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  1. Thank you! I will give advantix a go. Yeah my dogs dont mind it.. actually they like it that much that they lick if off one another thats the hardest part!
  2. Unfortunately I'm currently in a rental so Im unable to leave them inside when we're at work, they like to run a much alone when in the house! I try to have them inside with me as much as I can though.
  3. I really, really need some help and I,m hoping someone is able to assist me!! My poor staffy pups are being attacked by flies! It started while my partner and myself were away on holidays mid last month and the dogs were left with my partner's parents. It started with my one year old pup whos poor ears are red raw. (this bloody sun isn't helping him) Now my other staffy pup (6 months) is starting to be attacked also. We have cleaned the whole backyard, disposed of any poop and no dirty bowls left out. I Went out and bought a few gecko bug catchers and spayed all hard surfaces with pet friendly bug spray. Im currently cleaning with salty warm water, diluted natural lavender oil and than cover there ears in buzz off fly repellent.. but everytime I am putting on there ears the little one likes to lick off.. I hoping someone is able to assist with any remedies that has help and can help my poor boys
  4. I'm new and unsure how to delete - sorry
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