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  1. Thanks for all the replys. In the past I havent been so concerned with diet as I've had more robust breeds. From what I've read, Frenchies appear to be a problematic breed with possibly more issues than many others. Hence my desire to find the very best food source to assist with mitigating any potential issues. I'll talk to the breeder. However I still would think that it would be difficult for a professional breeder to serve premium food to their entire kennel. I've seen some foods that cost $200 for 5 kilos..... Surely this just wouldn't be viable? Maybe I'm wrong. Cheers
  2. Thanks for all of the responses - very kind. Could I ask another related question: we had two Samoyeds who were brought up as puppies on dry food. Once they were older, we found if we gave them human food very gradually (pet friendly) they had very loose stools. I would like theses puppies to be accustomed to a varied diet. At what age should I gradually introduce other foods? 6 months, 12? Many thanks
  3. Hi there. We have a 8 week old Frenchie arriving shortly. From the moderate research I have done, it appears that they are prone to a few health problems. I figure given their size, I will be able to afford a high quality / premium dog food (not that cost always reflects quality) which will hopefully help their development. A few have mentioned using "whatever the breeder has used" but I question whether this is a good guide. Most breeders do want the very best for their pups but I also believe the cost would be a consideration for some... i'm sure many use a premium but is it the very best available? If I could trouble for those in the know, some guidance as to what are the very best two or three brands of dry puppy food available please? I intend to mix this up from time to time with some basic "human foods" that meet the puppy food criteria. Many thanks Roland
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