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  1. GSPs, Viszlas and Brittanies have all been mentioned but have you considered an English Pointer (Pointer)? They always seem to get overlooked in the 'large active friendly' breed discussions. IME, a showline (emphasis on the showline) Pointer is a fairly mellow house pet but still with an insane amount of stamina out of the house. My boy could run or trot all day. He can also not leave the house for 3 days and only get slightly antsy. If you have other dogs with good off switches to lead by example with a puppy they get the hint. Generally they are very amicable with all sorts of p
  2. I have an almost 3yr old showline Pointer, my first and only (and likely last). He is a lovely sweet, silly dog. In general they're a great active family dog. He is actually really quite biddable and loves to work with me but my main issue with him is maintaining engagement outside the house, he is so intuned with his environment so that has always been an uphill battle for us. He's not a deep thinker, it's pretty easy to get him to do something. Common issues I was wary of going into the breed were separation anxiety, extreme energy requirements, destructiveness, timid
  3. Yes I've seen that video, I don't think it's clear at all whats happening other than the 3 dogs rushing the staffy and some commotion occuring behind a partition. Given the staffy and lab mix are the same colour and you can't see anything other than a white blur jerking around it's hard to tell what happened and when. I guess it doesn't really matter at the end of the day to anyone but the people involved. But I don't agree with the sentiment of a lot of comments I've seen around that this case has sputted of people thinking that its okay to walk aggressive dogs unmuzzled and that
  4. See, I don't think it was a four dog fight considering there is no mention of any of the other dogs including the staffy suffering injuries which you'd think either party would want to mention to make their cause appear more sympathetic? I reckon the 3 dogs aggressively rushed the staffy family, mum's dropped the leash and the staffy has grabbed the first dog it could and the others have bounced around on the sideline. I could understand trying to protect your child but in the cctv she walks her child away from the fight and then brings him back there to stand right next to the dog
  5. It sounds like if the owner of the dachshund pulled up in a car that maybe her dogs got loose? Which depending on the circumstances on how that happened isn't really her fault per say. *edit just saw in the dachshund owners reportof events the dogs were inadvertently let out of the yard which checks out with the pulling up in a car part of the cctv* Regardless, a dog that will kill another dog that is not a huge threat to it (you can punt a dachshund with your foot) should be muzzled in public because accidents happen. People drop leashes, dogs slip their collars, slip out of cars,
  6. I live in the inner city with a small yard. My english pointer has a good recall but not to the point I trust him in unfenced parks in the city and the only fenced areas that dogs are allowed off leash near me are... dog parks. My pointer is extremely dog social and pretty oblivious to aggression so is generally not phased. You can lower the risk by getting to know the park users, picking a time it's not busy, and being extremely pro active. I follow my dog and make sure I can recall him or within arms reach to intervene. I might talk to other users but always have eyes on my dog.
  7. Had a bit of time on my hands lately and was scrolling through this thread in the lead up to Didi's 5th birthday this week. So many great memories with my girl which seem so long ago. I'm so glad she has fit so much fun and love into those five years. We don't live by the beach anymore (now we are on top of a valley!) She has slowed down a lot and gotten a bit chubby in middle age but we are currently on the path to fitness now that I'm living somewhere I can walk both dogs together easily and my parents aren't around to stuff her full of table scraps and treats. She h
  8. Done but just a suggestion, perhaps clarify what is considered an attack? In my instance the target was my dog who got attacked and I was bitten in the ensuing scuffle but the dogs were not trying to attack me so to speak. I figured the survey was more aimed at attacks directed at humans but it wasn't clear if other situations could be considered.
  9. I am in the municipality over from Brimbank (Hobsons Bay) and am able to have an entire dog no questions asked. I mean he is limited registered but its not like they asked for any proof of that... just went and paid my fee and got my rego tag on the spot. Strange that a neighbouring municipality would take such a strong stance, would just result in a lot more people not regostering their dogs rather than encouraging it if you ask me. Hobsons Bay is a really nice place to own a dog though if you'd consider moving over this....
  10. I started seriously considering breeds for my 2nd dog at least 2 years before I got him but choosing the exact breed and breeder was a quicker process as ideal timing presented itself. I have been fairly opportunistic with both of my dogs (especially the first one). I made sure with the 2nd dog that I had a better idea of what I wanted and made sure I got the important things right. Neither dog has turned out perfectly how I anticipated and while it would've been nice if I could go back and change a few things, I would never change having the dogs I have. Maybe things would've turn
  11. Pointers (the english variety) can be somewhat aloof and in some lines, timid with strangers. My boy could be a bit timid as a pup but with growing confidence is growing into a dog that is mostly indifferent toward strangers. He is friendly and has a soft temperament but is not overtly affectionate or interested in seeking attention from strangers. They tend to be massive clingy sooks with their owners though and normally a breed that gets on well with other dogs. On the higher end energy wise and resort to destruction easily if bored/understimulated. Full grown they make great run
  12. Yes one of his many amusing quirks is that he likes to stand up and look over every fence he comes across... even if that fence is see through!
  13. Didi is also doing well! She is four now, slowed down a fair bit in the last year or so but I think George is doing a good job at keeping her young. This whole puppy experience would have been absolute hell without her being so patient and understanding and it is also much easier to manage a two dog household when one of them is such a good girl!
  14. I realised that I kind of just mentioned I was getting a new puppy several months ago and disappeared again It feels like he's been here for ages now but he's only just turned 6 months old! He is a very strange dog! Keeps me endlessly amused with his antics and just how absolutely strange he is but he is turning into a very lovely dog, albeit a bit of a scaredy pants but oh well. I had no idea how Didi would handle a new sibling as we hadn't so much as had a doggy guest in the whole time of owning her. She wasn't the biggest fan during the first couple of months after the initial excitement w
  15. Thanks guys, he's such a lovely puppy, exactly what I was hoping for I hope the next week flies by, I can't wait to bring him home! Yes his face makes me melt every time I see it, he has a perfect little spot between his ears for kisses haha. I'll definitely pop in and update every now and then! I'm hoping he'll turn out a bit like his father who is absolutely stunning
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