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  1. Thank you all! Will definitely keep all your tips in mind. And will post some photos of her later this afternoon when we pick her up :D
  2. Tomorrow we are picking up our gorgeous doberman puppy. We plan to have her sleep in her crate beside my bed. Just wondering about any pointers you guys have about surviving the first night away from her mother and litter mates. How many times should she be taken out to go to the bathroom at night? How to stop/minimise whining? Thank you xox :D
  3. While researching this breed (doberman) I've come across information about not giving them excessive amounts of 'forced exercise' since they are growing at a rapid speed and strenuous exercise can cause problems in their joints. What kinds of exercise do you recommend so I can avoid any problems. Just walking? I'm not sure. Thank you xx :)
  4. Tomorrow we get to pick up our new doberman puppy! I've been looking around and researching some puppy schools in South Brisbane however, I would like to know what you guys recommend. Preferably not a school with a crazy price to it and in South-east Brisbane please :)Thank you xx
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