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    My dog has changed my life. We snuggle when we're cold, I have a clown to cheer me up when I'm down, I'm never alone or unloved. In return I offer cuddles, treats, education and love. I don't know who got the better end of the deal!

    I'm interested in all things dog: Training, Health, Sports and most of all cute pictures and stories!

    I knit and crochet to keep me occupied, I'm an avid reader and enjoy watching TV/Movies as long as I can keep my hands busy while I watch.

    I'm also interested in EDM (electronic dance music) and play Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

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  1. Greyhounds

    I was so angry for her, the lack of help, non-existent communication about intent and euthanizing a perfectly normal dog that just needed more time and less stress.
  2. Greyhounds

    He is truly a pleasure to know, and I don't think Mr TC and I have laughed as much as we have in the last month in a long time. It's not uncommon to hear Mr TC laughing delightedly while Jay plays with a new toy, and for me to glance back at Jay in the car and start giggling because he's got his head out the window gums and tongue flapping in the breeze. He's the cheekiest boy and has developed a bad habit of raiding the counters for ripe bananas which he'll scarf down skin and all. I was worried the first time because of blockages and the like but the poo the next day was the best I've seen The hiding place for bananas now changes weekly. Training progress is slow in a traditional sense, down and sit have been shelved until we can confirm that his hips aren't bothering him but he's a champ at waiting politely for his dinner, and is learning lovely leash manners and other token things like laying nicely for his pawdicure and massage and letting the humans through doors without bowling us over. Eta: Now that I've said Zoomies have died off and I thought Jay's hip might be bothering him he just did the most magnificent zooming around the back yard when I was expecting a slow game of fetch.
  3. Greyhounds

    Jay has well and truly started to settle in! We've been on many small adventures and he's won the hearts of both the in-laws and the grand parents along with every person he's mooched pats from. He's looking very healthy indeed, but we'll be taking a trip to the local chiropractor who is known for working miracles with old injuries as I think the hip injury that retired him is flaring up a little as zoomies have dropped off a bit. Home walks this morning Long car rides are the perfect time to contemplate the world Jay took his first trip to the pet shop today, and got to pick his own toy. Definitely rate this one a 10/10. crinkle wings, lots of textures and a quiet squeaker.
  4. Greyhounds

    @Rebanne I haven't found anything he won't eat yet haha, I'll have to be mindful of him enjoying all the new foods too much. The real estate finally fixed our screen doors so once it's cooled down a little Jay can watch the buses and other scary things go by from the front room to get used to the noise, but he recovered far better than I expected! @persephone whoops, totally slipped my mind! Our first park trip Just chilling with the only snuffle mat I will ever make. Chilling with all the contents of the toybox I'd changed over 5 minutes before Perfecting the sad hound eyes for my banana and pb on toast (spoiler: he got a small portion once he settled and ignored my food) Playing fetch with Mr TC this afternoon while I'm at the office for another 4 hours still. For some reason I can't embed the videos https://imgur.com/a/EOt5eEr https://i.imgur.com/gFqNnIv.gifv
  5. Greyhounds

    Life with Jay has settled into a rhythm. While I'm finishing at 10pm, Mr TC walks Jay in the morning since I should be sleeping until about 730. Unless a certain hound decides he'll bark at me until I'm awake for no reason other than he's bored. Jay has learnt that Mr TC putting on his shoes in the morning means he's going for his walk and Jay tries to help by throwing any shoe he can get his mouth on at Mr TC and bouncing around like a mad dog Looking on the brightside I suppose it'll be easish enough to capture and shape "bring me my shoes" from his helping. We had a bit of a setback last weekend with a car backfiring and ruining Jay's confidence for a couple of days on walks, but his love for exploring and an older gentleman who he sees on his walks has helped to resolve that for us. Mr TC reported there was a scary loud truck and bus go past and Jay freaked out a bit but then Jays gentleman came into view and all was forgotten. Our cheeky boy has pretty mastered sit and wait for dinner at Mr TC insistence on the sit part (despite my urging that drop and wait would be easier), and this is transitioning to nice door manners too. RCs feeding guide did turn out to be a ridiculous amount after all, he gets about a cup of kibble in the morning, a frozen kong of raw mix and yoghurt when I leave for work and another cup of kibble with 150g of meat, a couple of spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt and either an egg or half a tin of sardines for dinner. So far we've trialled natures goodness (not his fave, was left over in the kibble bin from Dozer), BH lamb and rice, Pet Food Australian's hemp oil mixed protein kibble and has a bag of the MFM Bacon and Egg kibble for weekends. I think we'll probably end up with a mix of the Pet Food Australian one and something else but time will tell. I'm lucky enough to live very close to Canine Country's location and every petshop I've walked into has their frozen raw tubes. Super convenient for us and really great pricing for an extra. Greys are a very different speed of dog, that's for sure and it's been lovely to not have food allergies to worry about.
  6. Greyhounds

    I thought I'd pop in for a mid-week update, since Jay has had a few days to settle in. Mr TC and I are debating changing his name since Jay sounds a lot like stay, but I mostly call him J-J so I don't think it's really necessary. So far he's settling in much faster than we had expected. He's now sleeping through the night without needing to go out for a wee and has been granted medium stay alone in the aircon privileges. 4-5 hours in the gap between me leaving for work and mr tc getting home, mainly because the weather is threatening to storm and we aren't sure how he'd react in the yard alone, even with 6ft colourbond fencing. I'd much rather clean up a wee or some shredded wool than be heading to the vet with a injured dog who panicked in a storm. Yesterday was his first time inside alone, and he did really great. No accidents and he only stole the flyer bobbin and yarn on my spinning wheel to add to his dragon's den of plushies. We've been working on bonding and nice leash manners on our short sniff and wee strolls. Which we have the before and after: The before "hurry up and put on pants mum!" And the after:
  7. Greyhounds

    Thank you. Our house feels like a home again! I think there is indeed a cheeky spark in those eyes! He just followed me into the bedroom, saw a longnecked llama toy poking out of one of the toy boxes and I swear his eyes looked as big as dinner plates! He took it off to his bed for a good cuddle and chew
  8. Greyhounds

    He's here!! We're both enamored with him, and think that he's the bee's knees. I think he's a big fan of the meatballs rolled in crushed up freezedried green tripe. This is just after the inital meeting. He immediately peed on the pool after he'd had a drink. Pooped out after sniffing all the things in the heat at GAP He was such a good traveler, laid down for almost the whole hour and ten minute drive home! Here he is just after we got home checking out his new yard. The strange lady with the tasty treats is holding a weird thing, i should headbutt it. Are these for me too? Mr TC is very very happy. Expensive dogbed has been ignored in favour of the dodgy old single foam mattress that's as old as I am. All pooped out from his crazy zoomies with the kong wubba. He's very sweet boy and enjoying his bed in the aircon. He even let us eat maccas without supervision after being told it was not for him, and so far has only tried to mark in the house once, and that was a cupboard where a mouse lived..
  9. Greyhounds

    Overthinking and knowledge gathering is kinda my jam Although I've barely had time to think in the Christmas madness at work ( national letter and parcel carrier that some/most love to hate ). Now I've got a day off I've got some time to lounge in bed and write replies with a moment to make sure they make sense. @Rebannethank you for all the wonderful information, it's a big shift in breed and once I'm being leaned on and covered in fur I'm sure all the information you've imparted to DOL over the years I've been here will start rising to the surface of ye old grey matter @juice interesting to hear RC actually worked quite well for your crew, maybe they've improved a little in the last 6 years . @Dogsfevr The best food for your dog is always the one they do best on, and with that I certainly agree. Always been a two feed a day feeder, so that'll stay the same, but always good to consider known bloat triggers @asal and @Two Best Dogs! I'm very excited, greys and sighthounds in general are all so lovely and majestic dogs. Mr TC has been window shopping some lovely martingale collars (unsure on jays neck size) and I'm sure we'll have quite the collection. I've been checking out sewing patterns for collars, leads and PJs. We will have a fashionable and warm hound indeed. Apparently the sighthound love is genetic as my Dad who wasn't a dog person loooved Afghan Hounds and admitted they were the only breed he considered over owning. He never did get a dog though, i guess it was hound or bust. The first of the toys and treats arrived yesterday so it's starting to feel real. I promise so much photo spam from 11/1/2020!
  10. Greyhounds

    And i hate to do this, but its a zombie bump! There's 12 more days until we bring Jay Bay (Jay Bae more like it) home from GAP Qld! Mr TC is already joking (maybe seriously?) that if Jay ends up picking me as his main human, Mr TC is gonna call the GAP lady back and add another grey to the household I've been having lots of fun reading about greyhounds and their quirks and body language. I've ordered almost everything I can think of (so many plushies, and other destructible toys that would last all of 30 seconds when Dozer was with us) but I'm somewhat stuck on the food situation and a suitable harness for car travel and just in case of collar slippage. GAP feed royal canin endurance, which goes against all my previous feeding experience with Dozer as he was allergic to almost all normal meats (fish and game only, no corn or wheat and only small amounts of legumes tolerated) and the idea of feeding kibble heavy in corn and other junk is an anathema to me. While the best food is of course the food your dog does well on, Royal canin's ingredient list rubs me the wrong way! I get the feeling that greys have slightly more sensitive tummies than a gutz of an amstaff, and my gut tells me a hard swap would likely result in a poo 'splosio. I was more than willing to get a small bag to do a soft transition to a better quality food but it only comes in a 20kg bag and the feeding guide amounts are crazy! 5-7 cups per day for a 36.5kg hound That's gonna be a mountain of poop! Would the brains trust suggest sticking with a bag of endurance for the first few weeks supplemented with RMBs, and then slowly transition over to a suitably nutrient dense kibble once the nervous tummy has settled? Collar and harness is another fun one. Previously being owned by a blockhead we've never encountered the phenomenon of a dog being able to slip a collar. From what I can tell the GAP green collar is a martingale style, so we won't need another unless we feel like playing dress ups with pretty martingales? But we'll need some sort of tag collar in possibly a breakaway style? I keep seeing all these pretty leather greyhound collars with a wide side and narrow at the buckle. My googling for how they work has been a bit fruitless..are these secure for a walking collar if needed? I was looking at getting this type of harness https://www.budgetpetproducts.com.au/m/product/true-love-dog-harness-nylon-reflective-padded-orange-xlarge-for-dogs/10106/ with a double ended leash (one on collar one on front of harness). Or is that overkill in most cases? Yes, I believe I'm very excited about bringing our new friend home soon.
  11. Goodbye Dozer

    Thank you, to all of you. I feel like a weight is beginning to lift from my heart after reading your assurances and experiences about your loved ones sending little signs to show they are still near.
  12. Goodbye Dozer

    Thank you all for the lovely messages. Last night was hard, the first night we've been at home in over 6 years and there was no little feet padding back and forward between me in bed and mr tc on the couch trying to suss out where he wanted to sleep. No telling him to get out of my damn spot in the bed after I got up to wee and was only gone a minute. I swear I heard his yawn that he made when he stretches out last night, and saw a shadow move to where he'd wait to go out in the morning while I was making coffees this morning. When I finally slept last night, it was wrapped up in his crate blanket that smells of him. I feel such guilt this morning, even though I would want someone to do for me if I were that sick. The house is so quiet, and I wish it was Monday already so I'd be back at work and too busy to get caught in memories. There's photos and paintings of him all over the house. I know if overtime comes up, I'll be doing as much as possible to not be here. I can't deal with the quiet, and wish we were a multi-dog household so I didn't feel so alone.
  13. Goodbye Dozer

    You were such an adorable puppy. We didn't know better than getting you from a byb, little did we know that we would be dealing with lifelong food allergies, environmental sensitivities and a less than sound temperament. But still, we loved you with all our hearts and kept persisting. We changed our lives to suit you, and moved only where you would be safe and happy. We ran up ridiculous power bills to keep you comfortable all summer long (spring and autumn too). We bought the best of food, and found special treats that didn't make you sick. You snuggled with us and hogged all the blankets. You were a goofball and sang us the song of your people every day And were ridiculously photogenic You won the hearts of people who hated bull breeds, and were the best elbow licker of them all.
  14. Goodbye Dozer

    This morning we said goodbye to Dozer. He was still so young only 6 and a half, but a MCT took him from us so quickly. We didn't even know it was an MCT until it was too late, we were more worried about the large (harmless) cyst that was growing on your back. We knew the time was coming these last few weeks, we'd almost doubled your food intake and you were still getting thinner, you were so tired all the time and didn't want to play. We'll never forget you, and will see you at the rainbow bridge one day.
  15. Great suggestion Karen and Thistle!! I love the whole concept of story dogs. @jwt don't be too disheartened, while some of the posters did come off a bit strong there was some great information shared, as your child grows and matures a dog might be a better fit. As a whole I don't remember many times (if any) in the five years I've been a member of dol where the dol collective has recommended going forward with first time dog ownership whilst there are young children about, especially when kids are at the age where they can't read a dogs body language. I think thistle and Karen's suggestions are good ways to help ready yourself and your little one to be responsible, dog smart owners a little down the way. Knowing dog body language beforehand when I got my terror, ahem I mean Dozer..would have probably saved me from hiding behind a babygate crying into my cocktail when my now very sweet, independent amstaff was a piranha on four paws. You have some great stepping stones here!