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  1. I'm trying to find anyone who is interested in training any of the protection sports, eg IPO, Mondio or PSA in the Cairns region or have experience in these sports. Also looking for someone who would be interested as training as a helper
  2. Schutzhund

    Hi BrunoDi and Citizen. Sorry for the late reply but all this forum stuff is still new to me and I totally forget that I should be checking in occasionally. Firstly BrunoDi I will be in Townsville at the end of March next year for a tracking trial with him and hopefully with my new Mal pup who is currently 6mths old and then again in April for obedience trials at the COCT. If you know of anyone interested in protection sports you could direct them to my dog training Facebook page Vanguard K9 Training Services and get them to send me a message. I do have a small business running here in Cairns who are not interested in doing obedience or joining a club but have issues with their pets. Citizen, yes I am working on starting a 'sporting dog' club which will involve training dogs in the art of protection sports. At the moment I have 1 person who is keen to be a helper for the club but I need more. A helper is the adrenaline junky type of person who would enjoy being 'attacked' by a large dog. So if you know anyone who would enjoy this type of 'fun' then please let me know. Once I have enough helpers keen to join we can seriously start to get this club up and running. I am meeting more and more people who want to be able to do other things with their dogs other than just obedience and agility. Don't get me wrong I love obedience and agility but I know my dogs will enjoy the other challenges that come with the protection sports. So to sum it all up I need names of dedicated helpers and then I will finalise the list of people truly interested in training their dogs and then I will be asking our new members to share the cost of inviting trainers from other clubs to come and train our helpers firstly and then train those of us with dogs. A sporting dog club will only be as good as our helpers. It is the same with tracking, if you have someone who is not skilled in laying a track you will not be able to train your dogs correctly.
  3. Schutzhund

    Thanks rusty&biscuit and red fox for the nice compliments. Indy's breeder told me about this forum so I though I'd join. Yes Octopus1 I am trying to start a sporting dog club in Cairns and at the end of our current trial season (October) I hope to be able to get things going. Rusty&biscuit are you still interested in doing some training with us? Octopus1, I currently have about 3 people with 4 dogs wanting to start training and 2 guys interested in training as helpers. Towards the end of the year I hope to be able to organise trainers from the Gold Coast club to come up for a weekend seminar to get us started so if you're interested let me know and we'll talk