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  1. Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone knows where to get a crate bed from in which you can tie it down to the crate with cable ties. Primo pad is based in USA and dont send to Aus or they would have been perfect. Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks guys, i read this http://www.productreview.com.au/p/petplan.html and there are a lot of negatives, but i still am a bit more inclined to go with them
  3. Hi guys, My puppies free 6 week dog insurance is coming to an end, and im still not sure what company to go with. I was set on petplan because they have 100% money back not 80% like most others, but ive read that they randomly up the premiums up a lot, so am not really sure! Thanks and looking forward to your recommendations
  4. Sorry guys! http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/264815-meet-rocco-the-doberman/page__p__6759840#entry6759840 Theres more pics in here!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys! How can i find out whats in my area? I live in Cherrybrook, (Hills District) and don't really know much about what is in the area, i live next to the bush. Does that mean there could be ticks? or no correlation there? From what ive gathered, tape worms come from fleas and as advocate kills fleas, thats why it doesnt cover tapeworm. So do you guys think advocate is my best bet? Thanks !
  6. Hi guys, I am wondering whats the best way to have your dog protected from worms/fleas? My breeder told me to use advocate monthly and it prevents fleas aswell. Just trying to see if there are any cheaper alternatives. I bought a 6 pack of advocate for $105.
  7. hes doing great! wakes up too early but hes amazing, such a good boy
  8. thanks guys, he sleeps all the time atm, which isnt so bad i guess haha
  9. Yeah she had an unfortunate start to life, but she's doing great now ! My girlfriends family were lucky enough to be able to adopt her! Thank you!
  10. Yes you may know P-waff from Life of Pikelet's page! She was his foster sister! Haha he's been pretty good so far !
  11. Hi guys, I finally got my Doberman puppy after a long wait! He has been a great little pup (not for long). He was very very calm and quiet the first couple of days and he has gotten much better ! He sleeps non-stop haha. The white staffy in some of the pics is Pollywaffle, if any of you know of her, she's a deaf staffy that my girlfriends family adopted, she was and still is pretty active on social media with a few thousand followers! Enjoy
  12. thank you! i will try to remember to post some updates!
  13. Thanks guys so excited! Yes he looks beautiful doesnt he. Those feet are pretty damm big hahah
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