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  1. Thanks LG, that was my main concern too. Thankfully she's right as rain bar a little diarrhoea this morning so I'm not too worried.
  2. Bumping this as I heard chewing and thought Bonnie had gotten into the bin. On further inspection she had removed a half full packet of marshmallows and a quarter of fruitcake from my partners camping bag, this is after he assured me there was no food still in it. Really really not impressed as he keeps leaving things out that she can get into. Last week he left the rubbish bin bag on the kitchen table and we came home to garbage scattered throughout the house...just so unsafe! I let him have it today. Pretty sure she has a stomach ache now so I'm going to have to watch her to make sure sh
  3. This is what I understand my breeder has done with their current litter. I have no idea about pricing, some of these will cost a lot, others might not cost too much if anything, but dogs are in fact this persons business. Importing semen Artificial insemination Pregancy test Feeding increase during pregnancy Pregnancy check Whelping (big litter!) Post whelp health check With the pups as much as possible Feeding Imprinting Vaccinations Worming Health checks Cleaning Socialisation Desensitisation And yet when we were discussing my getting a puppy from this litter (landlord say
  4. DAYLESFORD!? That's a bit over an hour from me! Ergh......
  5. I would never, ever leave. My girl is like my heartbeat, she is the biggest love of my life save for my partner and I owe it to her to be there right until the very, very end.
  6. Tell us about how you feed him. Do you put the bowl down and leave it there, even if there's something in it that he isn't touching? I would start giving him a ten minute window in which to eat, it's a very common technique. Make his dinner as per normal, set a timer on your phone for ten minutes, set his bowl down and press start on the timer. Once it goes off, remove the bowl, regardless of whats left behind, and throw that away to start a fresh the next day. He is soon going to realise that whatever is in his bowl needs to be eaten otherwise its just going to disappear, and if he has a hab
  7. I don't want kids, ever. I work with them and I'm quite happy when they go home at the end of lessons :laugh: particularly if I've had a group of ten ratbag boys like I did today, sooooo tiring. Give me dogs anyday over looking after a kid full time.
  8. I'll bite too, seeing as it was me who originally posted the thread. "Rosie is a four year old, purebred German Shepherd from working lines, and as such she will require a breed experienced home or a home who has previously or currently owns high drive dogs (GSD, Malinois etc). We are seeking a wonderful home that will provide her with structure, leadership, belly rubs, mental stimulation and an introduction to the wider world. She is an exceptionally sweet girl who would be a pleasure to have in the home. The new foster carer or adoptive owner must be prepared to put ongoing work and trai
  9. Let us know where you are located and I'm sure we can recommend an excellent behaviourist who can help you.
  10. Happily donning my flame proof suit here but I needed to share something that is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever read. It was a description posted about a dog by a rescue group and I honestly could not believe what I was reading, as in my mind it does the dog absolutely no favours at all. I'd be worried about someone reading this and taking on a dog that they have no real idea about what they're getting into. I'm not saying every rescue is like this, I know they're most certainly not, but this level of anthropomorphism is detrimental at best and a bit worrying. ""I’ve come a l
  11. I haven't had anything said to me directly, it wouldn't surprise me if some people thought that, but then again most of the people I have in my life know that I'm completely dog mad and want to make a career out of dog behaviour & training and my life revolves around it, lol. I wouldn't give a stuff if someone actually said that to me, because I'm completely fine with where my dog sits on the "priority scale" of my life. I'm her provider, she depends on me and I have a responsibility to her to ensure she's well cared for at all times. I absolutely don't want human kids :laugh: so she is as
  12. Thanks guys. We had another great day today. There are tradies building some houses across our little culdesac so I opened the front door to do some training, she settled down really well so I moved us outside. In the past men in hi-vis have set her right off but not so today, we loose leash walked up and down the culdesac a few times and when we were down the bottom, a couple of kids came around the top corner. We did some focus work and then started walking back to the house as the kids came towards us. They gave us a nice bit of space, didn't just reach out and pat her, but just looked at u
  13. Guess I should probably pop back in for an update as Bonnie has come along in leaps and bounds since we went up to see K9Pro. It culminated in her today not 45 minutes ago tolerate four kids riding past her on bikes about a metre away from us, twice, with only a short growl each time. No barking, lunging, foaming, snapping, fire-breathing riot dog. The leash handle was on my middle finger, it was hanging loose, and she could have done anything she wanted to but she showed amazing impulse control and I'm so proud of her. She also walked on a loose leash past them about five times. Then we mov
  14. I'm sure you'll be fine! What breed is Anna and what breed are you thinking about for your new addition? I've never had a puppy before! So at least you'll have some experience, especially if the breed is the same. You must have done something right if she's had such a good innings :D
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