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  1. Thanks:) I am worried that i if i switch to Raw and make it myself that I won't get the required percentages of each part right. That is why I tried the Vets natural and the barf patties but he won't touch either.
  2. Hi my six month old frenchie refuses to eat his dry and has turned into a real fusspot. He is on advanced rehydratable and he used to eat it well when mixed with monce or chicken necks but now he just licks the other bits off andy leaves the dry. I bought some barf patties to entice him to eat the dry but he turned his nose up at the patties. He loves chicken mince and breast and chicken necks but how can I get him to eat the dry? should I change to another dry and stop offering the other things with it? Any advice would be great.
  3. Hi my frenchie will be 13 weeks next week and still sleeps a lot. In the mornings i have to encourage him to get out of bed then he has a little play and then eats and goes straight back to sleep. I am just wondering if this is the norm and if anyone who has a frenchie that is the same age, could you please give me a rundown of your pups daily routine? Many thanks.
  4. Thanks:) Im still trying to navigate this site.
  5. Hi I am after feedback on the dogwood VIP Natures Goodness. I have a French bulldog who is currently on Black Hawk but isn't interested in eating it and have heard some good things about VIP. If anyone has tried it could you please let me know your thoughts.
  6. Thanks:) I will keep him on chicken for a few more days and then mix a little kibble in with it and slowly reintroduce. i have also started giving him a probiotic too so hope that will kick in soon.
  7. Hi I am just after some advice. I have a puppy who has just turned nine weeks and on the weekend he was diagnosed with gastro. He is on a course of antibiotics and his stools are still soft and slimy. I have him on boiled chicken only and are wondering if the antibiotics would affect the stools and when I should see them firm up? Any help would be great.
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