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  1. I'll put that as a testimonial on my application - "endorsed by Cynthia and Tirra, so there!" Hey Juice, long time! That's worth a try, thanks for the suggestion. I'm still looking, and yes it's on behalf of someone else. No changes to current criteria. A greyhound would be perfect really, but finding one with no prey drive that doesn't get snapped up in 0.00000003 seconds has turned out to be very difficult.
  2. Ha yes, I do remember that night! Didn't she pee on me? I can't believe you still have those photos hanging around.
  3. Actually, I gave up in the end - the majority of rescue groups I contacted about their pets didn't even bother to return a call or an email. Several of the ones that did tried to palm off completely unsuitable dogs. I recently tried again and had an even worse experience - not a single rescue group has had the courtesy to offer even a basic response to any inquiry I've put in. I've been in rescue and understand the burden that groups and individuals operate under, and that patience is therefore required, but that's no excuse for completely unprofessional behaviour. To be blunt, I'm shocked at the poor quality of many of the rescue operations out there these days. I certainly won't be going back for a third try. Rescue has always been my first choice in the past, but now I'll be looking at a breeder (for a retired boy or girl) or gumtree etc.
  4. Hi Sarsaparilla - thank you for the suggestion.... Zimba looks lovely. This clause in the description on the website would concern me: "Except for cats who he thinks are most interesting and unusual and he sways between ignoring them and barking and chasing them so maybe not a home with a feline friend". Even though the cat on the property is a semi-stray, it's still important to the potential adopter that other animals are not harassed by a new arrival. I can also imagine that a dog that chases cats wouldn't deal with cattle particularly well.
  5. Hi Cynthia - a long time indeed :) How are ye? In terms of fencing, it wouldn't be suitable for any of your littlies, but your average tub o' lard Lab (for example) would find it completely escape-proof. If a rescue group deemed it unsuitable after a house inspection, I'd honestly be pretty surprised.
  6. Howdy folks, I'm looking for a medium to large (roughly Lab or Greyhound sized), very gentle, very quiet dog that would be suitable for an acreage property (reasonably well-fenced, for rural) in the Hawkesbury area of NSW. An older boy or girl who is looking to live out their retirement years in a quiet place as a companion dog would be ideal. The person living on the property would be home most hours of the day and inside pets are both welcome and encouraged. The person is fit and active and any animal would be well cared for. The dog in question would have to be fairly bombproof as: - Small children visit the house semi-frequently. - Two cows are present on the property, in a fenced-off paddock adjoining the house yard. - Dogs owned by mildly-irresponsible neighbours occasionally wander up and down the road. - A stray cat occasionally visits the property for food and pats. If anyone has a foster in care they think might be suitable, please feel free to PM me or reply in the thread. Thanks!
  7. Public Liability Insurance

    DCH also do a lot of of Bunnings fundraisers - I'm sure Judy or Megan would be able to point you in the right direction.
  8. Lost Cows In The Hawkesbury Area

    Thanks folks, the cows were found yesterday - they'd wandered near a property a few kilometers away and the land owner had kindly ushered them into his paddock. Spent the best part of yesterday morning herding them back onto my place through the national park, fun times :)
  9. I know this is somewhat unusual, but many of the folks here have connections with Hawkesbury Pound - if anyone hears or sees of any cows in the Hawkesbury area (more specifically, in the national park near Windsor Downs) that have been handed in or reported, could you please PM me asap? The cows are Fresian, coloured black and white, are very human friendly and 3 of them have tags in their ears - 460, 462 and 466 respectively. They're much loved pets that managed to escape their paddock two nights ago.
  10. Rescue Group For Lambs/sheep?

    Thanks all. Ended up contacting the police, who in turn are going to contact after-hours council resources.
  11. Howdy folks, this is slightly off-topic I know... but is anyone aware of a rescue group that would take lambs/sheep in the Sydney area? There's a local person seemingly dumping them over the last few days, and RSPCA, WIRES, etc don't want to get involved. Any ideas/thoughts?
  12. Obedience Classes In Windsor, Nsw?

    That's the one - thank you muchly
  13. I've heard a rumor that there is an obedience class operating in or near Windsor that is apparently quite good. Does anyone know where/when it's being run and how to get in contact with the people running it? I'd like to take Dexter (my malamute boy) along to a regular class.
  14. Dog Minding Advice Required - Sydney

    I adore goldies, have pet-minded before and my dogs have almost free run of the house while I'm home. Having said that, I would probably entrust my dogs to a (good quality) boarding kennel before I would place them with a stranger at another home. Is your boy fully vaccinated? Does he play well with others, e.g. could he be taken to an offlead dogpark and behave himself?
  15. I Need To Get Hold Of Shades Of Grey

    My mobile number is 0409 240 233 if you'd like to call, or you can send an email through DOL with your contact details and I'll get hold of you asap. Thankyou very much btw, definitely owe you one.