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  1. unfortunately I would prefer pick up only, oh to answer the question about why not just take it overseas with me, because it is a raw meat product, there's restrictions with importing it to the destination country, which is too much headache considering the process to bring over our dogs already proves difficult enough :D
  2. Hi there fellow dog lovers, I have a bit of a dilemma.. we have been feeding our dogs Ziwipeak for many years, and its fantastic stuff to say the least, and we're always buying in bulk amounts. However, I'm permanently relocating overseas with our dogs and realised we won't be able to finish our latest order of Ziwipeak any time soon. We've already donated a few bags to friends and family and to the local dog shelter, but we still have about 9 bags full sealed, all with the Best Before date of 08/2016. Is there somewhere I could at least sell these (whatever I can get for them) so they're not totally gone to waste? I believe paid about $200 per 5kg bag. Any advice will be appreciated!
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