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  1. Thanks for all of the information. The client Setter i have comes and stays at my place regularly and I think he's great- I only actually noticed the slobber after reading about it- then I started to notice he does slobber but that doesn't bother me. Do any of you have experience with English Pointers? Any thoughts on the differences (behaviour and temperament) between the two breeds? I think I've joined the English Setter group though i'm not sure if there is more than one?
  2. Great info, thanks. I don’t want another dog that is lightning fast and as quick to arousal as my ACD. She also lacks predictability and this combined with the speed of her reactions to various things requires careful management (we’ve had ACDs before who were more even tempered and predictable- this one does have ED and HD which I consider a contributor to her behaviour as well) The above factors make using her for work related demonstrations, assisting in socialisation and being able to let other people handle her (under supervision) quite difficult or impossible. For example, whilst our Jack Russell might not do what someone else asks him to do, he’s never going to not comply in a way that creates risk for the person. The ACD might. I don’t need a dog to be mindlessly obedient, I just need their disobedience to be more humorous than risky. I don’t compete my dogs so they don’t need to ‘not make mistakes’ as such. When you say needy, would you say prone to more serious separation anxiety or just a bit clingy?
  3. I’d be keen to know about any health or temperament concerns or considerations. I am familiar with the grooming and have both a good pro groomer and the ability to do basics myself (I have groomed one of the setters I know). They are very different to our previous breed choices- ACDs and JRTs so that’s my only hesitation- having something not as ‘sharp’ though our current ACD bitch is simply too sharp and the reason why we are looking at other breeds. We have a 15 month old son and also need a dog that is stable enough to work with me (dog training) which our ACD bitch can’t do. She also has ED and HD as did a previous large cross breed dog so health issues are a bit consideration for us.
  4. Does anyone here own or have experience with English setters? I know a few that have led me to put them at the top of our list for our next dog and have contacted the breeder of the one I currently know well- I’ll be meeting her dogs in the future and chatting to her further about them. But I’d love to here other people experiences with them to see if my experiences are typical. They’re quite different to anything we have had before. Keen to know the good and the bad!
  5. Please don’t buy any training equipment without seeing a qualified professional, preferably one that is experienced with cattle dogs. What area are you in? Someone will be able to then recommend a professional that you can contact to help you. Keep your dog dog away from other dogs until you have a proper training plan in place as every opportunity the dog has to practice the behaviour can make it more challenging to resolve.
  6. I know some really wonderful lagottos with great family dog temperaments. Choose a breeder with dogs you can meet and discuss with the breeder your requirements. In my experience the groodles are much more full on.
  7. Feeding / Food aggression

    Personally I’d be addressing the issue AND managing mealtimes rather than just the latter. Management is vital but training helps to prepare for an occasion where management is not 100%. Dont wait another month. Get the professionals back involved now and get a serious training plan in place.
  8. Feeding / Food aggression

    When is the trainer coming back?
  9. Feeding / Food aggression

    It would be unwise for me to make any strong suggestions given the seriousness of the situation without seeing the dog. But an an array of brain work including nosework and scent trails, puzzles and problem solving work plus impulse control, the use of distance as a reinforcer and the use of a tether for safety would most likely feature as part of the behaviour modification program.
  10. Feeding / Food aggression

    What training was recommended in combination with the meds? What breed and how old is the dog?
  11. Feeding / Food aggression

    Does he do this with all food? A tiny treat? Low value food- a piece of carrot for example? What skills does he know- obedience/ tricks? What’s his general attitude to training like? These things are most important as you must have the brain functioning at its best in order to generate genuine behavioural change.
  12. Dog wanted- Melbourne

    It’s for a lovely relative of ours- they are an older couple, retired, love to go for walks and have always had dogs- they are really great people.
  13. Dog wanted- Melbourne

    He sounds like he might suit well!! How can they enquire if they want to?
  14. Putting the feelers our for a family member seeking a dog- Wonderful life with older retired couple who would walk dog daily but not wanting anything super active. Small breed aged 4-10 good health and no behaviour issues requiring resolution- needs to be friendly and sociable within two hours of Melbourne Hopefully there is something suitable around!
  15. Artificial Turf

    We have artificial turf and even a few persistent diggers don’t dig in it. We went for top of the range professionally laid though.