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  1. Thankyou so much for all the information showdog! I will go through bit by bit :) 1. She seems to mainly pace in the walk but can at time pace for one or two strides in the trot. The lady who pointed it out to me on Sunday and helped me said the same thing as you. I need to distract her, get her attention on me, a bit like snapping her out of it. The lady who helped me got me to distract her by talking to her a lot more...when I get nervous Im silent lol and Willow really seemed to respond to me being more vocal. Unfortunately she is pacing when I walk her normally, it seems to have been a s
  2. Thanks persephone, he was a very special boy :) My 2 girls have been a real comfort to me since Carny left, Dogs are a wonderful thing in not only the best but also the most difficult of times xx
  3. I have and still am going through this with my English Springer Spaniel girl Willow. The only things she will eat at 5.5months is chicken necks and a small amount of kibble with oil and sardines every 2nd/3rd day. Since 8weeks of age when I bought her home shes also been a nightmare to try to get to eat more than once a day so she now just gets fed one meal at night. Being a show dog she was considered underweight for her 3 and 4 month age periods and only really picked up a bit once she turned 5months. We really really struggled to get her to keep weight on between her refusing to eat and he
  4. We had Hillsborough this weekend, well the last 2 and a bit days and although we didnt receive any jaw dropping results it gave me yet another chance to get into the ring and practice the craft, get exposure and just have some fun. I will admit I get down heartened when we repeatedly dont win but all you can do is brush yourself off and get ready for the next class. Im still too slow with my stacking and dont get her stacked right a fair bit of the time..well I have good and bad days. Im also too slow at going from the stack to starting my triangle or up and back so lots still to practice and
  5. Its amazing how much a dog can change your life and help in the darkest of moments. The last few days have been truly horrible for me as my dear pony Carny whom I have owned for the last 15years and is now 28years old has finally given in to old age and is being put to sleep tomorrow morning . He has lived an amazing and very healthy life not needing a vet for the 10years of his retired life and only falling sick the last 2 days. Unfortunately it is kidney disease and cancer so there is nothing we can do for him but at least we know we have given him a life of love and kindness and we let him
  6. Hi All Needing suggestions on where to go for a really good quality leather collar and tags. Also suggestions on what colour to get for a very very deep liver chestnut and white ESS. Black, Dark Brown or Tan? I thought the Tan could work quite nicely against her coat instead of blending? With white stitching like in the photo (K9 collar)? I have looked at the K9 collars, I got her last Syntek collar from there but wanting other opinions on places to look. I would like brass fittings if possible as they look softer against her coat. I also need to get an ID tag if anyone can recommend a pla
  7. Big update time! So its been a while since I last updated and lots has happened. First we went to Canberra for the ladies KC Championships and didnt have the greatest show, well I mean she was a good girl but I didnt handle her well. Apparently I was everywhere, not looking at my dog etc etc we didnt get a look in for either sweep stakes, she placed 2nd to her sister on the Saturday in the baby puppy bitch class and then won it on the Sunday but she was the only one in it that day and there was only 2 in it on the Sunday. I just didnt feel right, we had a great talk to her breeders parents
  8. Thankyou very much for the information show dog I have one of the bricks but I decided to hand pluck her legs, I just did the dark hairs. I have attached a picture of one of her back legs. It looks like there is a line but it is less noticeable when she is standing. How far up the leg do I thin the coat? She was so good while I was doing it, she just stood there not caring at all.
  9. I was shown by a groomer, I would love to learn how to do it properly.
  10. Some photos of my clip job on top of her head and the back of her neck. Also a photo of how her hairy legs are growing, I love how the brown hair is growing out horizontally from her legs lol Poocow the clippers are WHAL Arco SE 5 blades in 1
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