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  1. Hip & Elbow Scoring

    That's pretty quick! How does the scoring system work for each?
  2. Hip & Elbow Scoring

    Thank you!
  3. Hip & Elbow Scoring

    Hi guys, I am interested in how hip & elbow scoring works. How does the scoring system work? Does the vet provide results or are they sent away? What does it generally cost? (obviously that would vary with breed size) Thanks :)
  4. French Bulldog

    Awesome I'll check them out. I saw there's a fun day/get together in Cleveland this month, I might try & go along
  5. French Bulldog

    Thanks Huga, I'm definitely not naive when it comes to dogs/breeds so I had assumed the mini frenchie was just a shonky selling tool but thought I would clarify. Thank you very much for the link
  6. French Bulldog

    Hi guys! My hubby and I are looking to add a Frenchie to the family in Id say about 2 years. We know a little about the breed but would like to learn as much as possible before we actually get one. Someone told me you can get mini frenchies but I assume that's about as accurate as a teacup chihuahua hahaha. When choosing a breeder, what should we look for? We are in qld so if there's any qld breeders/owners in this thread Id love some feedback We currently own an 11 month old Great Dane, 4 year old boxer and 5 year old chihuahua
  7. Antlers For Large Dogs

    City Farmers sell them
  8. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Raineth Baxter is amazing! He absolutely idolizes our (very patient) boxer & is so funny & brings so much joy!
  9. Bathtime Dogs

    Pablo the chihuahua shrinking even more in the wash!!!
  10. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Thanks Raineth! Terri I am going to aim to take a photo a week like this to see how quick he grows haha
  11. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Baxter & myself on my birthday yesterday
  12. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Yes Terri Baxter is home & he's the most perfect amazing little (big) thing ever!!! We took him to our vet on sat just for a health check for peace of mind & he's a whopping 9.7kg at 8 weeks & the picture of health!!
  13. Long Lived Much Loved Toys

    The nose wrinkles are killing me!!!
  14. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    How's Digby doing Raineth? Only 2 more sleeps until I can pick up Baxter
  15. So my dogs are obsessed with rawhide, they enjoy other chews as well which they get but rawhide lasts at least a couple of days. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy decent sized rawhide in bulk? Obviously there's ebay but they're not really any cheaper than going to a pet store. Thanks :)