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  1. I've been considering getting the Snooza D1000 for my dog, as the XL size seems to be the biggest dog bed out there (and being at least somewhat resistant to his chewing would be lovely!). My concern is that when we went to test them out at the local shop, it seemed almost like a big balloon or waterbed - every time he put a paw on, it'd sink underneath him in that spot but puff up elsewhere, not at all easy for him to climb on. I tried undoing the zip a little to see if it was just lots of air inside, but it made no difference. He seemed to like it but basically just laid half on/half off as he couldn't get fully up without help. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so does it get better as the bed gets "worn in"? He likes to sprawl on his back or side to sleep, so I think a cushion-type bed would be better for him than Snooza's "big dog bed" which seems to be much firmer at the edges (and a little smaller than the D1000 so he might hang off the edge), but no point getting him an expensive bed if he can't actually use it properly. I should add that I haven't really looked at other brands as I love Snooza's free repair service option, so if he does chew through I don't necessarily have to replace the bed. But I'd be open to suggestions if there's another company with that option or with a good bed of a similar size (ie. at least 1300mm long) that's much cheaper than the Snooza products are.
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