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  1. Ugh. It's like when I see Pomski's, and people go crazy over them. Yeah, they're cute, but any consideration given to the health/potential issues of the dogs? Someone on FB was selling Maltese X JRT the other day, and charging top dollar for them. She got a lot of hate over it, and she said that without cross breeds, there would be 'no dog breeds left'. What?
  2. Thanks everyone for your helpful tips and links! :) Didn't know about the council requirement for a certain length of lead, but great to know, and something I'll definitely check out.
  3. Well, don't do what we did and have a civil conversation with the neighbour whose dog is doing it....it's been a year of absolute rubbish, all because we asked him to clean up after his dog and he denied it was his (even though we'd seen it, and he always lets it out unrestrained to poop ANYWHERE but its own yard, I see him walking it off lead in a park where dogs aren't even allowed, pooping and leaving it behind). He's slandered us to everyone in the street over this ridiculous issue, and he intentionally antagonises our dog by banging on the fence, playing with a squeak toy (by himself, not
  4. It totally sucks that your dad even has to deal with this. I love dogs, but I totally understand that not everybody does, and people need to respect the laws and have their dogs under control in public to stop them from approaching people. I too am wary of unrestrained dogs. When my dog used to be naughty, running/jumping at me (when he was a young pup), I had a small breath mint tin that had about 4 5c pieces in it, and I would shake it when he wouldn't listen to me and stop what he was doing. This usually got his attention and he would run away from me. Of course, the reaction depends how t
  5. I was thinking of getting a long lead (15m or so) for our malamute, we live near a big oval where it would be great to have him on a long lead so he can run around like a crazy dog and play fetch in a big open space. Would be great for teaching recall in a different environment (although I would never have him off lead anywhere that wasn't secure). We would use it when no people/dogs are around. The leads that I have found online don't seem quite strong enough. We use a short, leather lead for walking (as well as a flat, solid leather collar), and it is solid - riveted together with a solid cl
  6. I went overboard for our malamute, but I didn't have to buy for anyone else! He's got a Santa sack full of toys, an oinking pig, a Kong jumbler, another ball that makes noise when it rolls, a big flat raccoon toy with HEAPS of squeakers in it, a ball on a rope, a squeaky hedgehog (the one he has, he is obsessed with, takes it with him everywhere. It's already had minor surgery to stitch up a hole!), probably more I can't even remember! I can't wait till he opens them! Partner wants to cull some of his old toys but I can't bear to part with any, I think it's good to give him variety and put the
  7. Thanks everyone. We opted to watch and wait, cooked him up some chicken and rice to settle his tummy which he was all for! If he didn't go for that, he was going to the vet. We had him rest most of the day, then by night time he was ready to play and back to being his cheeky self again. Thank goodness! The last couple of mornings he hasn't been that keen on food, but like Willem mentioned, he probably doesn't need it. His breakfast and late night meal are fairly small portions, it's his 5pm feed that's the bigger one and he always eats that. It has been cooler lately, but I think a couple of 4
  8. We woke up to find our malamute had thrown up a fair bit - just bile with not much else in it. He was a little bit weird yesterday, quieter than usual but bright enough - wanted to play, did zoomies. He had eaten a bit of grass in the morning then thrown up, just foam and grass, then wasn't interested in his breakfast, but he tends to get a bit like that when the weather warms up. We feed him his tea at 5.00, then a smaller meal later at 11.30, just because he was vomiting before breakfast because his tummy was empty, and this cured the morning vomiting. He was pretty sleepy last night, but he
  9. Totally agree with this. My first thoughts after the initial report were that the dog saw something moving at the fence and grabbed it. Still stand by this theory. It was something out of the ordinary for the dog and just latched on. I notice the family of the little girl are calling for people to pay attention to their fencing, they're not calling for the dog in question to be PTS (not that I've read anywhere anyway), which is absolutely reasonable. But seeing the picture of little Thalia, really hits home how much her life has changed forever. It's now putting a face to this horrific story.
  10. I love my dog, love spending time with him BUT I think that allowing dogs into Bunnings is a bad idea. On one hand, for tradies that take their dogs to work and have to run in and grab something, it's cool because they don't need to leave their dogs in the car/ute, and their dogs are usually used to meeting lots of people. But I fear that people will take their dogs to Bunnings just because they can - regardless of whether it's a situation that will bring stress to their dog. I can recognise that taking my dog there would be very exciting to him, it's a new place with lots of people and potent
  11. I only heard about this for the first time today poor Wags. We used to send our boy to doggy day care, not anymore (he got expelled for being too noisy one day). It's only now that he doesn't go that I think of all the things that could potentially go wrong. I looked at FD's Facebook page, it looks like a great facility at first glance, but there are far too many dogs and not enough supervision for such a large facility, also, the fencing doesn't seem adequate. I feel so sad for the owner of Wags, can't imagine the heartbreak of not being able to take her beautiful dog home alive and well a
  12. My malamute ate Yoda's ear, so now have a single eared Yoda. It was quite a big ear too. Didn't see it come out the other end, and it was almost a year ago. He has this plush cow, and both its plush ears and horns when missing, then appeared in his poop a few days later! Another time I caught him pulling nails out of the fence but THANK GOODNESS they were all accounted for, didn't eat any. I had to do some detective work because there was one missing nail, went back through all my old photos where the fence was in the background to find there was never a nail in that hole!
  13. We have a neighbour we don't get along with. We did initially, but things went sour (of all things, when we asked him to cleaned up after his dog when it poops on our front lawn). He denied this, and has spent the last year slandering us to anyone and everyone. So we don't talk to him anymore. What's strange is our malamute's reaction to him. He's never really liked him, even when he used to be okay. But lately, if our dog hears him creeping around the side of his house, our boy gets raised hackles and barks, and he never gets like that with anyone! Our other neighbour that we get along great
  14. The right answer for when our dog will be okay to be off lead is NEVER! He's an Alaskan malamute, and they aren't known for doing what they're told! Especially not when it comes to recall. He would spot something and be off like a flash, returning when he feels like it! He is pretty good with recall in the yard, but outside of it I'd never trust him to come back.
  15. So sorry this happened. I hope your dog makes a speedy recovery. I have a friend who adopted a dog, and she and the owner had been attacked by a ridgeback, which meant that from then on, the dog had major leash aggression. Of course the previous owner wasn't totally honest about this, my friend figured it out pretty quick when walking her, and she was snapping and snarling at dogs who were in their own yards. Thing is, take the lead off and her dog is a really friendly, sociable dog, she just feels vulnerable on a lead and tries to get the upper hand before anything's even happened! She's bee
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