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  1. He is worth the 14 year wait between dogs :) I was working out the other day, that if he lives to 15, my youngest child will be 19! He is another child s far as I'm concerned :)
  2. You would have to fight off five smitten children, my husband and myself
  3. Just joined the facebook Aussie Corgis page, hopefully we can meet some other Corgi lovers and find out all the little quirks :)
  4. Such a lovely story :) I hear you on industrial strength tennis balls LOL. My husband bought a wind up toy rat for one of the foxy's once, she pounced, crunched, and headed for the dam to drown it!
  5. We weren't interrogated by our pup's breeder, but she did ask if we could update her every now and again, we have no issues doing that and she is really happy to see a healthy happy pup.I would not have backed away from interrogation though, as when my husband was breeding fox terriers, he had a few returned as the new owners found they were not suited to such an active dog.
  6. My husband has tagged these as 1) "I can haz belly scratch?" 2) "Om Nom Nom" 3) "you talking to ME?" 4) "ain't nobody else here, you must be talking to me"
  7. I told my husband he could sell that first pic to a calendar company :D
  8. Our boof of a pup is now 12 weeks old and a real water lover, such a nice temperament too :)
  9. I will definitely keep you lot updated, he's too lovely not to share LOL
  10. He is so smart, that was a five minute session and he understood two basic commands.
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