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  1. Do You Believe In Reincarnation?

    I'm on two minds on the matter of reincarnation….I do and I don't. I won't rule it out as, quite often, truth is stranger than fiction but then….. I do believe that what may appear to be a coincidence is often meant to be, shame your OH has different ideas. 2 big dogs isn't considered too many but each to their own. Why do men always have to have the last say?
  2. Desexing Young Pups

    I agree 100% Stressmagnet, there are more dogs than there are homes available for them, it's such an unfortunate reality BUT if there's a better method of ensuring your pup does not end up in the hands of unscrupulous puppy farmers….I'm all for it.
  3. Foods To Help Put On Weight

    If you're going to introduce the lamb flaps, make sure you do so slowly. Give your pooch only a small amount at a time and increase a little every day otherwise you're going to end up doing more harm than good….your dog will have a severe case of the runs.
  4. Desexing Young Pups

    I've always agreed in desexing pups at 8 weeks to diminish the overpopulation of dogs needing homes and also to prevent them ending up in the dirty hands of puppy farmers. Lately, quite by coincidence, I have come to the realisation that although it is a good idea for those reasons already mentioned, it may not be such a great idea for the health of the pup. Not all vets advocate early desexing due to ongoing health issues as a direct result of this. What are you thoughts?
  5. What Will Your Next Breed Be?

    I've always found that long hair is far easier to remove from furniture and clothing than short coated breeds. :)
  6. What Will Your Next Breed Be?

    LisaCC, how would you describe your Aussie Shepherd? I wonder how they compare to a Border collie.
  7. What Will Your Next Breed Be?

    If I had several lifetimes I would love a Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Border Collie, Rottweiler, Boxer.
  8. Interrogation By Breeder

    Damned if I do, damned if I don't. Can't win. I just wish that this saga would end. We've all had our say, enough already. Breeder rang me, we discussed a few issues, my concern was addressed and all is good.
  9. Interrogation By Breeder

    If jumping hoops consists of having to travel interstate…well, I simply cannot; I have responsibilities and cannot just drop everything and leave. I appreciate that for some it isn't a problem and Kudos to them. I don't know how much more open I can be….I offered to friend her via FB so she could get a pretty clear idea on what I'm all about besides which I talked about myself anyway, out of my own volition. By the end of the phone call she knew almost everything about me from what I did for a living to how I spend my time nowadays. Yes, I was surprised when I received the email, it did feel like I was being interrogated for the simple reason that I had ALREADY talked at length about myself…..
  10. Interrogation By Breeder

    Well, you know it would be nice if you actually responded to those posts. You certainly ignored mine, which was from the perspective of someone who did get through an interrogation and ended up with two amazing dogs. How about responding to those sorts of posts of which there have been several instead of just complaining that people are picking on you? Did you think that people would just agree with you and sympathise? Here's a tip: this is DOL and that never happens. It's up to you if you respond to a breeder's request. I pointed out that if you did it could be brilliant. I'm sorry if that doesn't agree with your set view but you know? It could. It's down to you. I would love to be able to respond to each and everyone of those posters but that's an impossibility for me, as much as I'd like, I just don't have all day at my disposal hence why I thanked them as I did. x0x
  11. Interrogation By Breeder

    I agree. So you reward the breeder for doing something dodgy. And now you complain? Unfortunately - this just means they will probably do it to someone else. So you advocate doing no research at all and accepting puppies that are not as advertised. What if you'd paid money for an Amstaff and got sent a JRT. Would you still accept it? Really? I know there are several breeders in SA that I'd call puppy farmers. I can't believe their dogs can live out in sheds in paddocks and get enough human time when they have so many of them. They might even comply with RSPCA hygiene requirements and SACA and ANKC ethics - but I can't believe when one breeder is listing more than 100 puppies a year that they're not a puppy farm. Doesn't take a lot of research to find these out. All you'd have to do is ask anyone here who is a SACA member to check their journals for that breeder and how many puppies they have listed. Some of them even have photos of their puppy shelters on their websites and you can see for yourself it's a puppy farm. And did you write a formal complaint to SACA about what this breeder did? No? Then you allow the problem to continue. This horrifies and disgusts me. I won't bother going into the "how can people do this" because nothing shocks me any more. I just hope Karma catches up with them.
  12. Interrogation By Breeder

    Buying from interstate is always fraught with risk. Australian consumer law still applies - he didn't get what he paid for - he could send the puppy back and ask for his money back. If he'd gone there to pick the puppy up - he could have looked at it and left it there. It does cut both ways, the breeder has to do their research and the buyer has to do their research. Just because the breeder has a pretty website with FIGJAM testimonials on it - doesn't mean they're responsible. Same with the buyer - you have to find a way to verify what they say from some other source. This really struck a chord with me. I was talking to a breeder recently who said that she was very proud that her lines had been health tested for 4 generations, but when I asked her what health tests she suddenly became very vague, and I never did find out what they'd been tested for, or if they'd been found clear because she ceased contact with me. Talk's cheap. Same thing happened to me, I think I've already mentioned this in a previous post. The breeder was bragging about the health tests but when I questioned her further, it turned out that only the sire had been health checked, the dam wasn't and the pup was a carrier. She then changed the wording on the ad the next morning. There was no further mention of any health checks whatsoever.
  13. Interrogation By Breeder

    Beautifully spoken, Steve. I was quite touched by your post.
  14. Interrogation By Breeder

    I want to thank those that have shown me support and understanding, thank you….your kind words have meant so much, I cannot tell you. I came here with the best of intentions, didn't have any idea I would be crucified. I've said my piece and have nothing further to add, no matter what I say, I will be lynched regardless. Through all of this, I haven't lost faith in all breeders, there's always the exception to every rule, it's unfortunate that some spoil it for the others.