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  1. The reason they will be asking you to rinse your dog before using the pool is that each dog into the swimming pool is equivalent to approx 20 humans so when you have a busy day like we often do you can end yp with the equivalent to 800 - 1000 people in the pool. Hence why the pool should be computer sanatized to ensue good water quality at all times.
  2. HI I would be careful how much swimming you do? If our experience swimming can sometimes make elbow soreness worse due to the drag through the water. I would suggest you start some physio and hydrotherapy in an underwater treadmill.
  3. As far as I know Narre Warren North Vet Clinic will be offering swimming by appointment, from my understanding they will also have a horse pool and Underwater treadmill for horses as well the emergency clinic.
  4. By puting a bouyancy vest on him you will make it easier therefor he will not have to swim as hard. Swimming is a cardio exercise for dogs so i would adjust his diet accordingly the vest will make it less likely that you will get muscle growth though.
  5. If you are specificly trying to build muscle you will have much faster results using an underwater treadmill. We have rehabed many dogs using our underwater treadmill and the rate of muscle strength and growth is far more superior to swimming because the dogs are in a weightbearing postion and loading the muscles.
  6. I to would strongly advise you have a diagnosis before any type of manipulation is preformed. Try a veterinary chiropractor if you want to go down the chiro road.
  7. Thanks for all the positive replys guys We try our best to please everyone. We had to impliment the appointment system because we where just getting to busy. We have found this system to work well.
  8. Sorry not quite sure of the geography of the Sydney area but a Sydney Animal Physiotherapy has opened a centre in Leichardt not sure of the phone number sorry.
  9. We have seen a few dogs with this condition at the centre where I work. They have all recovered to functional lives some a little better than others. Physio and Hydrotherapy will increase chances of more postive outcome as you will be able to retain some muscle tone a strength.
  10. I would suggest maybe a patella problem, possibly cruciate but due to breed I would think more patella. The slowness to sit indicates reduced or painful flexion of the knee which is what the dog needs to do to get into propper sit postion. I would take this little one to the vet for a check and see what they have to say.
  11. Hi We see alot of dogs with similar problems to what you are describing. We have found that in most cases adding any extra weight (ie boot) will make the dog drag the foot more. In some cases we have made splints to stop knuckling. My advise would be careful the boots you buy are not very heavy at all. We do have a limited range in stock they are $45.00 per pair and are the best boots we have found in Australia. We are currently designing our own range they will be light weight made out of neoprene with reinforced soles.
  12. There is an animal physio service at VSS in brisbane the physio's name is Lindsay, they also have Hydrotherapy facilities. My only advice is to make sure the physio you see is qualified and has completed their masters in Animal Physiotherapy. In my opinion physiotherapy plays a huge roll in rehabing dogs after injury or surgery and I have personaly witnessed some amazing results. But as stated it is not a miracle cure and will take time and effort on your behalf to achieve the best results.
  13. Try some very gentle range of motion on the knee joint and then the hip this should give you an idea of where the problem is. But as always if unsure the best option would be the vet.
  14. We see many dogs afrer surgery that have had an epidural and I have noticed this patch is usually the last to grow back and can grow back very slowly. I wonder if the drugs in the epidural slow the hair growth??
  15. ohhh so cute. Be careful greyhounds are very morish you cann't just stop at one.
  16. PM me if you would be intrested in Dogs In Motion helping you out with this.
  17. I have worked for two of the most popular vet chiro's in Victoria worked in very busy sports medicine vet clinic and now as many of you know work for an Animal Physio, I feel i have had sufficent experience all round to discuss all relevent treatments and still find it hard to believe a manipulation could fix a luxating patella that is of bad enough grade to cause the dog an ongoing lameness. Even with 3 times a week hydro and physio exercise on a daily basis I still have not seen a dog go for having this condition to cured without surgery there always seems to be some luxation present thus causing degeneration of the knee. Just my opinion though.
  18. Contact relevant companies and ask for Sales Rep for your area
  19. :p ;) Hear it all the time. What people will do to their loved ones in the pursuit to save a $$$$ Get ready for it CavNRot might want to plug your ears :p
  20. Yes but any reputable chiro or physio will require a referral or at least details of animals vet to liase with them.
  21. If the dog was off loading one hind leg due to pain it could agrivate an already present problem in the other hind leg, thus accalerating a problem to the point it needs surgery
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