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  1. I have a Labrador, he's just got a really long body and is quite tall so doesn't fit very well in the biggest ones at Bunnings/pet barn etc. Yeah I am hoping to get something that matches and fits in nicely at the edge of my deck. I've checked out gumtree but can't seem to find any suitable. Just thought I'd ask around on here. No dramas I will keep looking!
  2. Hey I'm just looking for anyone who knows of someone who makes custom dog kennels in Brisbane. I have been using a wooden kennel from Bunnings but my dog is getting too big for it and I can't find any dimensions in the off the shelf ones to suit the dog and also the area where we put the kennel. I was thinking a custom built one would be best? Anyone have any website links they could share so I can do some research? Thank you.
  3. Thanks guys. I will skip his brecky, I might still take him for a walk at least I think. He gets super excited when he sees new people so the more tired he is the quicker he will settle. Just wondering, as it'll be totally new to him, like he's been in his wire crate at home for a few hours and no dramas, but never in the airline type crate or with it moving around - what if he barks or gets anxious, will they still let him fly and just go with it not matter what? More like attention barking then anything else.
  4. You guys have been so super helpful. I cannot thank you enough. I've downloaded the app and will ease him into those internal plane sounds slowly over the next little while. Very slowly so I don't scare him off it of course. He's crate trained, I just don't close him in there for long periods like this normally. He loves his crate though, if I give him a treat he runs in there and eats it, always runs there when I get home from work as if he's going to get a treat or something there. I'll just close it a bit more often over the next little while with something positive anyway just for some reinforcement. I've made a note about the label on top of the crate and I've noted about the collar also. I wasn't sure about exercise, he's an 18mo high energy Labrador used to two walks a day and play time aswell so I thought it'd be good to wear him out a bit but if you think not then maybe I'll leave it. It's just that he needs to be at the airport at 730am so he would've just woken up after snooring all night so I thought maybe it'd be a good idea. Thanks again for your help I feed him twice a day normally so I'm thinking I just won't feed him that morning of the flight and then I'll have him with again by 2pm so I'll feed him then perhaps.
  5. oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling anxious like this! I'm staying with family, they're picking us up from the airport, they've got a dog bed, bowls etc, I've ordered food online and had it sent to their place and he'll sleep in the pet house on the dog bed. Their place is fully secure and set up as they used to have a dog. I think you're right though, buying the crate is a good idea! You have no idea how much it helps to hear from people who have done it! I felt sick with worry before!
  6. It's working out $400 cheaper for me to take him! Cheaper and I get my buddy with me! Hopefully it's a win win (other then my anxiety of course)
  7. Thank you ososwift! Great tips about the collar and food too
  8. Thanks Ness. Thanks very much. I guess I'm just a big softie and I just get nervous because he's my world. I'm hiring a crate this first time just to see how he goes with the actual flying bit and then I'll buy a crate going forward if he's not phased by the whole thing. I'll definately put his blanket in there with my scent on it with him, crate comes with a padded mat, and they said he can have a few toys with him aswell. I figure for a little bit of anxiety for a few hours compared to 3 weeks of 24-7 fun and adventure together rather then the kennel I'm sure it will be worth it. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.
  9. Hey there, just wondering if anyone has flown their dogs on a short interstate flight , ie 2 hours. And if you've got any hints or tips in preparing the dog or anything like that. He's crate trained but only been in there max 3 hours but seems fine. Will take him to the park and for a run before he flys etc. any other tips or helpful info! As you can imagine I am very nervous despite number of vets telling me he will be completely fine. My option to fly him with me was because I'd rather him with me then in a kennel for 3 weeks. Would love to hear from people with first hand experience please.
  10. Thank you. I've persisted with the tethering when he goes crazy and jumping all over me. I've also blocked off part of the couch so only one part is accessible for us to sit on. He generally lays down on his mat when he's tethered but every couple of times he barks so loudly at us it's scary. We ignore it, sometimes one minute sonstimes 5 and then he lays down and after a few minutes of that I untie him and he stays there and goes to sleep the rest of the night until we go to bed then he's racing to the door to go outside & in his crate. And yeah he loves it outside to the point he now sleeps out there despite me trying to make a really comfy place for him inside so you're probably right about me rewarding the wrong behaviour. Oh and he gets two walks a day or a walk & dog park, plus games of frisbee and soccer or fetch incorporate a bit of training with treats in there for stimulation. Still haven't mastered the no craziness on the couch but persisting with this and hopefully one day he'll sort himself out.
  11. I go to animal options (desexed there, plus have a chiropractic vet who is amazing) but it's a fair drive but I'm willing to drive for quality - if I need something quickly/urgently I use house call vet. Had brilliant results with both. Perhaps worth a try.
  12. Hi, I have a 1.5yo dog -I went away for 4 nights and had a friend stay and look after him, I've come back and now he has suddenly realised there are possums in the yard at night. They've been there the entire time I've had him, he's always slept outside, and trust me I've tried have him sleep inside but he doesn't want to, he always goes outside. So my issue is, how do I train him not to bark constantly at the possums after I go to sleep? Ive tried locking him into his crate for a short period of time, I just feel bad locking him up all night as I feel that's too long. This didn't happen before I left and my mate reckons it didn't happen either but I'm 3 nights back and it's happened every night. I can't sleep and I'm guessing it's annoying the neighbours. Just trying to ask a question now before it gets too far gone. Thank you.
  13. Oh really, I was hoping there would be a way to teach him to stay off without tying up the little guy. Guess I'll try that.
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