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  1. It's a large crate, the dogs will often get inside and use it as a bed if I leave it open, so putting ace in it wouldn't be hard. I'll need to take a break introducing them though since kitty has a bit of a tummy bug, I'm not keen to spread it between pets. But when he's better I'm also going to put things with kitty's scent with ace
  2. Thanks for the responses, and ace has met kittens before, he's a gentle dog hell chase birds and things in the yard, but until the meeting got ruined by mother we haven't had a single problem, I've always kept him socialised and he always accepts new pets, and was showing his first signs of acceptance. Yea we've been putting the kitten in a cat crate and ace on a lead to sniff the crate and such, as well as letting him see how the other dog interacts with kitty. I was just looking around for more options.
  3. Me and my partner recently got ourselves a lovely kitten that's 8 weeks old, wormed and vaccinated. We did think it through because of having 2 dogs already. Both which already get along with my nans cat and always have. We slowly begun introducing them on neutral ground and the female jack Russell X chihuahua gets along fine with the kitten, however my purebred jack Russell, during his meeting with the kitten, my mother made it a negative experience by freaking out when ace (dog) got a little playful and jumped at the kitten to play bow in front of it, an action he does to the other cat even
  4. thankyou :) and im sorry to hear that you have ongoing health issues, it must not be easy to live with. My housemates have both been very good with the dogs, i sat down with Mishka last night and had a mini training session with her, cut short because i got breathless and really sore. and they've been giving the kids some extra loving in the meantime which is good, giving them outside play sessions, she took them outside yesterday for a good 3 hours or so, they came in and went straight to sleep haha. The good thing is, i spoke to my doctor about my mobility issues and its not caused by the
  5. No they havent learnt that yet, i honestly havent even started teaching them that it never crossed my mind, i thought of stay and come and everything but never to go to their spot, ill have to look on youtube how to teach that :) They know back when it comes to doors, its back and wait. but they arent very consistent in an open space. Its ok, theres plenty of people worse of than me, so in a way im kind of lucky :) and im lucky that im nt likely to need surgery. well i spoke to my doctor again today, and the pain is aparently going to be here for atleast another month, then the actual reco
  6. Little Gifts Wow i HAVE to try that, my two are notorious for chewing all of my stuff including holes in my mattress right through to the springs. My only thing is, you'd supervise closely with that? in case they swallowed anything you put inside? it would be good to let them have their destructive moment on something i wouldnt mind they destroy haha
  7. ohh so i should teach her the rest during playtime instead of during a proper training session? that does make sense, she can learn the 'hold it' command through play :D that would actually work haha. i am so not there with all this medication i didnt even think of using her play to teach her something. Also we let Ace out tonight, and his lack of manners seriously hurt me, he knocked me down onto hard floorboards and hit my chest >__> all up he knocked me over quite a few times, but only once completely down. i dont know what to do about it, im severely sore at the moment and arent d
  8. yea, she does, but the problem is, with the trainer having come out, when she sees the clicker, she's learnt to focus on me xDD so she wont play with her toy for more than a few seconds before she snaps back to training mode, the only way i can get her to play is to pack up the training, so i wouldnt be able to click for the good behaviour anyway LOL i should be happy that shes giving me her entire focus
  9. but shes come so far with the glove? i started with any interaction, she got a click, then only touching it with her paw to get a click, then her nose, which started with 'forced interaction' putting it against her nose, and now she'll bite it, but wont hold it. She also does the same with one of her toys, she'll bit it, but wont hold it. i do intend to add more bjects to it, but gotta work on implenenting the cue word, not sure what it should be though, at the moment im useing 'touch'
  10. ohh, i wish i lived up that way, id love my two to have a playmate(well when im better atleast and can control them properly), theyre not socialized as much as they should be. I hope you find someone who'l bring their dogs to play with your pups :D Even pups should have friends haha
  11. thats a good idea! but ill have to see if mishka wont back away when i try it because she didnt learn to touch the glove right away, so i gently tapped the glove against her nose and clicked, so forcing the interaction, and maybe 5-10 mins of that she figured out what i wanted from her LOL my housemate laughed at me for it, telling me it wouldnt work, she found it hilarious, so ill definitely try that, its a trick i can probably work on in my physical state as all i have to do is sit there, theres no real moving around, the only moving around is when i put the glove in a different position to
  12. oh wow, sorry about the issue your having, if i could help i would but my two are a little too friendly at dinner time LOL they had to be seperated for the opposite reason, sharing too much. With one being on puppy food and the other on adult, they werent eating their right meals, they enjoyed sharing the same bowels or taking it in turns, the same with the water, if one drinks, the other is sure to stick their head in too, then lick each others faces during meal times. ive even seem them take some food gently out of the others mouth xDD But all i did was annoy them during dinner time, pat the
  13. ohh ill have to get those soft claws when i have the money, they actually look really good, and it will help prevent bleeding too. thankyou! Ahhk, yea, i thought you meant that tricks are completely pointless straight out and that dogs only should learn obedience. but yes, Ace is very good at holding positions, his release word really came in handy haha so teaching 'dead' well at least part of it was really easy, as good as it looks, im not sure whether i'll teach him the start of it where they just drop to the ground, its just as cute when he does it from down :D so, got my walker, and wait
  14. Both my dogs hump, surprisingly though my female does it a lot more than the male, he seems to have stopped after getting Neutered, he humped as soon as i brought him home at 8 weeks, but only humped my me or my stuff it was weird lol My neutered female always humps, but only objects like her toys or pillows >__> but they never hump each other. they're just strange lol And she'll also do it several times one after the other, i counted at one stage and she humped her toy 15 times before settling down to sleep , she was rather exhausted afterwards, but yes, they d get that grin about the
  15. oh wow i wish i had toys that lasted that long LOL my two can destroy a toy withing an hour, so thats the average lifespan of toys in this house, even some of the kong brands are destroyed that quickly, only one which is the kong ball thing that you put the peanut butter in? it has like a hole in the bottom of it . im so bad at explaining, but that is the longest lasting toy in this house
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