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  1. Bone biopsy?

    Interim biopsy report in: "unremarkable and nothing of note". That is promising??? They have some more tests to run but hopefully find out over next few days and definitely by friday (our free after-op consult and stiches removal) Fingers crossed for funky leg/super old funky injury. The stress! I am hemorrhaging money but I truly hope it's all for "nothing". And as vet said: "it'd be shame to amputate a perfectly fine leg" lol! There is a chance it may also remain a "watch and see". The dogs are practically re-united at the hip, I have to keep stepping in to stop them playing. Still separate when I am not around tho. Wouldn't want any hurt or offence caused over the leg which is a little tender.
  2. Same teebs, although I am leaning to getting insurance (which one?!?!?). All these tests of recent...sending me broke and can't bank on family always being able to give a financial hand.
  3. Viewing potential puppy, Alarm signal or not?

    They have good reasons, and you have good reasons. Just one of those conflicting interests in life. I'd say go ahead and meet in person in a park, get a feel of the person and the dogs and they can also get a feel for you. Then see where it goes from there. Personally I wouldn't get a dog who's home environment I couldn't see ( i would compromise by having a trusted mutual friend visit if possible), so if the breeder is one who's really not comfortable with someone visiting their home then we'd have to part ways with our two opposing non-negotiable. Hopefully no hurt feelings. As others say, if you're feeling hesitant about this breeder for whatever reason...trust your gut and find somewhere else
  4. New Members!

    Awww beautiful!
  5. Pet Insurance

    Looking into it after the cost of this last month. Pending final results to see if we have a pre existing illness or not. In leaning to either RSPCA or Petcover. Leaning the latter as it now covers “exotic” pets including rabbits. Could cover them all.
  6. Bone biopsy?

    Bloods and urines in. Nothing flagging as alarming except slightly high cholesterol....feeling optimistic maybe it is a super old injury or something funky but ultimately harmless and not cancer? More optimistic than this past week of extreme stress that is. I have never been so upset . Biopsy results due next week I have a cheat sheet on how to care for a bone biopsy dog, although its a bit of a copy/paste that assumes the bones are weak and her leg bone in the CT appeared strong. No running for 4 weeks! Minimal jumping! Have split the house for the two hounds and Thyme is the most upset over it. Poor little guy, not used to being a solo dog and this upset. Lots of learning for him to do.
  7. Bone biopsy?

    CT done and biopsy sent off! Cautiously optimistic? CT results are as weird as the Xray, but nothing is screaming "cancer!". Just....weird... (her spleen does have two little bits of hmmm in it, but odd are benign for that location? watchig them) CT results will be sent for international vet forum thing (like DOL but for vets? i love it!). Biopsy ETA is in about a week. Her incision site is super small, so no running for FOUR weeks but calm walks and rallyo are okay also the odd jump here and there isnt a death sentence but try to avoid. Blood and urine back tomorrow I have house split so the dogs will not play when i am not present (and to avoid the sore dog crankieS) Go pick her up in an hour and a half. and pay the bill. ouch. almost fully body CT scan on a big dog OUCH go back in a month for another scan (xraY?) and see if anything changes good or bad.
  8. Sudden digging (4-5 year old dog)

    We have a designated digging area Same as TSD, I scatter food in the allowed area. Sometimes I go in an turn the dirt over to make it "new and interesting" again over the areas I'd rather they not dig in. Like smack in the middle of the yard. Pretty good about it, fun to watch them dig and I appreciate it being kept to one spot. For the couple of errant holes in the middle of the yard, I didn't correct them or anything. They don't really understand boundaries like I do. Just popped their poo in it and covered over, then hid something REALLY GOOD in the allowed digging area.
  9. Bone biopsy?

    Said could be between 4 and 10 days to get results depending on complexity. And result might be inconclusive but best way at current to ID if a tumour or infection etc
  10. Bone biopsy?

    Thank you. Have cried a lot in fear. I haven't even had her 4 years yet. Nothing is fair. I'm alternating between upset and angry. I don't want much to do with anything except my dogs. Here is some info on bone biopsy care for anyone who may come via google research. Poor Thyme is going to be so upset on his sudden isolation. I'm keeping a careful eye on the two, as my best indicator that Thistle is feeling under the weather is if she gets grumbly at him and toy/food is not in the picture. The CT and bone biopsy are scheduled on Monday, so I will be working from home to allow for travel. The next four days I will likely be working from one of the offices, so Thistle will be confined to the dog room and Thyme confined to the backyard. Might be able to have someone pop by and check in on them. The week following that, I actually have scheduled off for a holiday. So can be present to slowly re-integrate them back together and observe the leg. Seems takes up to a month for the bone biopsy to heal (hopefully assuming it's not something requiring an amputation of said limb). Here is our atypical xray that has had one vet and three xray specialists so far go "hmm not sure, could be old fracture, could be bone infection, could be bone cancer". Just sharing for info, not requesting diagnosis on it. Xray was taken October 3rd 2018. I got in touch with her old foster carer, and they're not aware if she had any leg injuries on intake to the pound.
  11. Trouble is only 12... inoperable tumour... grrr!

    I am sorry T I'm sure Trouble has been having the best past few months with all her treats, even with the diet.
  12. Didi :)

    Gorgeous didi
  13. Bone biopsy?

    The X-ray were done at my usual vet but today’s visit was at a specialist clinic. They will also be doing the CT and biopsy. I guess I’ll do both, since CT cannot say for sure and it will minimise the amount of times I drug her up and take her into a vet. Hoping no changes since the X-ray. It will be 1.5 weeks between X-ray and ct. shes not in pain and doesn’t know why sudden reduction in exercise past few weeks. I’ll hsve to separate the dogs after the biopsy so they don’t play and damage the site.
  14. Bone biopsy?

    Has anyone done one of these? we still have no answer on funky X-ray results with cancer and bone infections remaining a contender alongside an old healing fracture. Our options are: xray agahn in a few weeks. See if any changes ct scan (have booked this) bone biopsy (pros: rule things out or in. Cons: if she is actually fine be introducing invasive infection or fracture risk?) not sure if should go biopsy straight up alongside the ct scan. Or do ct then follow up X-ray then if changes do biopsy? Presumably I need to take time off to make sure she doesn’t damage the biopsies leg? Also am I rushing into invasive procedures out of fear of the unknown?
  15. Selecting a Dog Breed

    Perhaps OP can go with one of the "foster with a view to adopt" programs? This way can trial a few dogs in the home environment, and if one clicks then that is the one you adopt. But in the meantime, helping getting a dog out of the pound environment and assessing it for home living. Victorian Dog Rescue does these, I think the Save A Dog scheme and Animal Aid do as well. Some rescues did not like I work long hours, but others did because it meant I had a low key quiet household for the nervous one to settle in. All a matter of the individual dog and working with them