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  1. Hi everyone So my vet has told me that it wouldnt hurt to give my dog a glucosamine supplement for her very mild luxating patellas. She also has a small degree of ligament tear due to an injury. I was wondering what are some good brands of glucosamine. The vet agreed that it would be a benefit for her recovery from injury and also for her long term joint health. I have a 2 and a half y/o pomeranian. If anyone could please share some opinions. Thanks! :D
  2. I edited my post :) i accidentally left out that info. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, On Friday my 2 and a half year old Pomeranian got diagnosed with a luxating patella. We were advised by our vet that surgery is the way to go otherwise there will be long term arthitis issues. I knew straight away that i had to do the surgery for her longterm wellbeing and happiness. I have booked the surgery for this Thursday!! Im really anxious about her going into surgery but i know its for the better. I know there will be atleast a 2month recovery process which is making me nervous. Ive heard alot about crating, but let me tell you that it wont be an option. My dog was crated as a puppy and she used to go crazy. She loves being around us so the idea of crating her after surgery is very slim since i dont want her putting any pressure on her leg or herself. Has anyone had any experiences with this surgery? Can i please get tips and advice on how to go about the recovery process? I know luxating patella's are a very common condition in small dogs so im hoping you guys can help. Edit: -The vet said it is a grade 3 -She weighs 3.8kgs -The only signs that she has is when she runs around too much and gets excited she will lift her leg up for a few seconds then place it back down THANK YOU :D
  4. Can anyone suggest a good shampoo for shedding. I currently use Aloveen Oatmeal shampoo, though im thinking if i change it can reduce her shedding. I have a pomeranian and i brush her atleast once a day or every second day. All opinions welcome :) Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone! I've been looking around for a good dog shampoo for my pomeranian. I prefer to stay away from harsh chemicals so id prefer a more natural shampoo. Can anyone suggest any good natural shampoos?
  6. Hi everyone! I've been looking around for a good dog shampoo for my pomeranian. I prefer to stay away from hardh chemicals so id prefer a more natural shampoo. Can anyone suggest any good natural shampoos?
  7. I feed her twice a day now. A big meal in the morning and a smaller meal at night. But since the weathers getting hotter she has stopped eating her breakfast. Or if she does eat it she will only have a tiny bit and leave the rest.
  8. Depends on a few different factors. What breed and what age is the dog? Just edited my original post with those details :)
  9. Hi :D I have a 1 year old pomeranian. So I'm thinking of feeding my dog once a day. Just wanna know what opinions are out there about this matter. Does anyone feed their dog once a day? or has anyone had any good or bad experience by feeding their dog once a day? etc etc THANKS!
  10. Hi guys, So when my dog was 6 months i got her desexed (now she is 1 year old) and the surgery went perfectly fine etc etc. But now after six months i can still feel a hard line under her skin. I had previously called up the vet and she told me that it should go away soon because they used dissolving stitches. Though i can still feel a hard line under her skin. To me it feels like stitches because the line is thin and hard. I'm confused =/ Also whenever i touch her incision site she has no pain or discomfort whatsoever. Could anyone please tell me what it could be if you have experienced something similar? And how long do stitches generally take to dissolve?
  11. Hi Everyone! So i have decided that i want to get insurance for my little girl. The only thing that's stopping me is knowing which companies are good in aspects such as claims and/or paying out money etc etc etc. I know a lot of people are against having insurance but i currently study and in the event that something happens to my dog i want to have peace of mind that i'm insured. Money is not an issue for me when it comes to spending on my girl but right now i just want to relax knowing she has insurance. If any of you could please give me recommendations on good insurance companies... it'll be much appreciated :D
  12. Thanks for the advice. The only issue is that in the past i have tried mixing her kibble with wet food. But she separates every single bit of the kibble and eats the wet food only. If she would eat them both properly then i wouldn't have any trouble
  13. Same reply as above ^. I have done that before but i've heard that its not good to it because they become more picky like that? Also another thing i take into consideration, when i do mix other stuff in with her dry food she separates the dry food and only eats the wet food
  14. I do make her home cooked meals a couple times a week and also feed her cut up raw chicken necks for a meal sometimes or maybe even raw meat
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