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  1. Hi All, I have a 4 month old GSD with a sensitive stomach. I have been looking at and researching for the best training treats and the best chews (something that will keep my dog chewing for quite a while as she is a real shark). Any ideas? I have quizzed 2 vets, a dog trainer and several pet shop staff from different stores and gotten several different answers, many of which have surprised me. My dog trainer uses Jerhigh Chicken sticks which from my inspection say they are made in Thailand and contain preservatives though they don't say which ones. She, like many others (inc one vet) has also suggested rawhide as a chew. Yet many others say don't go near rawhide. Too dangerous and probably not good for my puppy's tummy since she reacted badly to a pig's ear. So far the treats I have found that I like are: Lickables - Aussie made and 100% meat (beef,lamb,fish or roo) just dehydrated. Fruitables - Apparently not all dogs like them but fortunately mine does. USA made. Good ingredients including pumpkin and apple. I guess my only concern with these is that they are a dry biscuit and my dog is already on a dry food diet with her Advance kibble (have heard that a dry food diet is a factor in causing bloat). Fish For Dogs Sea Biscuits - UK made from dried fish skins. Not totally sure about these though. They say they are a dental treat which I would like as so far I haven't found any for my dog that I like. My local pet shop gave me a sample packet. I gave her one which she loved but then noticed that the due date stamp was quite old so threw them in the bin. As for chews it seems that there is nothing much the pet shop can offer me that is edible. No pig's ears and no rawhide. We did look at some of the vegetable based chews and at some of the dental chews like Greenies but the ingredients don't seem all that great and I've seen too many reviews where dogs didn't digest them properly and had blockages. So far the only things I have for her to chew apart from toys and ice cubes are the Wanpy Sweet Potato slices. I like them because they are just sweet potato and Penny loves them though they don't last long. BUT they are from China! Aaaaarrrgghhh! Finding this all so hard and frustrating. I want to feed my girl the best and fortunately am good at reading labels as the advice I have received from "the experts" has been quite dodgy at times. It's just so overwhelming and difficult though! Oh and yes she loves BBQ chicken and sort of apple but as for the other human food suggested they surprise me too. Cheese - isn't that high in fat which can cause tummy upset like the pig's ears Sausages - also high in fat, salt and sulphites (preservatives). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer and Penny the Puppy
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