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  1. French Bulldog Thread!

    Thanks for the reply hankdog!
  2. French Bulldog Thread!

    Hi All, We have a new 10 week old Frenchie pup. We took her to the vet for a checkup, weigh, shots etc and she talked to us about the breathing issues of which we were aware of. She mentioned that when she gets desexed that they inspect her airway and check for the elongated palate - she mentioned then is a good time to do the surgery to reduce the length and also modify the nostril. Makes sense to us - any comments on this? Our pup snores heavily as I'm sure most do, we read that these dramatically increases their ability to breath and improve their quality of life and lifespan. We are in Sydney, are there any recommendations on a surgeon that could do this if it is indeed required. We just want to be armed with all the knowledge if our little darling needs it. Money is not a concern but finding someone who is an expert at what they do is. Does anyone now if Pet Insurance Australia cover this surgery? TIA!
  3. French Bulldog

    Ill move this to the subforum...