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  1. Hi guys, Thank you for some more fantastic advice. When you say it's not recommended to eat mince but cut up meat in chunks instead , can you suggest some types of meats for me to try. It makes sense what your saying about its better for chewing with their teeth. Also on the breeder, I do think she is dodge. I payed $950 for Abel & I thought I would get something that said he is purebred, & I've had him for 4 weeks now & thought I would of received some sort of paperwork back from the council saying he's registered to us. She made us fill in the paperwork & said she would
  2. Hi guys Thank you for your positive support!! It's wonderful to hear back from so many beautiful people. There's so many responses I need to reply to. Im not sure where to start, so I'll start with the breeder, she is a registered breeder & even though I wasn't ready for him, she insisted. I never had anything prepared. I had to rush out & buy food & a bed & it was so hard because he really was like a new born baby. He's 10 weeks now & he still doesn't sleep through the night, so I'm pretty exhausted . Her response to him bleeding from his bowels the second time was
  3. Hi, I got my pure bred Cavalier at 6 weeks, ( he's now 10 weeks) the breeder had him on royal canin puppy can & kibble so I followed that, but not even a week later he started bleeding from his bowels & he is always biting his leg like he's crazy itchy. The vet gave him medicine to settle his inflamed tummy & wormed him & said it was common for puppy's & not to worry too much. He was put on a bland diet of chicken & rice until his tummy & runny stools settled down. That was fine, then when I went to reintroduce the can food & kibble, the bleeding started agai
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