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  1. Stage 2 Mast Cell Tumor - Need Advice

    I just don't know what to do. The vet said chemo in IV form would be better (vinblastine) but she hates needles and would need to be sedated and muzzled. I am going to make a decision in a couple of days. At the moment I keep changing my mind back and forth. I don't want to make her scared or uncomfortable but at the same time I don't want her to pass any earlier than necessary. I really hate this situation!
  2. Stage 2 Mast Cell Tumor - Need Advice

    Hi everyone, My vet does not seem very interested in suppliments at all. I have been giving her a hight protin diet. My poor dog has kennel cough now... Going in tomorrow to get stitches out. So scared. She has about 6 wounds to have stitches removed. Vet called and said she is negative for the c-kit mutation. Dont know if its good or bad. The plan was to put her on palladia. Will palladia possibly work on a dog which has tested negative to the c-kit mutation???
  3. Stage 2 Mast Cell Tumor - Need Advice

    Thank you for the advise. My poor dog is going in tomorrow to get some other growths removed. One of them is another small mast cell. They will start the chemo about 10 days after the surgery. I have just left a message for my vet to ask about using the supplements while she is on chemo. I am pretty sure she is going to be on Palladia. I was so upset it kind of went over my head. Will double check that. I really appreciate the help I have received here. I will keep everyone posted on how its all going.
  4. Stage 2 Mast Cell Tumor - Need Advice

    Thank you for that. I will give them a call tomorrow an see what they say. Many thanks.
  5. Stage 2 Mast Cell Tumor - Need Advice

    Thank you so much for the reply. That is very encouraging and makes me feel much better about moving forward. Can you tell me what diet and suppliments you used?
  6. Hi everyone, My 8 year old dog had a tumor removed from her rear leg. Its a grade 2 mast cell tumor. She had a scan yesterday and they said it didnt look like any major organs were affected. She did however say its a grade 2 and at the higher end. She said if I leave it as is my dog will probably be dead in 6 months. She said with chemo I will get an extra 6-12 months. We kind of decided on oral chemo. While there they found some other small growths. One was another mast cell tumor. She recommended all of these growths be removed and when healed we start chemo. I love my dog to bits. This year I have had two dogs die, a cat diagnosed wirh renal failure and now this. I dont want my dog to suffer. She hates going to the vet now and she gets very scared. I hate seeing her like that. When we get back home she goes back to her old self again after a short time. I suppose I just want to get some advise. Should I treat her? Am i just prolonging her suffering? Currently she seems healthy and is showing no signs of il health. She just hates the vet and hates needles. Could she get used to going? Is it going to just keep getting more and more stressful? Im also worried about when I finally do have to get her put tp sleep. I dont want her to be scared and upset. Any advice would be appreciated. I need to make a decision in a day or so.