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  1. You will not legally prove the method is failing when it is something put forward by so many organisations including the RSPCA. It's training that doesn't look like it's causing stress to the dog hence the blame is thrown onto the animal as 'defective' or requiring euthanasia. If you need help with your dog without medication feel free to contact me, we have many years experience in aggression and aggressive responses.
  2. This dog was trained by my stepfather and was homed with a job. He is living a wonderful life and is very loved. There are no other Beaucerons in Australia at this time and no breeders. Anyone who wants one will have to import.
  3. Come down for a visit I'm only down the road from you www.inlinek9dogtraining.com Yes we specialise in quite a few issues and have many western suburbs regulars
  4. IPO itself is not illegal, bitework includes massive restrictions on the handler and dog. When they changed the laws IPO and the K9 security industry really took a dive. Very sad indeed.
  5. Unexplained aggression will need a thorough medical examination by a good vet, I would recommend that before a consultation anyway
  6. You can bring drive out in quashed dogs I have done it plenty, even with dogs I have had given to me. Your problems are not unfixable, just require a bit of effort. I am in Geelong if that is close to you.
  7. Bunnings is far from cheap in a lot of instances. Look at places like Reece, Plubtec, Masters etc The fittings prices at Bunnings are just insane for PVC. If you go to a plumbing store ask for low pressure pipe and fittings even if you have to modify the diameter. Cheaper as it's not as high density but stands up to use fine.
  8. That is both assault and theft. Why is it OK because it's a puppy, what if that was an inanimate object he owned? Turds the lot of them they need to be locked away.
  9. Pet Resorts Australia is Satzkom GSDs and Rottweilers, nice dogs don't have to be a full working home
  10. There can be multiple training issues with this, firstly one has to consider there is not a proper out under that level of stress and then the dog is finding 'stress relief' for lack of a better term by not outing. The dog could also have a lack of handler focus. There is also a possibility of 'loss' has been introduced in the training and the dog is resistant to outing because he will 'lose' his prey item instead of realising there is further reward potential by engaging the second decoy. Depends how the dog has been trained the out, you can find a lot of problems stem from that process.
  11. When a dog reaches bite suit prey only is not the driving factor - otherwise the dog would, as you say, come off when there is a lack of movement. Suit work has an element of fight and defense in a dog, prey only helps in maintaining the action and providing some reward factor. A dog at suit level should calmly grip and push in even if the decoy is not moving at all and be totally on the command of the handler when it is suitable to out.
  12. Troublesome behavior and being a nasty turd of an animal comes down to lack of socialisation and training more then the fact he has testicles. The vast majority of difficult behvior dogs are desexed with my client base. I have entire dogs, they're not more difficult then the desexed ones I have. I run 7 dogs together when I am home, 6 are bitches.
  13. Malinois bitches are not that huge. My old girl has been about 24kg her entire life, look for IPO lines they run finer
  14. Good to see - better body size then the pure showies though if you notice. It's like the 'show' Malinois. Totally different beasty. ETA The last comment was more as a 'on average' comment then a blanket they can never do it. There's labradors and aussie shepherds with IPO titles, never say never!
  15. Groens and Tervs etc don't do KNPV/Ringsport/IPO as a rule ;) they have no need for the body mass and bone structure
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