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  1. Luna is getting another Tuffy toy (we have an Alien that's like an Octopus, and a shark) and they are just brilliant. Not obnoxious with the squeaking and the stuffing doesn't become available no matter how hard she tries Also going to make her a pallet bed and a new ball :)
  2. One of my favourites that I seem to have taught by accident... "you want some cheese??? What do you think you should do to make that happen?" Luna: sits for about 10 seconds, trots off to her toy box and rummages around for a bit, comes back with one of her favourite toys and presents it to me. :laugh: It's most likely she has no clue what to do so reverts to a toy, but it's the funniest thing to watch.
  3. Hope the flight went smoothly! Mita, that's a beautiful story :)
  4. I think this article was written in a very emotive style, and the case presented is so wildly different from original reports that we'll probably never know exactly what happened. Still a horrible scenario for all involved though.
  5. That's great, I'm pleased to hear they were helpful... I'm barely holding out on an order, hahaha
  6. Did you hear back from Henry Hottie WM?
  7. My very first thought was "F that's got to be unhygienic" Am I over reacting or is that really gross? I can't imagine having that in my fridge or handling it and I don't think it would be too great for the dog either - but I am a realist and I know they eat way grosser things... I wouldnt like it in my treat pouch either... For the average dog owner, or even a dedicated raw feeder - that's a whole lot of effort. And gross. And how is drying in the fridge really that different to dehydrating? This is not directed at any raw feeders here - but some raw feeders get super fanatical about it. I really wanted to raw feed, but my dog just didn't do well on it. I really tried for 6 months, but have switched back to dry with added RMB's.
  8. I apologise and say please and thank you an dust chatter at her all the time :laugh:
  9. Trick training, and hide and seek, are what's given me the most bang for my buck. Oh and frequently changing up my rewards between a tug and treats.
  10. I'm obviously doing something wrong, I have never seen a bin available with dry food purchase might have to start actually reading the catalogues...
  11. How do you store your pets dry food? I was using a pedal bin but apparently ants can get up inside it Edit: I'm thinking of asking my OH to make me something like this that I can just put the whole bag of dog/cat food in, our feed bags have a zip close so they'd be sealed from ants that way...
  12. One of the small towns that's not far at all from Lonnie. I'd never even thought about it before, and agree with those saying a fee is understandable, but $45 per pet regardless of the method of transfer seems quite steep.
  13. I've recently heard of vets charging a fee to supply you with your pets history. I know of this with doctors charging to transfer a person's files, but hadn't thought about it with vets. I think a nominal fee is appropriate for the time, but I'm hearing amounts of over $40. Just thought it would be an interesting thing to get DOL opinions on :)
  14. Yep, I would only take a pup in my arms for socialisation, or Luna if we'd been out somewhere with her and wanted to swing in to Bunnings on the way home.
  15. Its definitely shared path etiquette for cyclist to warn you, either with a bell or simply calling out. Same as it's etiquette for dog owners to use the warning to secure their dog. I'd be pretty ticked off as well, you only have to look at the recent thread about a dog being startled by a man to know that accidents can happen easily when we're startled.
  16. I've made a bed out of fleece and hobby stuffing from spotlight while I save all my $ for all the expensive beds
  17. My girl ended up on the far too skinny side of lean when she dropped her coat and went off her food simultaneously - I've been trialling her on Black Hawk and am really pleased that she's eating with some enthusiasm again.
  18. @Snook - I feel like that's the problem with health insurance, pet and humans alike. I'm too scared to cancel Luna's because what if, and with our people insurance there's a premium hike if you take out the cover after age 30, so we have it but barely use it.
  19. (Sorry to hijack) could you possibly post a photo please? I need a new dog bed and a have a friend that belongs to Costco :) I kind of want to see too!
  20. outch! ... that's $1,326 p.a., more than double compared to the quote for our 11 month old BC from PIA... It's almost as if you don't have the same dog or something
  21. I'm not, but think they have an important role. I would only purchase my future dogs from breeders that are at least members of the breed club.
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