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  1. I already have one wish list dog a Cane Corso and she hasn't disappointed, I'm just in love with the Mastiffs know. Next dog which will be soon will either be a male Boerboel or a rescue , maybe both! b
  2. Get your son to have a quiet chat to his boss. my husband is a tradie with apprentices and going to workcover or the like is going way overboard and will cause a lot of heartache for all involved. trust me workcover and the like just don't pop into domestic worksites randomly and the boss will know someone has called them in.And if you call the council and they come out they have a complaint the dog is harassing the workers which will not make the home owner very happy with the trades onsite and rightfully so, if no one has advised them the dog is being a nuisance.
  3. When walking my dogs a Cane Corso and a Ridgeback I carry a piece of electrical conduit. Even though the Corso can seriously look after herself she is extremely calm and lets me stand between them and the approaching dog/dogs and I scare them off with a few swipes with the conduit which doesn't do any harm to the dog. I would rather me get bitten than my dogs get into a fight. Its a problem out my way with idiots having there dogs off lead.
  4. Definitely from a registered breeder. Ensure the Dam and Sire stock have there hip and elbow scores and they preferably have had the test for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)and are clear. Speak to the GSD league NSW. www.gsdl.info/
  5. Let it go. We have the same issue we have a 8 yr old Ridgeback male and his best mate who he was with since he was 11 months old our female GSD passed. We know have a 8 month old female Cane Corso and we got her at 11 weeks and he was really unhappy about her being around him and would consistently deep growl at her and occasionally lung and snap but would never make contact. She learnt quickly to keep her distance it took 4 months for him to warm up and know they sleep together but if she gets too boisterous or leans on him while sleeping he does correct her with a grumble first then a growl then a bark and then a snap if she hasn't heeded his warnings. She is getting as big as him know and occasionally has a spurt of bravado but he quickly puts her back in her place. He has never hurt her once, she has hurt him plenty of times.
  6. Definitely not (well we are always busy but always take on new clients! :) )- my apologies again I missed your calls :) I'm out now this morning but I will call him as soon as I am back in the office. That's great, and no need to apologise. I tried to PM you but it keeps coming up you cannot receive any new messages.
  7. Hi Bec, Thanks so much for posting and sorry for your loss. I thought you guys might be too busy to take on new clients. I will send through my husbands mobile number shortly.
  8. Sorry I didn't mention that. I will try and call this week and see how I go.
  9. 2 weeks but? Anyway we will try again this week and see how we go.
  10. Called them left a message no call back and have called a few times but no one answers. Sent an email, and filled out one of there online forms no one has ever got back to either myself or my husband. Will try again this week.
  11. Hi Everyone, Just wanting some opinions on a good trainer to help with my new pups recall or lack there of. We live lower blue mountains so any where west of Parramatta to Katoomba. Thanks in advance...
  12. Its terrible but I have a few friends that are boxer people and they have all had MCT at some stages of there lives. Our ridgeback had one at 6yrs a grade 1 above his eye, it was the size of a pin head, don't know how I found it. Its like GSD's and Golden retrievers and Heamangiosarcoma and other cancers. Our GSD's oncologist said that cancers are in all breeds and even mixed breeds of all ages, but she did say some breeds are very prone to it.
  13. Wishing you and Boof all the best. I know what you are going through I went through it for 18 months with my girl.
  14. I lived out there for the first 30 odd years of my life . I found Pagewood vets good and Kingsford vets as well.
  15. He is a ridgeback without a doubt I remember that cute little face on my boy 8 years ago.
  16. Well things have fallen into place for us for once. We will be getting a Cane Corso pup after Easter. We were looking at the corsos a while ago, and my hubby swayed us in another direction but we helped a friend with sourcing a corso pup and I got my way and we will have a little (not for long) corso pup. Hubbys happy as well.
  17. We are having issues getting a pup. Its like the universe is trying to tell us something. Nothing is falling into place. Hopefully soon.
  18. Just thought I would let you know our friends have spoken to the specialist vets here and OS and all have said do not get any large breed female pup desexed at 8 weeks under any circumstances. Most weren't even keen on the Tubal ligation and preferred the dog to stay intact at least till 12 months at the earliest.
  19. Thanks Pepper21 I will pass this on but im staying out of it as my motives were questioned by some. They will be signing up to ask the questions. They will be going to Steve actually if they get a Itacor pup its the desexing at 8 weeks that has them spooked. But that's my last word on it.
  20. It does play a part and I didn't say it didn't but I disagree that its all lost if they do have aggression from there genetics, Ive seen it rectified more times than you could believe. Well Itacor are one of the premier breeder in the country and the Cane Corso has a lot less hereditary issues than a Rottweiler hence why they dont want a Rottweiler or GSD.
  21. I don't believe that all aggressive dogs are born that way, I believe that its upbringing has an awful lot to do with it. These dogs are very stable when I went, we met a few older ones and they were very nice stable dogs.
  22. I have mentioned that today but its a matter of finding a vet in Sydney to do it. They are going to ask this when they enquire about the effects of EAD.
  23. They are very dog savvy. He really wants one and when we went many moons ago they were beautiful dogs but we didnt get that far to ask about taking one home hence the reason why we didnt know about the desexing at 8 weeks or the extra money for a intact pup. He is going to speak to a couple of specialist vets during the week that have a good knowledge on this stuff and have read all the research and most of all understand the text. As they said to us last night there is conflicting views and alot is just on forums which is mostly just peoples opinions from people that arent vets or specialists within the field. Will be interesting what they find out re EAD.
  24. We advised a couple we know to go to Itacor a few weeks ago as he is interested in a female Corso. He spoke to the breeder and was told that any pet pup was to be desexed before leaving at 8 weeks or he could get a un desexed pup but the price was then out of his reach unfortunately. He is still thinking of going for it as the pups he said were amazing but has had advise from a few vets that a dog of that size desexing that young may be detrimental to its health especially with incontinence.
  25. My husband was very interested in these and we visited a breeder and were very impressed with the temperament of the dogs. My husband wants a Anatolian Shepherd and I want to get another GSD, so this was a compromise and we still might go this way but I hope to get my way and get a working GSD...
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