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  1. can anyone help with tracing the breeder of a pointer litter born 7/2/16. A pair of sisters is now at Gosford Pound, i am trying to find their family. failing that any help finding breed savvy new owners
  2. my sisters samoyed had a whoops litter years ago to a rotty. they were amazing looking pups. black and tan, with samoyed coat and looked like they would grow to rotty size.
  3. i have a current foster dog who came into the rescue with epilepsy. we had minimal info on her medical history though and as she has shown no signs and is a minimal dose i have trialled her off meds. no seizure activity for a month now so fingers crossed she will remain that way and go on to being rehomed without meds but under watch.
  4. I have read elsewhere that this is mainly for virgin affiliated rescues ie rspca and awl. Petrescue gets the usual 3 free flights a month.
  5. well that is weird, i have finally been able to claim my old boy using his original registration certificate which has all of his correct details. The online version information is a combination of his details and the info of one of my now deceased dogs. Looks like i will be making a trip to council to check it out.
  6. the new site is still a work in progress. for anyone wanting to check what registry a chip is on then a great site is http://petaddress.com.au/
  7. ditto early visit to the vet is needed for safety. What worming product have you been using?
  8. OK, the owner just rang back and said they will not/can not take her back since they were about to be evicted for having her there in a rental that would not allow a big dog. So... what are we to do? We are on the central coast NSW, I have already sent a message to one dog trainer (John Gatt that I know of here on the coast) but have no reply. Is there another behaviorist anyone can recommend? The advice so far seems to be I should not keep this dog around my children and pets because of the fear she has shown. I'm worried, but I want the best for the dog. You want to call Craig Murray at Premier Dog Training in Sydney - he is the main behaviorist dane rescue uses and he knows his stuff. Taken from the Dane rescue site: Steve Courtney Steve Courtney K9 Pro http://k9pro.com.au Craig B. Murray Premier Dog Training Great Dane Rescue & Re-homing NSW M: 0408 113 874 www.facebook.com/pages/Premier-DogTraining/210224060991 Nathan Williams Nathan Williams Dog Behaviour Specialist www.dogbehaviourspecialist.com.au http://www.greatdanerescue.com.au/Docs/behaviourist_list.pdf These Do not go with John Gatt!! I know he is local but I have seen some of his work
  9. i would suggest asking on the victorian spitz club group https://www.facebook.com/Victorian-Spitz-Breeds-Club-Inc-215695188461545/
  10. she is itsy bitsy small. both her and another little girl called Jazzy who is available soon would blow away in a breeze they are so tiny.
  11. Just putting it out there for the dol community. rspca somersby has a teeny tiny little yorkie x malt just available for adoption. she will be snapped up but it would be nice if she went to someone actually looking. crap pic but she had just come back from the vet. http://adoptapet.com.au/animal/animalDetails.asp?animalType=3%2C16&regionID=7&task=search&tpage=1&searchType=4&animalid=414514
  12. Sorry I wasn't very clear. I am an implanter myself and want to let others know about something new they may not be aware of.
  13. Hi Guys can anyone in NSW who is a registered implanter that is involved in rescue or lost and found can you please message me. Just need to check something.
  14. I heard about this site today from someone in rescue who uses it. There are some really good savings on some of the flea products which come in 12 packs. Based in Singapore but with free postage. http://www.ourpetworld.net/home.asp?url=IND
  15. If you read up on second phase or late phase allergic reactions it will give you an idea of what is happening. They often occur about 4 to 6 hours after the initial reaction.
  16. Off topic but is there no cheap options for microchipping in your area wild thing? Locally some of the volunteers here do the chipping which means the only cost is the chip ie $6
  17. Pr is a money making machine well practised at guilting money out of the community. In other works yes they are subsidising cost of adoptions before sending them unquarantined and without any meaningful checks around australia. too bad if you recieve a dog and human aggressive escape artist, you saved a life surely you should be grateful. aghhh.
  18. What a lovely offer. If you don't have success from this thread you could contact rescue resource who can also offer this to rescues in your area. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=275906945894354
  19. This is a pic from Eskys place. She ever so slightly spoils her babes. All elderly pekes except one.
  20. Thanks Lynne. I would much rather move to rosebud. I don't think I have it in me to even start with Rutherford.
  21. pharmacy direct sells ranitidine liquid http://www.pharmacydirect.com.au/product/zantac-syrup-300ml-004166.aspx?type=1 ps I noticed that both Bovavet and another company offer a compounding service for liquids that pet owners can access https://bovavet.com.au/pet-owners http://www.custommedicine.com.au/shop/products/cisapride-capsules.html hopefully better value options
  22. Dol as a whole is quiet these days isnt it? I didnt know she worked there. :) Thats ok, I have a couple of people interested already so fingers crossed at least one of them will take it on.
  23. gillbear


    http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/travelling-with-pets/global/en On Australian domestic flights to and from eligible airports* that are ticketed before 1 December 2014, pets which fit into a small or medium sized pet pack can be taken as part of your free baggage allowance, subject to the exceptions below. On international flights or the domestic sector of international flights, or if you are not travelling with your pet, your pet must be sent as freight. At this stage only service dogs can be carried into the passenger cabin of the aircraft. For all bookings ticketed on/after 1 December 2014 All customers travelling on Qantas domestic flights within Australia will be required to book and lodge their pet with Qantas Freight prior to commencing travel and adhere to Qantas Freight's local handling policy and procedures. Pets will no longer be part of Qantas' free checked baggage allowance on Qantas domestic flights. For further details, refer to Qantas Freight's Domestic Pet Pack guide or visit the Q-GO Pets product page
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