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  1. Yes he’s been desexed . As I said, I’m not really concerned I just wanted to make sure I’m giving him the best possible chance. He has been regularly wormed and I watched the foster cater worn him before we left her place. He’s just a small pupper I think. My original question was more to see if he would be stunted due to his rough start but it seems he may very well end up being normal size in the end. Either way, I really don’t mind. As long as he is happy and healthy. I love him already.
  2. Thanks for all of that information. That’s very helpful!! As you said, I don’t really care if he ends up being small, I just wanted to check to make sure I’m giving him the best chance is all. I’ll take your advice on board.
  3. Thanks for your help. I’ve had rottis growing up and he def seems very pure. I’ll up his intake .
  4. I did plenty of my own research and consultation with multiple breeders and veterinarians when I got my first puppy. I decided on a RAW / BARF diet for her and she has thrived and done very well on it. Horses for courses and each to their own. I've met many dogs who thrive on the dried/ kibble diets and have no doubt they have had long and healthy lives. However for me personally, I genuinely believe in the benefits of Raw food over dried food and have seen the results for myself and not just with my own dog. Personally, I wouldn't feed a dog anything else. But that's just me. "doing well" is a pretty subjective term. I am not sure how well he was doing because I never met him before the day I adopted him. He is a very healthy and active puppy and doesn't appear underweight at all...he's just small. Hence the reason for my OP.
  5. The rescue is very confident that he is a pure bred Rotti. But I suppose you could be right. He looks small but his body condition is fine. He does not look under weight. He was previously being fed on 'Royal Canin Rottweiler'. He has been wormed every 2 weeks since being fostered. The pup was vet checked by the Rescue and was suitable for permanent adoption. I will have him checked by my vet when he is next due to be vaccinated. So do you actually feed your dogs Raw? What percentage / weight of food would you recommend I feed him? I'm now thinking somewhere around 800g is appropriate?
  6. The rescue most definitely had him vet checked and was in good condition to be adopted, otherwise he would of remained in foster care. He has been wormed, flea treated, chipped and vaccinated as he should be. His next vaccination is due mid July and he is already booked in.
  7. Doing some more research on the topic tonight and I think you are right. I will definitely up the intake for ARES tonight. Thanks for your reply.
  8. G'day Guys and Girls, My wife and I are delighted to have recently successfully adopted 'ARES', an 11 week old Pure Rottweiler Puppy from the 'Australian K9 Rescue Victoria. I am asking this question as the puppy is not due back at the Vet until mid July for his final vaccination and wanted to get some advice in the interim. ARES's backstory is very limited but what I know is that he was given up at the tender age of 5 weeks old. The Foster carer had him for 6 weeks with us adopting him on Sunday 21st June. The people who gave him up were apparently a large group of people (12+) living in a home together. They were originally giving up ARES and his brother. When the rescue place arrived, they changed their minds at the last minute and decided to keep his brother. The rescue strongly plead with them to give both puppies up (to avoid high probability of eventually being given up later down the track) but they insisted and kept ARES's brother - . Given he was only 5 weeks when given up, I think it could be safely assumed he was possibly weaned from mum around 4 weeks of age - WAY TOO SOON. Anyway, ARES is going great and our 5yo Female Mini Bull Terrier has taken on the big mumma role like a duck to water. I'm a little concerned with ARES's weight and development. Today I weighed him at 7.3kg. His birthdate is listed as 02/04/2020, so he is 11 weeks, 6 days. From my research, he should be somewhere around 13-15kg at this age??? I am a firm believer in a BARF diet and raised our Mini Bully on this diet from 8 weeks old and she has thrived. I am currently feeding him 4% of his body weight (approx. 300g) over 2-3 times a day. He is quote the pig! I just wanted to know if ARES growth may now be stunted due to his rough start? Will his weight catch up to where it should be? Should I be feeding him more to accommodate this and bring him up to weight?
  9. Hi Chris, I have sent you a Private Message. Joey.
  10. Weighed puppy today and she is 10.5kgs. She was 22 weeks 2 days ago. She weighed 4.6kgs at 10 weeks so she has put on average 491kg per week. Looking at the scale on the first page though, it would appear I have been underfeeding my dog but looking at her, shes in top condition and is neither under/over. She is eating 100% Raw and eats around 450-550grams of food a day.
  11. I think it might be a combination of things that is causing this. She is spending a fair amount of time outside while we are at work and we have had a few family emergencies as of late and haven't had the chance to give her the daily training sessions we would have liked. I know she is trainable because she is learning the basics very quickly and when she is in training mode, she DOES NOT bite. She is actually progressing really fast after several hours time with her today. I have noticed that she is absolutely buggered in her indoor crate now more so than usual. I think it's boredom mixed with excitement from spending time as well as the fact she's a naturally mischievous and difficult breed. I'm going to continue to employ all of the above suggestions aggressively every day for the next 7 days and will keep you updated. Thanks for all your help!
  12. She is fairly food orientated. The mother was moved on and re-homed at around 6 weeks I think and was the only pup in the litter so this makes sense. The annoying thing is that she seems trainable. I can get her to touch, sit, drop, leave it and off (let go). She's also starting to make progress with loose leash walking. Just the biting!!! She just won't let you touch her without doing it! Majorly frustrating. Sometimes when I go to remove her from the time out area shes jumping up and biting my hands before I've even taken her out! I got pretty upset today and gave her a couple of light smacks on the snout when she did the wrong thing which I now feel guilty about. However this only seems to make her more defiant and encourages the behavior so that's out! I guess it's just going to have to be consistent with time out and the other suggestions above!
  13. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad :mad :mad :mad I have a 13 week old Bull Terrier Miniature! She has been with us since 8 weeks old! I am really really struggling with the puppy biting! no matter what I do, she just doesn't seem to get it. I've tried the high pithced 'ouch', time out and removing myself from the room, light tap/flick on the nose...everything my puppy school has taught...doesn't matter what I do, she just keep doing it. She is so high energry it's almost like she is possessed. She will jump up at my face, grab my ankles, my hands, my wrists, my shoes my pants...EVERYTHING! It's so frustrating. My 5 yo cannot play with her let alone touch/pat her because she just goes nuts when she see him. I really don't know what to do. She just doesn't get it. She hurts like hell when she bites too with her razor sharp teeth drawing blood nearly every time. She just seems to get more excited no matter what I try.
  14. Thanks for all of your replies. Yes I figured out that the "puppy" range as such is the same typical analysis it just comes in 1.5kg packs instead of 3kg. I am comfortable with my decision to continue feeding the pre made BARF with actual Raw Meaty Bones. One more quick question. I have just purchased a deep freezer so I can buy her food in bulk and give her more variety. Since picking her up (4 weeks ago) she has been on the "Combo" big dog because I on;y had room for 1 box at a time but now I plan to buy the entire range. I was thinking of mixing it up like this. Thoughts are much appreciated...At the moment I am feeding 3 times a day. 1 out of the 3 meals is actual raw meaty bones. Once she is 6 months old, I will be feeding twice a day with one meal being actual meaty bones. Mon - Beef Tue - Chicken Wed - Combo Thur - Rabbit Fri - Lamb Sat - Turkey Sun - Fish Mon - Beef Tue - Chicken Wed - Lamb Thur - Combo Fri - Rabbit Sat - Kangaroo Sun - Fish I also feed her green tripe twice a week which will be somewhere in this mix.
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