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  1. Thanks for your replies as it is nice to get other people's viewpoint My boys are happy playful souls and all they want is fun and are great with other dogs so all should be ok! I love boys so might opt for another boy. Yes we have our permit thanks Dogsfevr
  2. Hi We currently have 2 setters (boys) which are 3 and 5. The 3 year old is due to get neutered soon as he has a retained testicle and just wanted him fully gown and developed before we got him neutered. He is quite independent but is friendly with other dogs. Both boys get on very well as my older guy is like an old grandpa and very tolerant. We are looking at a Springer Spaniel but cannot decide which sex to get. Would a female cause them to fight or likewise another boy would there be problems? Also our guys are house dogs and would a female or male cause them to start marking inside the house ? Any suggestions or experiences please would be great. Thanks
  3. Hi We have a 3 year old setter and he is constantly licking my other setters bottom . It has become a really bad habit and not sure how to break it. We have tried distraction but he still cant help himself. I was half thinking of the citronella mating spray they did years ago but not sure if they still do it and not fair on my other boy He also has a terrible habit of coprophagia and we have tried all sorts, lifting the temptation before he devours it and adding pineapple to the other dogs food etc but no joy. He is the type of dog that would eat anything which is unusual enough for the breed but his habit has become learned now so it is hard to break. Another problem(s) he has is during wet weather he toilets outside the back alfresco area and refuses to go down the garden and last but not least if you let him out he jumps up on the wndows and sliding door to get back in to the house again and our flyscreens are in ribbons. He is in the house 99 % of the time but if he is let out he is banging to get in . Likewise if we have been out and come home he is throwing himself against the windows with excitement to get in. Any thoughts or advice would be welcome
  4. Looking at difference insurance companies and was wondering how people found Pet Insurance Australia and Medibank. These offer 15k cover whereas Bow wow, woolies etc only go to 12k. I was with petplan but for my 1 yr old the insurance shot up to $87 a month which i cannot afford (used to be $46) and excess has gone up to $150. Not too sure if these companies offer lifetime cover, and if they cover longterm conditions each year or as a once off. Interested to hear what other good companies are out there apart from petplan. Thanks :)
  5. I have been with petplan for the last year and policy due for renewal this week and has increased from $48 a month to $89 a month plus the excess has increased to $150! Rang them and they said that with the bigger dogs they had to put up the premiums and they had so many claims last year they had no choice but to increase the excess across the board! Now shopping around for another company and my head hurts! My guy has an ongoing grass allergy so havent a hope of it being covered by another company Just cannot believe the increase! Gobsmacked!
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