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  1. Puppy Transport *urgent*

    Does anyone know of transport companies that will transport puppies from Western plains nsw to Newcastle tia
  2. Vinnie No Longer Lives With Me

    Yeah he's gone. I'm looking at another pup. I cried more about the loss of the dog than I did my partner or step kids.
  3. Vinnie No Longer Lives With Me

    Sad my partner and I split up and as the he is registered in his name, he gets to keep him.
  4. Bathtime Dogs

    I couldn't get a snap of Vinnie last night because he was wriggling around too much. He looks like a dalmation because of all the spots He gives me a look of betrayal but he's very good. Drying him is the crap part. He hates towels.
  5. Skip-to-my loo. It's a product you sprinkle where you want them to go and they'll go there. Always take your dog to the same spot to go, keep putting them back there when they wander off and praise when they do. You can get heaps of different versions of it including pegs.
  6. Long Lived Much Loved Toys

    Oh that trigger story is Toowoomba adorable. That holee molee ball sounds like fun. Bunnies loves to tear at things like paper and loves treat balls. We have all the toys from when we got him nearly 6 months ago. He still drags rat and chikkum to bed with him during the day which were his first toys. He loves fluffies and hasn't destroyed any yet.
  7. Zomg! Unicorns Really Do Exist!

    omg omg omg that is just beautiful!
  8. Taking Bets

    He was such a good boy!!! It wasn't even hanging off the bed but it was well nested in to. So proud of him.
  9. Taking Bets

    So Vinnie already has a stretcher bed and a pillow snuggle bed outside. He's never moved the pillow any further than next to the bed. When we had him in the garage with both beds and his puppy blankie, the blankie never left the bed. Inside he has his puppy blankie and he ignores it mostly. Today I gave him a polar fleece blanket for outside. He hasn't got the hang of his kennel yet and we are slowly introducing it with lid off and feeding him in there, slowly slowly. But the blanket is on his stretcher down the side awning of the house because the weather is miserable. Bets that he'll finally be a proper naughty pup and drag it into the yard and destroy it? He hasn't destroyed a single fluffy toy yet despite having some for 5 months.
  10. Growling

    Vinnie hates his nails being clipped but we just continue with it and treat. He's getting better with it, mostly it's just the lack of being in control. I notice he doesn't respond to forceful behaviour like growling back. Standing up sharply but silently does the trick. Here's to hoping he was just being a jerkbeast.
  11. New House - Peeing Inside - Help!

    Heh, Vinnie holds from 8pm through to 6:30-8am every morning and he sleeps in bed with us. But he was trained early on and went from hourly night trips down to 1 night trip in just over a week. Bladder of iron! He will wake me if he can't hold on during the night sometimes though. He drinks heaps of water and goes each time he's out too except after about 8-9pmish he stops drinking water and peeing. HE JUST DOESN'T WANT TO GET OUT OF BED! This morning he kicked me to try and stay in! :laugh: I wouldn't have asked it of him as a small puppy and it took a month of not peeing in his pen to be able to sleep in the bed. I use the adaptil atomiser spray because we have an open plan house and where he was peeing was at the end of his pen and in the hallway on the way out to wee. So the diffuser wasn't going to be effective and the collar was too expensive for something we didn't always need. I use feliway on the cats in the same manner and collars when it's crazy times.
  12. Puppy Biting Rugs And Pet Bed

    He's in an early teething stage and it might hurt to chew on harder things. My vinnie prefers soft toys (he's just finished teething and is 6 months on Friday) and LOOOOOOVES to tear apart a toilet roll or box when allowed. Unfortunately dogs will usually destroy things they aren't meant to. We can train them as best as we can but sometimes it happens.
  13. Neuticals

    Yes we got a dog for us but I was set on a rescue. My partner wouldn't budge on a puppy. So we decided the puppy first and then a rescue later. He's coming along well so I'm hoping the same for the rescue when we get one.
  14. New House - Peeing Inside - Help!

    I use half and half vinegar after soaking up as much as I can with a pee pad (they are better than paper towel and you can get them from the reject shop cheap. Also Biozet washing powder is wonderful. I use both that and vinegar on cat wee and it works so it'll work on dog pee. We had Vinnie trained early and we used a few things; -Adaptil around areas he would wee commonly - Skip-to-my loo which is a product you spray on the surface you want him to wee on. Try it on pads first and slowly move them out the door -Taking him after every meal and play time, before sleeping and after waking - Treating when he went outside
  15. Neuticals

    We aren't going to use them He was worried when I mentioned the possibility of being stolen because he was a 'whole' dog and then possibly being killed or used as a bait dog because he can't breed and is no use. My partner does want to breed him but 1) he has no papers so no one trustworthy would go near him 2)there are enough dogs that need homes in my area and I went against my ethics to get vinnie as a 'guide' for our next pup who'll be a rescue. Thanks for the responses. And yes, there is no point in trying to get me to change my mind on desexing. If theft wasn't an issue I'd have a vasectomy but it is so there is no question. I don't need him getting out or another getting in accidentally for a breed of mixed dogs who'll either end up with crappy owners for $50 or end up in a shelter. That's the way it ends up in my area. Noone wants my kind of dog, particularly not a mix, unless it's a staffy or lab mix.