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  1. Thanks for the info ,I will send PM to you
  2. It's not that I don't like science diet or any other brand.... After studying lot of blogs and saw videos ..... I came to an understanding that raw is better than commercial food. As many people mentioned here, need to be careful in calcium and phosphorous ratio mainly. At this stage im going to follow breeder advice and I'm not going to change to any other diet immediately ... I'm trying to understand and find best diet plan with various ppl experience.. I can understand many ppl comment... At last everyone are aiming to give best for their pet...with their exp and gut feeling
  3. I want to feed my puppy the best .... After doing lot of research on net, I understood raw diet is best for long run of puppy.... Any way I won't take decision on my own without consulting vet for sure... Is there anyone in this forum could share their balanced raw diet plan for the week/day for giant breed , so that I could have secon opinion with vet with that plan pls... All this is with best intention for puppy...
  4. Hi all, I'm getting a St. Bernard puppy this week.... I already started doing lot of research related to diet , puppy school etc etc. Currently it's on science diet healthy development ... After getting home I would like to change it to raw diet slowly may be in months time... After lot of research I made this decision... Still I would like get opinion from dog lovers....pls
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