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  1. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    There was a study that came out recently where the results were basically "people are not good at identifying dog mixes once there's more than two breeds involved". But the embark might surprise you, Thistle's wisdom test picked up the bullterrier and mastiff aspects, but didn't suggest anything merle-like or would explain her slimness. The embark was more thorough (plus I really like that I can keep running it for free) @t a i l s. (EDIT:I asked around. Thyme doesn't physically show the at/at because he is Kb/Kb. He would visually demonstrate the at/at if he was KyKy) I think both his sisters were liver and white (litter of three), but his (half?) cousin is a liver/tan and he has some ancestors that were liver/tan. This is a visual of Thyme's ped: I did wonder about it, but don't know enough about at/at to ask and also didn't ask as the embark conversation was more around how genetically different he is to the american ESS database and what this means for genetic diversity within the ESS breed. (great grandpa) I also feel validated because he doesn't shed a huge amount. He is TT for shedding. I knew I wasn't imagining it! I like sticky beaking on other dogs traits There's a working line ESS in america who is carrying the rear dew claws trait! I didn't realise this could happen in ESS, I wonder what other traits that don't really get mentioned might be hovering away in the background. On facebook, there are breed groups popping up like "Embark dobermans" to discuss results and diversity projects. I didn't see one for springers yet :'(
  2. DNA testing for mixed breed dogs

    embark is probably the most accurate of them, with the added bonus that you can re-run your dog/s for free and for as many times as you want as the database grows and expands! I have run Thistle's twice now. Thyme is purebred so no need on that. It does cost more than most, but if you keep an eye out you can get lots of discounts on it. and if you are really lucky and someone has tested a relative, they will show up! I have done both my dogs. Thistle's breakdown and re-run didn't bring many surprises (heinz 57 haha!) and she has a full sister! I got very excited, because I had been wondering about relations ever since I saw the other dog show up on embark coming from same area, similar ages, similar breed make up, similar looks. So lucky! https://my.embarkvet.com/dog/thistle Thyme broke the algorithm and is contributing to australian ESS data. He doesn't have any relatives on embark yet at all But that's alright I know where they are and how they're doing via the breeder ;) https://my.embarkvet.com/dog/thyme Lots of fun, and you might help contribute to some research dogs on embark have helped identify one of the gene mutations for blue eyes! https://embarkvet.com/embark-discovers-why-dogs-have-blue-eyes/ There's lots of surveys you can fill out if you want to help with that, and you can opt in to be sent additional research surveys. It's really neat!
  3. Bull terrier puppy mill

    No you don’t need to delete them just that I’m hoping that this thread itself doesn’t get deleted. Being so close to Christmas I hope it helps highlight to people how hard it is to find a responsible breeder and also to report things that seem out of normal. If it gets deleted, the awareness that even registered breeders can have a puppy mill hiding amongst them will fade. This person ticks all the usual okay boxes except for the environmental care. About the only red flag I could see is the sheer number of puppy advertisements they’ve put out. Truly under the radar for whatever reasons i dont know of it would be more of a general topic to talk about when the rspca doesn’t respond to reports, and I think adoption prices would also fall under a different topic as there was a similar discussion recently about high adoption prices where people were divided. Troy might be able to advise on what would and would not be deleted?
  4. Bull terrier puppy mill

    Asal, rather than detract and deflect attention from the topic of this thread (kupala bull terrier puppy mill conditions) - can I suggest you make your own thread for RSPCA faults that are seperate to these dogs.
  5. Bull terrier puppy mill

    Asal. I'm sorry in advance when I upset you because I know you are working through a lot, and I'm trying to respect that, but I'm truly poleaxed. It has taken me an hour to try and word my thoughts. How you can look at these videos and photos and think this is okay for the dogs? Please don't let your anger and frustration with the RSPCA blind you to the conditions these dogs are being kept in. Excuses shouldn't be made for it. This breeder and their situation isn't you. The majority of the dogs on the videos are yellowed, and I highly doubt it's reflection of the sun. They are dirty. Evidently they stink going by the Bull Terrier rescue's post. These dogs are not white, they're dirty, and they're the cleanest white's I could find in the crates cages. These are wire cages, not dog suitable crates. Just because they contrast with a dirty floor and dirt covered mats, doesn't make them clean. Some are caked in mud and have stained tummies. This one in particular has dirt all up her tummy, her backside, her neck and on her nose. Even in the shitty quality of these videos it is evident. The news papers are also dirty and caked with who knows what. There are ones flattened into the dirt for so long you cannot even see the bottom of the wire cage: (this guy has a very dirty tummy when he hops up) There are ones clearly re-dried with stains. The sheer amount of the re-dried paper and how they are piled around and dried into the the cages demonstrated how long each cage has been in one location. This isn't a situation that has come on suddenly, it is one that has built up over time. These crates have been set up this way so long, they have been turned into an equally dirty bench. The crates are rusted and banged up, they look like they'd fall apart if you touched them: (yes there is a dog curled up in this broken cage on a wet bed and dirty feet/head) There are enclosed crates in direct sunlight with puppies in them. Oh sure I see the tiny shitty air conditioner in the top corner, yet no curtains to help the cool air beat the hot sun: There are all these dogs in wire cages in a shed with broken windows, on 35-40c days. I think they were being hosed down? I see no water bowls. Risky containment. Some of them have bedding in the crate that got hosed down with them. So now they get wet bedding. This poor guy is still dirty. Tiny water bowls that could easily be knocked over. In weather like this, that could be a death sentence in a few hours. Also clearly dirty newspaper. (the walls in all the rooms are disgusting too, and tell an unfortunate story) Never mind the fact that there are a 100 dogs spread across all this containment. They have no kennels, no pacing space. No quiet times. The lucky ones are the puppies in that outside yard filled with trash, assuming they had water. And they are dirty look at those feet and tummies. The dogs may be portly, but the containment is detrimental to their health and wellbeing. It is right there in photos. I don't see how this can be handwaved away because they're not emaciated. I shouldn't have to take a screenshot of every frame and point out what is wrong with how these dogs are contained. This is a set up that has clearly been going on for quite some time. Be it one dog or one hundred, this is not how you humanely contain them. I find it a little bit upsetting that every time there is a puppy mill case, with accommodations like this that really shouldn't be debatable, people will try to handwave it away because it's a pure bred registered breeder. This is not an acceptable standard of care (OR transit) for dogs and it is disappointing to see the care of the dogs be glossed over and ignored in favour of griping about the RSPCA. You realise this is a public thread right? And that my thread is now the third result when you search "bull terrier puppy mill australia" on google? What is written here is what people will see as a demonstration of what breeders think. They don't even need to make an account. The things that are chosen to be discussed and ignored will be seen as a reflection of dog breeder community. You are more than welcome to make a separate posts about the RSPCA where we can discuss things they are doing wrong, but when you constantly redirect with cries of denial and cries of wolf in a situation with very blatant video evidence of bad care - it looks like you are okay with keeping dirty dogs in tiny dirty cages with tiny water bowls, some without water, on very hot days. I think you're trying to point out where the RSPCA is wrong, but when you stray to denying what is in the photos, to me it looks like you are saying that how these dogs were kept was somehow right when you start denying what is there. Maybe you are. Maybe you aren't. I don't know. But that's what these photos show and that's what it looks like you're defending when you deny what is in them. This breeder needs help and significantly less dogs. Ideally the help would have started way before it got to this stage (i'm not sure how, since it seems like those who knew did not say anything. Where was dogs QLD in all this? A hundred registered dogs in one location doesn’t flag a visit?!). Unfortunately that didn't happen. Hopefully if there are other breeders or hoarders in similar states, or heading towards such, they will realise sooner rather than later and reach out. They don't have to reach out to the RSPCA. There's rescues, dog communities, friends and family. People will help. I'm helping a rabbit rescue right now taking in a similar hoarder surrender situation with similar conditions. I really don't think any animals should be kept like this. The prices they are being sold at, I do highly disagree with for the puppies. I think they should be at the same price as any other RSPCA puppy. Then they can ask for donations. Asking for donations and the high prices - it might be sensible business advantage, but it leaves a taste in the mouth. I don't like the amount of emotional commentary the RSPCA has made. They can't control the news channels, but they don't need to do so much of their own posts's. e.g. The tail end of the rumour addressing posts are better, the start up rambling not so much. These are all things I dislike, but it doesn’t negate the conditions. I am still glad those dogs are not in those banged up cages anymore because that is not how you care for dogs.
  6. Bull terrier puppy mill

    There is no denying that you have had a horrible experience that has impacted you significantly and I hope I don’t come across as dismissing it. it has happened to you and can’t just turn feelings off I think there is certainly a place to scrutinise how the rspca does things (or does not do things!) and for increased transparency on their processes and results, for better communication with people and promoting dog education - I could go on I’ve got loads of thoughts on that - while also acknowledging this particular situation is way below standards
  7. Did insincts to chase and kill

    Apologise a lot and don't take your dog to the house anymore. She is right to be concerned (broke into a cage!) and a dog chasing a cat can quickly go wrong. It does no harm for your dog to be left behind on trips to her house If you aren't already, a dog school to help improve recall and impulse control can help reduce your dog acting on impulses.
  8. Bull terrier puppy mill

    I’m sorry I don’t meant to quote you but it won’t undo. Although I do agree on getting angry about mass puppy farming. Is that the one being built near a known koala area? Theres another video that displays more of the conditions. And photos https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/crime-and-justice/100-bull-terrier-dogs-seized-from-queensland-puppy-farm-horror/news-story/72879179fe658b01c66286dfac249d22 And while I can appreciate they seem well fed and some of them are not in fecal loaded crates and it’s not the WORST puppy mill bust in the world - this is not appropriate care. Even for transit. others are in very dirty crates and the amount of mess is not the amount Id expect to develop over a couple of days of being in transit. Some of those the ?newspaper? has dried into dirty sheets. It does imply a bit more time than a few days. I see no beds but those ones on the cement are hopefully a temporary location after being moved. Be it a puppy mill or a side rescue gone borderline hoarder or truely a fire rescue attempt that failed. That is not acceptable conditions of care at all. There are like...900ish bull terriers registered with ankc and this is 110 that may or not be registered. That’s a lot of dogs to be spread across tiny batteredcrates Im sorry Asal, I know this matters to you greatly but I struggle to find these Facebook posts shared above to be convincing on the quality of care of these animals. They are the only source of information for these claims. If more information comes out - ideally via their lawyer or court case log with attached evidence or their own news contact - on their reasoning for this situation and how it got so bad - that would be better value to read that could help add light to the breeders point of view. And if it is a case of side rescue gone overload, a chance to highlight what resources are available to a rescue getting overloaded with too many dogs (and propose making them for areas without such resources) so they don’t reach this stage. Edit: the rspca put out a new post about assorted parts of the rumours. I don't particularly like the wording at the start leading into it much, but the concise addressing of their side is appreciated. The thing is, if I gave Thyme to my breeder to care for and Thyme was in such crowded conditions in a 40c day, in tiny cages like this, even for an hour I'd be mad. To be in them for so long as to make such a mess as these ones have. It's really not acceptable care. Even for transit, it is not acceptable. So even the best case scenario, it is not good. They do look well fed, and they're all microchipped. That is a point for the breeder, but it's the containment that is very wrong. If it's a case of her overwhelmed, I do hope she get's the help she needs to not repeat this situation. https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/blog/fact-check/bull-terrier-raid-get-the-facts?fbclid=IwAR2zFI-nj1Q1fmm_L1NytjTw7aWuWHVhNaFytjmX8-KH9kscts8-qD2ijmA oh there's a timeline now. I haven't read it, its cool enough to walk the dogs: https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/blog/breaking-news/bull-terriers-rescue-with-timeline-of-seizure
  9. Bull terrier puppy mill

    Oh sweethearts :’( that is such poor poor standard of care. They seem like nice dogs, hope you get a home guys! (I might want a bull terrier one day Maybe my retirement dog?)
  10. Grass seed again!

    I haven't found the seller I'm looking for, but I stumbled across an afghan breeder who makes custom walking suits. It won't look as pretty as a dog in full coat, but for the grass seed season it will reduce the amount of her to check most of the preview pics are of afghans, but the gallery has some other breeds so I expect they make custom: I am not sure where they are located. There is someone in Australia who makes similar but they only sold over facebook and I've lost the page! I believe they show standard poodles if anyone knows them. They made dog leggings, snoods, ear wraps...all kind of coat protector things. Couldnt find them because they closed down edit. Found this company tho: https://www.facebook.com/thedogtrousercompanyaustralia/ Still looking for the custom local person
  11. Please help me make the right decision

    I read this today and thought of you Kenny -(not sure where you’re located) a large age range of bull terriers have been busted from a puppy mill in Queensland. 2 weeks old through to about six years. They’re not staffies but there’s quite a bit of similarity between the breeds. Maybe look up the breed and see what you think? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6445217/RSPCA-raids-puppy-farm-rescues-110-dogs-puppies-property-north-west-Gladstone.html (UK news site but Australian puppy mill!! The courier mail wanted me to register...urgh) The ones that are two weeks old will have all the benefit of being raised by foster carers versus the older dogs but it might be one of the olders has a personality you’re looking for through pure fluke. You won’t know unless you contact them and are honest upfront with what you’re looking for The rest i expect will have some trauma to work through. You would need to talk to their Carers to see if an individual has something you’d be willing to handle (eg no toilet training, separation anxiety, dog aggression etc) or if it’s your run of the mill typicak bull terrier puppy (chewing, doesn’t know obedience yet). (If a bull terrier pup is one you’d like to have. Don’t forget to research the breed itself to see the behavioural and health trends they have! I know what it’s like to have your heart set on a breed. But it doesn’t hurt to check similar breeds if struggling to find one ;)
  12. Please help me make the right decision

    Bully pups end up in rescue many times, perhaps there you might find your future companion? But you definitely want them to have the minimum start up in life of being wormed, vaccinated and microshipped (avoid a rescue that doesn't do those as well! it's the bare minimum of responsibility!) Especially with christmas coming, it is all too unfortunate that many perfectly fine puppies and slightly-older-puppies will find themselves in rescue soon after hold on to that patience and keep an eye out, a dear sweet puppy will find its way to you sooner or later
  13. Bone biopsy?

    Final X-ray done! The bone has not changed - the vet says if it was cancer or infection we would expect to see some changes now (plus pain/inflammation) but aside from the biopsy site which is healing - it is basically identical to the original x-rays. It is now firmly in the optimistic "potential old fracture" basket. So while I'll keep an eye on it for future weaknesses, can probably stop fretting over it. It is likely she had a separate soft tissue injury earlier that happened to be on that leg and brought the hitch in her step to my attention. Now have pet insurance for any future things anyway Will try to upload the latest XRAY here. It's just a photo from my phone this time. I bought her a pig leg to celebrate
  14. Buying a puppy

    Good luck! It is very disheartening and a hard slog. After a few failed litters and getting impatient when the next litter wasn't due for 6 more months, I switched to a similar breed that had some puppies already ready for visiting and purchase. It worked out, he's a lovely dog and pretty close to what I wanted. Next time around it will be 50/50 if I will go with a registered breeder or rock up at the pound and take the first one that seems healthy. I don't particularly want to "court"* more breeders (I laugh now but it was such an upsetting process, even though none of the fails were the fault of most of the breeders. I've just no desire to repeat such an experience) If you are really set on the one breed, keep at it! You will eventually find a breeder you click with who also has puppies on the ground or coming soon. Don't be afraid to email, or post in your local *insert breed here* facebook group to hear about those who are more "word of mouth". Not all of them get listed on dogzonline even though they are registered breeders. You might also want to consider older pups at 4 or 5 months that get returned for reasons not their fault (don't want this to happen, but sometimes it happens!) *Courting is the right word Ruralpug. I think i was about ready to buy some wine, book a restaurant, meet the parents, maybe stand outside a house playing music.
  15. How do you prevent this?

    We use rug corner tape. It acts like tape and you attach to underside. It won’t stop two dogs coordinated in imitating dog races on a rainy day, but it reduces the overall amount and size of bunching.