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  1. What discerning spotty dogs they must be! You are right, dogs are not great generalists. Kind of off topic but I have had the dog sitting and waiting before coming inside. Whenever I tried something different (e.g. down) he is very confused and needs to be told a few times. I must work on that!
  2. At least they are being honest about where they are registered. My all time pet peeve is the "parents have papers" ads that trickily try to make people think they will receive a pedigree puppy.
  3. That is what I figured! I wonder whether dogs can start exhibiting more cat like body language if they hang out all the time? I must say though that our dog still acts like a dog!!
  4. Hi all, What are your thoughts on cats as companions for dogs? Do you think that interspecies companionship teaches dogs anything (socialisation wise)? Is doggy company more important? If (hypothetically) a dog was only socialised with cats as a pup, would they very likely have poor doggy manners? For the record, our dog is socialised with other dogs, but spends a lot more time with the cats! I tend to think it is valuable as he learns not to harass other animals, a lesson which hopefully can be applied to dog friends. I'd love a second dog though!
  5. I second blow drying for thick double coats! Takes all day to dry otherwise.
  6. Indeed! I am working on some techniques with my boy but when I am not there I can't really do anything! I don't leave my tiny pom in the backyard for many reasons but this is one of the big ones.
  7. Pomeranians are barkers by nature. I seriously suggest that you do not leave your dog in the yard. The sounds will be enough to set him off. Yes you can see a behaviouralist etc. However I honestly believe that this is the nature of the dog for most Poms. I own a Pom and love him, but he stays inside with the blinds closed while I am not home... He loves the sound of his own voice. No doubt people on this forum will have some great strategies for you but your short term needs will be met by removing the dog from the stimulating environment.
  8. Yep the crazy sales ones were what I was thinking of. I got my normal baby gates from eBay.
  9. Our cats are not smart enough to jump over baby gates... We actually use the baby gates to keep the cats out of the dog area. Don't be surprised if there is a lot of hissing from your cat. She may even have a go at the new pup. As long as they are warning swipes only (claws in) this is an important way for the cat to set boundaries. Our cats (3 years old and 13 years old) carried on like the world was ending when our puppy came home, but now they are good friends. And yes, cat poo is a delicious chocolate treat so make sure the dog can't harass the cat while she does her business. We use a low piece if cardboard across the laundry doorway but our dog is tiny. You may be better off with one of those baby gates wit inbuilt cat door. The important thing to remember is that it takes TIME for animals of different species to understand eachother's body language.
  10. How about running several balls at once? That way when you lose one you have several nice stinky ones to to on with, and you can initiate a new ball before you lose the rest of the existing ones.
  11. What a funny girl! I have a very different breed to you, but I can confirm that my boy much prefers an old ball to a new one. It is all about the smell. However he will still happily play with a new ball... And different sizes so I can't help you there! Have you tried rubbing the old ball against a new one to transfer the stink? Maybe it is the smell of her own drool that she keen on rather than your hands/dirt.
  12. I just want to say that it sounds like you are being incredibly mature. What a hard decision to make.
  13. I have nothing to add but will mention that I can't see the photo. I need to see this cute dog!
  14. Hmm... It could be doggy nightmares but it seems odd that it is only happening now that she is 13 years old. How is her brain otherwise? Does she ever seem confused or in a strange mood? ETA you say she is in good health however perhaps she is having little twinges of pain? Arthritis? Sorry, I am not a vet so hopefully your appointment will be revealing.
  15. Yes! My dog does this every now and then. He will often wake up barking. I think he is dreaming or he hears something that makes him wake up excited.
  16. I think the OP sounds dodgy. How do we know he is telling the truth? Of course we don't! We can only take posts on face value. We don't know the breeder so no harm has been done to anyone's reputation.
  17. Agree with others. Sounds dodgy except for cash only thing which in my limited experience is normal. Sounds quite cheap for a pedigree puppy too (depending on the breed).
  18. Excellent... I have purchased one. He already does his business on Astroturf (we have some on our deck) which is annoying in general but at least it means he is already trained! :-)
  19. Mmmm ... Smart cats wouldn't sit on command! :laugh: Haha you are right. They will only do it for food though... So they are still fairly clever :-).
  20. Yes Alibi, that is what I am talking about. Do you find it huge and unweildly?
  21. Oh em gee... Just showed this to my partner. We are impressed... This is definitely a possibility!!
  22. The cats weigh MUCH more than the dog, but I can always give it a go:-). The cats have strange mental blocks about things sometimes.
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