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    My dog has changed my life. We snuggle when we're cold, I have a clown to cheer me up when I'm down, I'm never alone or unloved. In return I offer cuddles, treats, education and love. I don't know who got the better end of the deal!

    I'm interested in all things dog: Training, Health, Sports and most of all cute pictures and stories!

    I knit and crochet to keep me occupied, I'm an avid reader and enjoy watching TV/Movies as long as I can keep my hands busy while I watch.

    I'm also interested in EDM (electronic dance music) and play Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

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  1. @persephone they do love their crazy zoomies, I'm surprised I still have grass tbh. More photos, since the dogs are walked, garden tended, house clean, washing drying on the line, bed made and an early lunch consumed. ---- So every now and again I've noticed it's super quiet but there's no dogs in the normal snoozing spots in the house, and I can't see them out the window. I walked out of the house and turned the corner to see Also some misc cuteness Jay keeping me company while I worked last night. He seems to have forgotten hating hi
  2. Oh my dog, they let us sleep until 6 with them snuggled into their little blanket nests with their coats on. I don't think we've been in bed this late since before Jay came home. And since its a bit overdue here's a happy photo update I've been working from home and these two are my snootervisery commite. (They now have blanket nests) Here's a link of little video of them doing a zoom in an empty/unused dog park at dawn Zoom zoom I'll be back to upload more after their walk because there's about to be mutiny lo
  3. We've got quite a light coat of 2 layers of lightweight fleece/ flannel. Much lighter than what I'd wear in the same temps but we've established I'm a wimp. Double trouble has been doing the wake-up brigade of cuddles and noise at 445am since Bella came home, it's rare that they sleep in
  4. I seriously don't know where they're putting all this food! We'll try upping the dry a bit more and see how they're travelling weight wise in a couple of weeks, depending on how much it cools down they might get some lightly steamed cappuccino style on their breakfasts. I love the hipster allsorts from Annie's, and will have to order some more coat choices. I'm not too concerned about Jay getting his coat off per say, it's more when he's decided he's warm enough he comes and groans and moans while singing the song of his people for it to come off, usually
  5. Jay is doing well today, very lively and no signs of swelling or infection. He came home from the vet with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories (the same ones I'm on ) and some neocort. Mr TC tells me he won the hearts of the vet nurses. We're still struggling to get both dogs back up to their racing weights 35-36kg for Jay (he's now 34kg) and 30kg (27kg) for sweet Bella despite the being on the highest calorie food we could find: MFM high performance 4580kcal/kg Both getting 2.5-3 cups per day (split over 2 meals), plus about 180-200g of canine country raw mix, ~150g 4leg
  6. I'm not having any adverse reactions to him, I feel bad that he's injured because of his natural reaction to a cat in his territory and I wasn't able to prevent it. It's really not nice at all. He's got a super high prey drive, but luckily sweet Bella didn't join in at all. I'm really angry at the neighbours who will no doubt blame us for their roaming cat coming into our yard even after we spoke to them months ago about her in our yard and gardens and asked that they keep her inside or in their yard. I'm pretty sure every dog in the neigh
  7. Thanks Perse. I think Mr TC is a bit more shaken than I am, as I was inside when it happend. Poor Jay doesn't understand why he doesn't get to use the doggy door at the moment, and sweet Bella who was the oblivious bystander (well, I guess we know why she was retired) continues to be oblivious and sweet and worried about why Jay doesn't want to play.
  8. This morning has not been a good one. The one thing we were concerned about happening, did indeed happen. Roaming cat of the neighbours decided that it would wander through our yard this morning. Kitty unfortunately did not make it out of the yard. We both have horrible guilt about Jay catching a cat, even though it's not his fault for following his instincts to chase something that is running. I'm just so angry that this could have been prevented if local cat laws were followed, and the cat contained to their property. The houndies are ok, J
  9. Having these hounds in our lives has changed so much, we laugh more, we're silly with them and they do absolutely make my heart sing with joy. I never knew having one dog could be this easy (Dozer was not an easy dog), let alone two. I still can't believe how well they've bonded and they're like yin and yang in personality, so different yet fit together and into our lives effortlessly.
  10. So having two greyhounds has so far been as easy and full of joy as having one. There have been no squabbles over toys, humans or beds. They're still fed separately since Jay has the appetite of a lab and Bella eats slower due to her overbite. The two little darlings have formed "the wake up brigade', where Bella will realise we're stiring and go round up Jay and they'll both come charging into the bedroom tails wagging, squeaky toy in mouth (that's Bella, she carries a stuffy around), and Jay will come rest his head on my chest for pats and his version of snuggles
  11. It’s Jay’s 5th birthday today! On top of his treats and toys a special new addition joined the household just in time for his special day We got the call from GAP to come meet Taylor, and while they were playing and meeting at GAP the most animated we’ve ever seen him, even though he was super tired from “surfing” on the backseat for the majority of the hour drive there. Mr TC has re-named her Nebula, or Bella for short. She turned 4 last Sunday, and is a little pocket rocket of energy and has an adorable overbite. She’s also the snugglebug Mr TC
  12. We often get runny walk poos, we try and scoop up as much as possible and cover what we can't but there's often no dIrt or leaf matter to do so with.
  13. I was so angry for her, the lack of help, non-existent communication about intent and euthanizing a perfectly normal dog that just needed more time and less stress.
  14. He is truly a pleasure to know, and I don't think Mr TC and I have laughed as much as we have in the last month in a long time. It's not uncommon to hear Mr TC laughing delightedly while Jay plays with a new toy, and for me to glance back at Jay in the car and start giggling because he's got his head out the window gums and tongue flapping in the breeze. He's the cheekiest boy and has developed a bad habit of raiding the counters for ripe bananas which he'll scarf down skin and all. I was worried the first time because of blockages and the like but the poo the next
  15. Jay has well and truly started to settle in! We've been on many small adventures and he's won the hearts of both the in-laws and the grand parents along with every person he's mooched pats from. He's looking very healthy indeed, but we'll be taking a trip to the local chiropractor who is known for working miracles with old injuries as I think the hip injury that retired him is flaring up a little as zoomies have dropped off a bit. Home walks this morning Long car rides are the perfect time to contemplate the world
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