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  1. That's a fair point, and I don't mean to assume that I am an expert in dog grooming, and I would understand if his coat was matted and needed to be shaved, but that wasn't the case at all. I am always very diligent with brushing, and he had already been brushed thoroughly twice this week, there was not even one single knot to be found, so the groomer had no reason to take it upon herself to clip him. I apologise if it was offensive to say that it should be common sense to not clip a double coated dog, but surely it is safe to assume that a groomer should know better than to clip a properly cared for and well maintained double coat dog without first checking with the owner.
  2. Yeah I can't say it was just a miscommunication, I was very clear that I just wanted the long hairs around his paws and the back of his legs tidied up, and just a regular wash blow and brush. When I booked him in the lady on the phone said they had a full clip or a brush prob, and I clearly said no to the clip. They had my and my wife's mobile numbers, and could have easily called to check if they were unsure. And any groomer with an ounce of sense should know you don't clip double coated dogs. He looks so strange now, doesn't look like the same dog any more
  3. Thanks, I'll pick up some fish oil and have a look for the shampoo. Yes he is about an inch, maybe a bit less, all over, not right to the skin thank god! Hopefully it has saved him from any major issues, but only time will tell I guess, just have to keep my fingers crossed and keep the brushing regular!
  4. I brush him twice a week usually, so will make sure I keep on top of it so the under coat doesn't get too overgrown. I have been doing some reading and others have recommended hormones to help stimulate the coats growth, so I might have a chat to my vet and see if that's an option. Any recommendations as to what foods to give him that contain lots of antioxidants? He already likes fish and we feed him fish based foods a couple of times a week already, but he is allergic to chicken.
  5. I definitely gave them a piece of my mind and let them know if would never be returning to their store! The worst thing is I always take really good care of his coat, but the mother in law is coming to stay for a few weeks so we wanted him to be extra fluffy when she gets here tonight so decided to get him groomed, but our regular groomer (independent, home based) was booked solid for 3 weeks. I'm just kicking myself that I didn't take more time to talk to the new groomer, as our regular always does a good job and the store assured me they had a few regulars with spitz's. I just really hope his coat grows back out properly!
  6. I have a 7 year old Japanese spitz that I just picked up from a groomer at a chain pet store, and they have completely clipped him! His coat is now only about an inch long all over, and I am really worried that it will not grow back properly now! The store said they had groomed other spitz's so I thought it would be fine, but clearly they have no idea what they are doing, and I am freaking out that his coat will not recover to what it was. I know there's not really anything I can do, but I guess I'm just after some reassurance that I haven't permanently harmed him?
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