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    My dog has changed my life. We snuggle when we're cold, I have a clown to cheer me up when I'm down, I'm never alone or unloved. In return I offer cuddles, treats, education and love. I don't know who got the better end of the deal!

    I'm interested in all things dog: Training, Health, Sports and most of all cute pictures and stories!

    I knit and crochet to keep me occupied, I'm an avid reader and enjoy watching TV/Movies as long as I can keep my hands busy while I watch.

    I'm also interested in EDM (electronic dance music) and play Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

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  1. We often get runny walk poos, we try and scoop up as much as possible and cover what we can't but there's often no dIrt or leaf matter to do so with.
  2. Thank you, to all of you. I feel like a weight is beginning to lift from my heart after reading your assurances and experiences about your loved ones sending little signs to show they are still near.
  3. Thank you all for the lovely messages. Last night was hard, the first night we've been at home in over 6 years and there was no little feet padding back and forward between me in bed and mr tc on the couch trying to suss out where he wanted to sleep. No telling him to get out of my damn spot in the bed after I got up to wee and was only gone a minute. I swear I heard his yawn that he made when he stretches out last night, and saw a shadow move to where he'd wait to go out in the morning while I was making coffees this morning. When I finally slept last night, it was wrapped up in his crate blanket that smells of him. I feel such guilt this morning, even though I would want someone to do for me if I were that sick. The house is so quiet, and I wish it was Monday already so I'd be back at work and too busy to get caught in memories. There's photos and paintings of him all over the house. I know if overtime comes up, I'll be doing as much as possible to not be here. I can't deal with the quiet, and wish we were a multi-dog household so I didn't feel so alone.
  4. You were such an adorable puppy. We didn't know better than getting you from a byb, little did we know that we would be dealing with lifelong food allergies, environmental sensitivities and a less than sound temperament. But still, we loved you with all our hearts and kept persisting. We changed our lives to suit you, and moved only where you would be safe and happy. We ran up ridiculous power bills to keep you comfortable all summer long (spring and autumn too). We bought the best of food, and found special treats that didn't make you sick. You snuggled with us and hogged all the blankets. You were a goofball and sang us the song of your people every day And were ridiculously photogenic You won the hearts of people who hated bull breeds, and were the best elbow licker of them all.
  5. This morning we said goodbye to Dozer. He was still so young only 6 and a half, but a MCT took him from us so quickly. We didn't even know it was an MCT until it was too late, we were more worried about the large (harmless) cyst that was growing on your back. We knew the time was coming these last few weeks, we'd almost doubled your food intake and you were still getting thinner, you were so tired all the time and didn't want to play. We'll never forget you, and will see you at the rainbow bridge one day.
  6. Great suggestion Karen and Thistle!! I love the whole concept of story dogs. @jwt don't be too disheartened, while some of the posters did come off a bit strong there was some great information shared, as your child grows and matures a dog might be a better fit. As a whole I don't remember many times (if any) in the five years I've been a member of dol where the dol collective has recommended going forward with first time dog ownership whilst there are young children about, especially when kids are at the age where they can't read a dogs body language. I think thistle and Karen's suggestions are good ways to help ready yourself and your little one to be responsible, dog smart owners a little down the way. Knowing dog body language beforehand when I got my terror, ahem I mean Dozer..would have probably saved me from hiding behind a babygate crying into my cocktail when my now very sweet, independent amstaff was a piranha on four paws. You have some great stepping stones here!
  7. Prime100 do a crocodile and tapioca range of products that are really highly rated for dogs with allergies and stomach issues, but can be a bit pricey for a big dog. However, it is ideal for an exclusion diet as it's a novel protein and carb and once stomach issues have settled you can slowly add back in other protein and grains one at a time so you know what's triggering the off tummy and poos. We've got an amstaff with a plethora of food allergies (grain, corn, beef, chicken, pork) and find fish based, gaining free foods to be a godsend. We primarily feed meals for mutts salmon and sardine but have recently found he can have their duck and turkey as well.
  8. We've used both bravecto and nexgard on our amstaff boy with no ill effects. Compared to comfortis where he'd puke every other time anyway they were both a breeze to get him to take, he thought they were the best treats ever!
  9. Been a long time for an update from me. Dozer is being his quirky self, he's currently tucked up in our bed under the blankets having a conversation with Bella the German shepherd next door (While still fully under the blankets). The neighbours on the other side have at least one rude little dog who barks at me through the fence, but Dozer doesn't mind it, and doesn't fence fight. We're planning on a Bali holiday in November and have checked out a local pet motel. They have three types of rooms, the middle range one looks perfect for Dozer, it's their rain forest wing, where they play soothing forest noises 24/7 and it's specifically designed for anxious dogs. No mixed play times unless requested either, and the option to add on canine massage or puptails (how can I resist?!). They also offer a variety of different food like raw feeding, dog rolls or their own high quality kibble, or we can send Dozer along with his own food. Sounds like heaven to me, I doubt Dozer will want to come home.
  10. Fabulous post PK. Exactly the information I wanted to convey, but you put it so much more eloquently.
  11. Mr TC and I are still debating breeds for when Dozer goes over the bridge.. We're at either a giant breed, possibly an Irish wolfhound or a Great Dane or a wee teeny lap dog, but I'm rather partial to westies as I love spunky little dogs.
  12. Lots of bull breeds, SWF and mixes around my new area, but thankfully I haven't seen any grotesque toad-legged 'amstaffs' around, a few gorgeous BCs get walked around here. I always am so happy to see a variety of breeds though.
  13. I'm sorry I don't have anything helpful to add PK. Dozer has actually settled right into the new house. He loves racing around the yard having a good sniff. We don't have any concerns about him going through or over the fences even though we haven't had a chance to put extra measures in place with adding shade cloth and bamboo screens (we'll get there). He's even stopped peeking out the windows as much. He now has claimed his spot on the couch in front of the air-conditioning unit and there he stays
  14. Thanks PK, I worked my first shift overnight and thought I was shocking (it's been 8 years since I last was at maccas) but they've asked me to come back in for a 10hr overnight tonight so I can't have gone too badly. At the moment Dozer is certainly getting better, as he now understands he's not allowed to peak out windows and spends most of his time on the couch directly under the air-conditioning. But I'll be cutting up an old sheet and somehow attach it to the bottom windows in the lounge. He has also made friends with the dogs next door through the wooden fence, so no fence fighting on that side . He also made friends with the plumber that came yesterday, he didn't even notice him for the first three hours until he met him and it was instant best friends. The plumber was a dog breeder with 30 dogs, so that may have been a big factor @Papillon Kisses I'll check,read and rely to that PM when I get home
  15. We've just moved house this weekend and poor Dozer hasn't been handling the new place very well.. We're on a corner block that's raised so you can see the street level out of the lounge room windows and there's a section of the fence that's hurricane fencing (5ft) instead of 7 foot wooden fence. He's doing remarkably well with seeing other dogs waking past on leash, but roaming dogs and cats are a major problem. Dozer went through our bedroom fly screen last night because a big cat walked past and today he's super stressed out. We got him a couple of big chews and he's starting to relax a bit but we desperately need to get static window film like Thistle has to block his view inside and more solid bamboo screens for the hurricane fencing . I've luckily just gotten a job today (yaaay) so I'll also be getting him a dap defused or something similar. Poor dude has just been so stressed, and we're feeling it too with being on constant guard duty in keeping him away from the shorter sections of the fence.
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