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  1. I was able to purchase the Heartworm tablets Online. They are Aristopet Heartworm tablets 200mg, Diethylcarbamazine Citrate 200mg. Here is an attached link www.beenleighfarmsupplies.com.au › who sell them. I did not buy my tablets from this site, I bought mine from another site about a year ago so cant remember the site. I I am cautious about what I give my Smooth Collie as we lost our first Smooth Collie and so I am very careful with our beautiful boy we have now. Our first Smooth Collie had a small amount of mange on his face and so I took him to the vet who was an Asian (no disrespect to anyone), but he appeared to not know what he was doing and prescribed Ivermectin. which I had no idea that it is dangerous to Collies. It ended up killing him, we purchased our current boy about 4 to 6 months later as I was really depressed and felt guilty because I had administered the poison to him, plus taken him to that shit vet, I should have left the vets because I didn't feel very confident with that vet, but I ignored my feelings as I was in a hurry. I love our beautiful boy he is my baby and I could not bear to see anything happen to him. Thanks for your help. :D
  2. Hi fellow Members, I am a new member and would like some help, I have a Pure Breed Smooth Collie he is 3 years in January. My question is what worming medication is suitable for Smooth Collies, I don't want to risk harming our precious boy as he means the world to us. We give him a separate heart worm tablet each night, I bought a large container of the heart worm tablets so only need the worming medication. I would very much appreciate someone's help on this matter. Kindest Regards, Lyn
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