  1. I have two pups. I paid the deposit for one puppy via bank transfer at 3 weeks old. Then paid the remainder in cash on pick up. The other puppy was interstate so I paid in full via bank transfer. As I only had photos to go off, I rang the ANKC to confirm their registration and all was well.
  2. To be honest I am not quite sure how to react to this situation. In my opinion this seems a little dramatic.. You could of just contacted the ANKC of your state to confirm that the breeder you got your dog from is registered to breed the puppy you were kindly gifted by your husband. He did the right thing by buying from DogzOnline because this website has a strict process of ensuring breeders are legit before being allowed to list pups for sale. Your husband was probably hoping for a reaction like the puppy surprise videos on YouTube lol If the breeder has become defensi
  3. You only get papers when both parents are registered and owned by registered breeders. A dog is only proved pedigree when these papers are present, so no, it doesn’t look like there will be any papers for your puppy or any way to get them. It is weird that a registered breeder has allowed their dog to breed with a non registered one tho..
  4. Raksha

    Welsh Corgi

    Hey all, I'd appreciate some advice/names of breeders for Welsh Corgi's please (Pembroke preferably but also interested in Cardigan). We're looking for a puppy to potentially welcome into our home sometime next year, maybe shortly after Christmas, but that could change so I'm not wanting to view puppies or be put onto any kind of official waiting list at this stage. We have discussed what breed would fit in with our life style. We're total opposites with what dog we want! He would love something small like a Chihuahua and I've always wanted to have a Siberian Husk
  5. I rushed my dog into the vet because I thought she had dry blood around her vulva too but the vet did testing and it came back that it wasn't blood, it was just irritated skin. My dog has(as someone said above about their dog) a lot of extra skin around her privates and the vet gave me Surgical Scrub to wash the area twice a day when it needs it, they then said eventually she may need surgery to get rid of the extra skin.
  6. http://www.petprotectoraustralia.com/ I've recently won one of these in a small giveaway they were having and received it the other day, it is about the size of a 10c coin and as thick as a 5c coin. I can't really give any feedback yet since my dog is getting it for Christmas but since I have it I will get back to you about how well or even if it works. :)
  7. I use tinypic.com since you don't need an account. TinyPic and Photobucket are both owned by the same people, only difference is account related. Since TinyPic doesn't need an account, you may lose your photos after you upload them unless you save the Image URL somewhere. Anyway! With tinypic.com, you click the 'Choose File' button, select your photo and wait for it to be uploaded. Once it's all uploaded, the page will automatically direct you to something like this(the image below). For forums/websites such as this one, all you need to do it highlight the IMG Code for Forums(same one a
  8. I have my Kelpie on a BH diet. When I first switched her onto it, her stools were very.. 'odd' and she did scratch a lot. But I continued to feed it for a few more days and the stools & scratching eventually just stopped and her coat turned soft and shiny. I think it just takes their body a few weeks to get used to it then it's really good for them.
  9. Hello, sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum section! My Kelpie pup(female) is currently 7 months old and has not been desexed yet... The reason for that is because she's my first dog and I have heard a lot of stories about dogs not recovering and passing away due to the surgery. I own cats and they are desexed and recovered perfectly, although as I said above, this is my first dog so I don't know if dogs are any different to cats when it comes to recovering. I have a few questions if you guys could answer them please :) Is it okay to desex at 1 year old(probably after their first he
  10. When I first got my pup, she was being fed Pedigree & Optimum supermarket kibble. On Pedigree she was fine but Optimum made her itch(pretty sure it was because of the amount of grain/corn), so I got Black Hawk and she's been on it ever since - she's generally healthy, happy and her coat is great. Pro Plan have a new Sensitive Skin/Stomach formula out and it doesn't look half bad although it still has a few grain ingredients. Before I got BH for my pup I put her on Canidae which made her sick(vomit & diarrhea) for up to a week and I only gave her a hand full of it.
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