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  1. An umbrella is a good deterrent and temporary barrier. Sorry for what happened to your dog- such a distressing experience for everyone.
  2. I would definitely not describe them as ‘easy to socialise’. Personally I would not recommend them for an owner who wanted to frequent the dog park- it’s not a context they easily enjoy or cope with.
  3. I just don’t understand why the breed is not more popular. They would suit many homes I would think. Oakley is settling in extremely well- such a lovely puppy already!
  4. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my thread a number of months ago asking about English Setters. Thanks to a lovely registered breeder, we have welcomed little Orwin Oakley into our home today. There were some real challenges as we weren’t able to visit the pups beforehand due to lockdown but our breeder had great communication with us throughout which really helped. Meet Oakley!
  5. My experience with the colours has been different, even when dealing with them as newly adopted pups. However, I of course don’t know the lineage so it could just be the individuals I’ve seen. I’m sure breeders have seen many many more than myself! I completely agree that they’re supposed to be smart and sharp!
  6. Some may find this bizarre bit if you get a mini schnauzer, I’d look for a salt and pepper rather than a black. I have consistently found temperament differences between the colours with the blacks being much sharper and more reactive. Just my experience as a trainer!
  7. I’d strongly recommend consulting with a professional trainer aiming for a face to face consultation as soon as restrictions ease. However, I think you would benefit from gaining some knowledge now, to help you once you can get face to face help. Have a look at members.underdogtraining.com.au I too would recommend the trainer mentioned above- Amanda is great- so you should make contact now and see how she can help you.
  8. As someone who deals with lots of new puppy owners I think under supply of pedigree dogs is absolutely an issue. It’s hard to convince people who are genuinely ready for a puppy that they will need to wait 6-12 months for a pedigree puppy to become available. Many clients I have would be willing to wait 1-3 months but the wait times are often longer than that even when they’re flexible with location of the breeder etc. Also when was the last time the pedigree dog world did anything to promote pedigree dogs to the GENERAL public? They aren’t advertised in the ma
  9. Having had two dogs with elbow dysplasia I would NEVER knowingly take it on. In both my cases (2 different breeds, one medium pedigree and one large cross breed) it seriously affected many aspects of their life, most noticeably from about age 5 onwards. I wouldn’t do it.
  10. Hi Persephone- the video lengths will vary depending on the content but usually between 5-15 minutes each day. I'll also be able to answer questions within the group space as well.
  11. Firstly, I hope you and your families are well. I completely understand that everyone is facing their own sets of challenges at the moment and may not be able to assist us at this time. However, I am asking this great community of dog owners to help as our small business looks for ways to survive and keep staff employed whilst simultaneously trying to ensure our dog population does not suffer terribly through this pandemic. We hold genuine concerns for our canine community regarding the effect of isolation, changes to routine and understandable owner anxiety. It is for all of the a
  12. We don’t tend to go out West very often. Four Paws K9 Training would be my recommendation for the western suburbs. If they are further west nearer to Ocean Grove, Sandy Paws Dog attaining is good too.
  13. Whereabouts are they? We are happy to help but I can recommend some others too if I know the area.
  14. Thanks for all of the information. The client Setter i have comes and stays at my place regularly and I think he's great- I only actually noticed the slobber after reading about it- then I started to notice he does slobber but that doesn't bother me. Do any of you have experience with English Pointers? Any thoughts on the differences (behaviour and temperament) between the two breeds? I think I've joined the English Setter group though i'm not sure if there is more than one?
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