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  1. Thank you all for your considered thoughts. We have not had her diagnosed, but have been considering it and believe that would be the most appropriate next step. I would be very surprised if her parents were incorrectly listed. The possibility of it being something else is probably what most concerns us. We can manage the EIC tbh, which is why I was interested to see if anyone else had any similar experiences. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I have a golden Labrador whose dad was a carrier for EIC but her mum was clear of EIC (clearly shown on the papers for both parents). But, Bronte shows signs that she actually has EIC, which I didn't think would be genetically possible?? After playing fetch with a ball, sometimes after 10-15 minutes of play, she gets the staggers and collapses. She loves fetch with her ball and has an incredible focus and determination to get her ball as fast as possible. This is my first experience with EIC (our other lab shows no signs whatsoever), so could it be anything else? We are really mindful of this happening and try to limit her play so that is doesn't occur, but sometimes it surprises us when it appears, so we just sit with her, keep her cool and encourage her to rest and relax. Any ideas/thoughts are most appreciated? Liam
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