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  1. Then and now, how we improved them

    Thanks for the clarification folks.
  2. Then and now, how we improved them

    Without negating or diminishing anything put forward by the creator of the film or contributors above, I'm just wondering who is producing to 'modern none show type' dogs? Depicted in the film.
  3. Sydney Royal 2016

    How are you all getting on at Sydney? Will you post results here, or is there another section/
  4. Introducing.... Ping!

    Awww very cute. This breed cute for their whole life. Keep us updated with pics.
  5. Big Scare

    Just read through your post on the edge of my seat. So glad it's all good for you.
  6. Newly Titled

    Now it clicks..... Sassy has a brother called Victor? So exciting to meet you. Yes that's right. lol and poor Vic is sitting on 98 points.
  7. Newly Titled

    Here she is at The SA Hound club show, earlier this year, where she won CC and RUOB.
  8. Newly Titled

    I'm trying to resize them lol. Photoshop has got me surrounded. Worst thing is I've done it before, just gotta find the right thing to click on lol.
  9. Newly Titled

    Just need to brag that;Our Borzoi bitch, Keeling Sassy Secret (Ch Ahsroff Iggy Pop X Cordova Purdita) has at the age of 20 months gained the points for her title and we have paid/applied for her Champ certificate. Many thanks Sue smith of NSW for breeding her and entrusting her to our care, plus all of your advice. Many thanks also to Jane McDonald and Margie Nottle-Justice form Birdrise show training group. We couldn't have done it without you. Special thanks to Sally Stasytis for your advice and encouragement. Lastly and most importantly thanks to all the judges local, interstate and international for awarding her. Cheers from a very happy newby.
  10. Professional Dog Handler

    Hi Jane, how have you got on with with your pup and a handler?
  11. Borzoi

    Just loved reading through all your posts. Partner and I are new to showing Borzoi, we have a pair and another pup on order. Here's a pick of them last year at 9 months. Their show debut.
  12. I think it's a book add. It's sneaky advertising. You get this type of crap on social and people share around, thinking it to be factual. But at least it's not a cutsie cartoon lol.
  13. Sighthounds

    Thanks Lovey I finally found my way in lol.
  14. Sighthounds

    Trying to get some pics of our Borzoi up but not cleaver enough tonight lol